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  1. I just had to grin when I read it, because it came across as a bit out of the blue, and with a grain of satisfactory sadism - but makes sense of course in context of Canadas notion of Socrates as a scapegoat. (And it's not that common to hold that strong of an opinion about someone living 2400 yrs ago.) I also don't think all Ionians are war criminals.
  2. Oh, wow, not holding back there, do you? Siding with the Ionian power hungry war criminals...
  3. I have the same feeling on my system (no problems in other sims), but I always assumed, that the unresponsive trigger was a feature and had something to do with the wiring of the trigger mechanism in the planes modeled or something...lol I've just gotten used to it and it's not bothering me anymore
  4. Thanks, guys! As I said stupid questions, but what can you do. I have worked for several hours in the editor and albeit having tried various other key-commands to cancel/deselect I know from other programs, I didn't try the most obvious ESC-key.
  5. This shall be a thread for simple questions with simple answers. Here are two really stupid of mine: 1. Is there a way to cancel the select object/select target command. I clicked on select target, but it was already defined, so I don't need it anymore but now my cursor is stuck; it has gone to the select target cursor and I can not go back to the normal mouse cursor to spawn objects and so on - is the only thing to make it disappear to define a target / or object - or is there an other way (happened a few times now and it's really annoying)? 2. Is there a step back command hidden somewhere?
  6. Hey, gang! Made a film. All shots taken from one sortie on WoL. 60fps: 30fps:
  7. It is true it became standard pretty quickly to use bright skins all around to better see opponents in quake1, and use washed out textures to declutter what was going on in quake3. Doom 3 had the mechanic, that you could hide in dark corners, and restricted the use of bright skins and graphics settings in most tournaments, but it hadn't a big or long lasting competitive scene (only like 1 or 2 bigger tournaments). There is a more important parallel with the Quake franchise though, which offers a crucial lesson! When the popularity of the Quake franchise began to crumble, the scene thought: well, quake is the epitomy of e-sports it has the highest skill cap and the steepest learning curve and therefore produces the most interesting matches on a professional level, because of just how good you could become at the game and, because of all the tools you had available to foster a unique playing style. So how is it possible, that the popularity, despite being the 'best' First Person Shooter, crumbled so rapidly, they asked. And they believed to have found their answer: It is just too complicated and noob-unfriendly. So they tried to make everything easier in order to attract more people to the genre. The most recent installment of the franchise: Quake Champion, tried to be in the legacy of Quake, but at the same time cater to the masses, by making everything easier, what ended up happening of course, was that they alienated old players, which were drawn to the very demanding gameplay of earlier quakes, and failed to attract new players, because there just isn't a market for competitive FPS-titles besides Counter-Strike. They ended up making a title which neither satisfied the needs of more experienced players, but still too demanding and weird for newer players. The same with War Thunder: You cannot have arcade players and Simulator-Players, because those two groups expect completely different things.
  8. What happens with those early jet engines, when the fuel flow ceases due to negative or near zero g-forces? Will they just turn on again, or will they shut down without the possibility of reigniting them? Also, is there an IAS which could be reached (without losing control) that makes the engines quit?
  9. Yay, jet engines! You guys are delivering no matter what, so I have full confidence it will be great. I just hope the F-14 will be released in early 2018 though :/ - really need my carrier fix.
  10. It would make sense if you couldn't operate the throttle f.e. while cranking the wheel, but if not, it's only annoying.
  11. Makes no sense, since it's either in or out, not halfway like with the flaps. It really adds nothing substantial, but it adds more immersion and it would look cool in a video...
  12. Imagine adding some animations to the pilot model, like when you are opening the radiator an animation is played and the left hand moving away from the throttle and to the radiator wheel working it - combined with the prohibition of manipulating the throttle for the time your left hand is on the radiator wheel. Way too work intensive I know, so it's not going to happen, but it would not only add so much immersion-wise, but also to gameplay - simulating a human in the cockpit not an octopus or some indian god with 6 arms. Edit: AeroAce beat me to it, apparently it took me 6 minutes to write two sentences.
  13. ACM some more real life instructional videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc8C_raYgsmb8ZOzBhmkt3KQNPMFFWTHa
  14. That has got to be a new record for shells eaten by a Peshka....actually wait, that's the average.
  15. Type of improvement: Controls / Key Mapping Explanation of proposals: Introduce a seperate key mapping to apply brakes in russian planes. Benefits: It would make it possible to use two axis for left and right wheel brakes in the german planes and to use one of these axes as wheelbrakes for the russian planes without interfering at all with the german setup.
  16. Is it just me or is the post-patch 109 a better low speed turn fighter now? I have that impression - it's easier to stay coordinated in the turn and it doesn't bleed as much speed as it did before at higher AOA. The delay on the Stabilizer was a bug and has been fixed in the newest hotfix.
  17. I would like to sign up for the 1x1, (all aircraft)
  18. WOL is the only server, to which I randomly lose my connection, despite pinging around 60, even when there are only about 40 ppl playing. Berloga is a lot more stable, even though the bytes have to take the transsiberian railway, they at least get there and don't get lost in the baltic. Also, it happens on both sides it's not just 109s that do it. I also hit finish flight as soon as I run out of bullets on Berloga, without having a look-out whether someone happens to be diving at me at that moment. On WOL: you lose your streak and the mission is not counted; if you're damaged the enemy gets the kill - I think it's pretty fair and the best compromise between discouraging voluntary disconnects and not punishing ppl for weird connectivity issues !
  19. I'd lower my graphic settings and also activate this dynamic-resolution-scaling-thing, to activate you have to set a value lower than full, I believe.
  20. TS servers/channels are like game servers, if they are empty they stay empty, if they have people in them they stay populated. When folks see people in them they join, if they're empty they just leave. If everyone of those leaving would just stay in the server and wait for others to join channels would almost all the time have people in them. BOS Official is probably your best bet, or WOL TS, if you're russian speaking.
  21. some aspects of DCSs simulation, like the missing rudder limiter or the need to press a button to override the G-limiter on the SU-27 make it even more 'complicated' than it should be. Even though it has not a fully clickable cockpit, it's not really dumbed down; it has not a bigger workload than the M2000/Mig-21 or F-16 in A-A employment. Workload is the same in all those ACs, if not your HOTAS is not properly set up. The bigger the AAM ranges the harder it is to maintain SA. Where the FC3 ACs are really lacking is the systems modeling resulting in a dead or alive type of damage model most of the times.
  22. It happens all the time, but it can also happen in waves, if some database has been breached, I guess? It's a good reminder anyways, thanks Spektre76 - I updated some passwords...back to the old password1234
  23. Is the Stalingrad/Moscow map compressed? And do we know from where to where the Kuban map will stretch and how big the compression will be?
  24. How hard can it be to fly into a 50(?) nmi radio arc? I'm basically already dead-reckoning above Moscow, where everything looks the same; might as well fly over the ocean with as many visual clues
  25. looks as if you were fighting an AI from DCS with a simplified FM.
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