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  1. Very sad news. I remember when it was just the five of us in New Wings back in 2011. I recall that it was Patriarch's suggestion that a group dedicated to helping newbies be formed. I wasn't around for the split that formed NFF but still, Patriarch was a key member back in the day and a good guy. Many good times were had. Rest in Peace Patriarch
  2. It's also butting up against Rise of Flight's legacy which offers more SP content right now at (during a sales) a pretty competitive and flexible experience. I enjoy multiplayer flying more, and unfortunately to get any of it I have to stay up until 3AM. I'm not sure at this point what there is to keep me playing having come back to it after a long hiatus.
  3. Not unusual in the least. I've seen dozens of pictures and newsreel snippets of T-34s in Berlin. I've even 2 seconds of footage of a 1941-2 with not hexagonal turret one (whatever the proper term for it is).
  4. Australian here, early 20s. Down here, they all say I have an English accent, When I was in the UK, they said I sounded foreign but couldn't place me. So go figure.
  5. I'm honestly hoping that we will see some new aircraft rather than bringing in some of the old size. I bought FC because I want to see the return of WW1, but I'm worried that I won't be getting my money's worth. I have a sneaking suspicion mp will never be active in my timezone and that with the old flight models I might as well boot up RoF for the bigger map and more varied enemies. New aircraft, even in a later edition (that I'll happily pay for) is something that would be appreciated.
  6. [alternative title: will multiplayer be dead on arrival?] Simple question really. I have fond memories of the dogfights in RoF multiplayer. It was the sole reason I stuck with it for so long. I'm concerned however that there will be serious issues populating servers when the WW2 servers are highly likely to always be full and the overlap won't be there as it might with Tank Crew and the like. This is of particular concern to me as I'm in Australia and my timezone isn't the most populated to begin with. Forgive my doom and gloom, but having found a bunch of e
  7. An advantage of the new Il-2 model is definitely that you can get completely ahistorical matchups. That ability to have all kinds of weird and wonderful WW1 kits definitely makes FC special.
  8. Very glad of that indeed. I figured it's such an obvious thing it'll get fixed plenty quick.
  9. Maybe I'm used to Il-2 and DCS where a couple of cannon rounds saw off a wing, but it takes a lot longer than I remember to shoot down a Spad. The wings just kept soaking up damage. Interesting change to say the least! Gunfire as well, the tracers are far more visible. One thing needs a look at are the hits. I think the game thinks I'm striking metal. I see plenty of sparks flying from bullets that are basically striking cloth. I find it somewhat doubtful that that is what would happen with these canvas kits. One very nice thing, so many familiar faces on the forum!
  10. After a long hiatus from the world of Il-2 and RoF, the announcement of Tank Crew has me extremely excited indeed. The concept of multicrew tanks has been my dream for sometime and every game I have played has so far come short of it. Steel Armor is single player, Steel Beasts is too friggin' expensive and WWII Online is paid on a per month basis. The promise of Eastern Front adventures in Tank Crew makes me very happy! Prompted by the questions some people had about the vehicles of Kursk, I thought I'd post up some background and info on what people might expect from the history and my co
  11. I'm still waiting for a proper guide to dogfighting with this thing too. (the only advice I've seen is a firm Don't!)
  12. Strongly support the Po-2/U-2. An announcement would lead to an immediate buy from me.
  13. Not really about the Air War, but Antony Beevor's Stalingrad - though not perfect these days, is great for really getting a feel for the period.
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