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  1. On 3/16/2020 at 6:29 AM, Yogiflight said:

    ..., and the streamlined 109 is so f***ing ugly, the 190 an absolute beauty.

    You are, in fact, wrong on that one, it is (of course) exactly the other way around. Only a blind person would say such a thing (no offense).

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  2. On 2/27/2020 at 8:36 PM, Plurp said:

    The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron by Juzo Mori


    Torpedo bomber pilot that fought in China; was at Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Guadalcanal. 



    read this two years ago, ever since I want to torpedo ships in a game - hoping for TF 5.0. 

  3. I will be in Moscow at the end of August and planned to go visit the MAKS 2019   (https://aviasalon.com/en/) for one day - I was hoping maybe for a display of the Russian Knights or at least some Su 27/35/34 Idunno display on the 31st, but I couldn't find a programme. Has anyone already visited? Is it worth it? Do you guys have any tips? I would be really greatful, thanks a lot ! 

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  4. 58 minutes ago, Picchio said:

    I don't know why, but despite the fact that I feel an insane admiration for the work Heatblur puts into recreating the digital image of its aircraft (including the MiG-21), and that I love the way the Tomcat looks, I find it somewhat wrong to be "not alone" in the cockpit.

    For me, there's a component of solitude that is essential to the experience of combat flight (simulated, even). For this reason I'm struggling between the Hornet and the future Tomcat... does any of you have a similar impression? Any advice?


    (This would in turn influence whether I decide to wait for VKB to release their Tomcat grip, or to leave it and buy the MCG, but that's another story)



    I know what you mean. You do all the work as the pilot and fly the profile want to pickle and... nothing happens, because that douchebag SOB in the backseat forgot to flip a switch, which was literally the only job he had to do - besides reading a map duuhh. Or: you are dogfighting, protecting the carrier maneuvering on to a Lybians six and the smartass-backseater just doesn't want to shut the f up, "Kill him, f*in shoot him Fox 2!", "Yeah, like no shit what do you think I'm doing, wiseguy!". Jeeez...


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  5. 1 hour ago, StG77_HvB said:

    I've seen lagging in TAW before, but not like this. Can someone weigh in on what exactly occurred - I'm not soliciting amateur speculation, I prefer an opinion from someone who  actually understands the mechanics of online connections and packet loss. Video shows four different perspectives.


    Looks like hit detection is made clientside. What you see may be the result of a large ping difference between you and the bandit. If one client in that case your bandit hit someone on his screen that information is sent to the server regardless of your real position (because for the hit detection the position is taken how it appears on his screen) and then to you, due to the large ping difference there is more time inbetween (and maybe a bit of lag as well). So it is a netcode that favors the attacker, because additionally to hit detection clientside, I think the information of his position is sent without any prediction, so you as the attacker see the past, whereas the ping difference on the attacking side doesn't matter.  The information that he stopped shooting got obviously lost somewhere; probably packetloss, since more information is uploaded to the server when one shoots. 


    This is why you are seeing him shoot behind your plane (because you are seeing the past) but he did hit you on his screen, takes time for this information to get sent to you, you have moved on in the meantime, but get destroyed anyway.


    So when the nose of the bandit is in pure pursuit, if there is a large ping difference, he might be pulling lead to shoot already...


    But I'm no expert and I'm sure there are folks who now more about that stuff.

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  6. It's not about taking advantage of a release date it's about is it already near feature-complete on the 21. Dec. Sure, they might be ready before christmas - but I wouldn't get my hopes up. They really want to nail the release, so they will not make compromises on the quality just for a convenient release date. This 21. Dec. thing is already the next hypetrain bound to be derailed.

    They also said 100% release before Christmas 2017 except if someone dies, so...to be fair they decided to redo all the interior and exterior models with a new technology (if I'm not mistaken) but still...not the best track record if it comes to release dates (same goes for ED)... 

    Oh, yeah and they also stated that it was not done yet so definitely not all features that they want to be implemented on release are functional. If they were they would have already announced the 21st of December as release. So my bet would be late February. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, Guccigang_Zesphr said:

    Well it happens with every DCS module. The release will be this year unless something really shit happens. They release it in to early in so many weeks from now usually giving it to some YT people in the mean time to give intro vids 


    What makes you so certain? They said they will release the Tomcat almost feature complete and they said that they would rather not crunch over christmas and therefore didn't confirm a release this year - the Hornet also came into public early access two months after presales had started - they said this winter so might be march next year tbh, looking at former statements on releases might only even be next summer...

  8. The problem is more, that when you choose an oblique attack approach relative to the targets plane with a relative speed above 300 and being exposed to the gunner for only 1 second, he still hits in between the eyes. So this is really a bad example. Not sure what you are getting at with the question of "human gunner" should he have been performing better or worse? The 202 also has the weakest armament of all the planes in il-2, so taking all of that in account the attack went quite well actually...

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  9. 2 hours ago, SYN_Repent said:

    what amazes me again is the ineffectiveness of russian AA, 109s can fly around over targets and airfields with impunity, where as the german AA knocks everything out the sky with ease, the 109's arent even scared to come over red bases, as seen in the above video.



    You do realize that the point of the video is exposing a cheater, right? 

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  10. On 9/19/2018 at 3:25 PM, Plank said:

    So I would like to chat to Mamochka in Russian in Cyrillic....

    I found the solution for BoX, should work for RoF too:  You have to go to the administrative language options in the language and regions control panel -> and then in the administration tab under language for programs incompatible for unicode you change the language scheme to russian. Here is a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKVlvxgm7DQ 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Plank said:

    wow this is strange.... I am pretty sure I started this topic over here:




    S!  P.




    Yes you did, but I also wanted to know for BoX and I did create a new one because I know, that a lot more people would see it over here. Btw, I found the solution: You have to go to the administrative language options in the language and regions control panel -> and then in the administration tab under language for programs incompatible for unicode you change the language scheme to russian. Here is a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKVlvxgm7DQ 

    Now if you change to russian through alt+shift you can type in cyrillic! @AeroAce

  12. Thanks for the replies!


    10 hours ago, blitze said:

    Are you wanting to type in chat cyrillic or have the game in cyrillic?


    Wouldn't the later be a case of changing language for in game menus in the settings?  The former being setting up language options within Windows.

    I want to type in chat in cyrillic. I know that I can change the language of the game in the launchers top bar. 


    1 hour ago, [CPT]Crunch said:

    Your missing cyrillic fonts, just download some free ones and load them up in windows.

    I have a cyrillic font (even more then one) and if I change windows' language to russian(Pyc) with alt+shift I still cannot type in cyrillic, because then, only special characters of the latin alphabet are displayed: like vowels with different accents and (so it seems it's the right track, just not quite there yet). But writing this I think maybe I need to download a very specific type of cyrillic font? 


    10 hours ago, AeroAce said:


    I tried to copy some Cyrillic from Google translate and all it did was paste blocks into the chat bar? It seems strange that I see people typing Cyrillic but if you have the English version and try enter the characters it does not like them.

    same for me: when I try to write in the chat windows it displays as weird latin letters with all sorts of accents above vowels and when I send it, it displays as white blocks in the chat bar...

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