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  1. that would entail many new gameplay choices and a deviation from the same old CAS-missions...you really think people might want to try out new exciting gameplay?
  2. You are, in fact, wrong on that one, it is (of course) exactly the other way around. Only a blind person would say such a thing (no offense).
  3. read this two years ago, ever since I want to torpedo ships in a game - hoping for TF 5.0.
  4. @Jason_Williams , when can we expect a hint of an announcement of an update on the current state of the pacific theatre?
  5. I will be in Moscow at the end of August and planned to go visit the MAKS 2019 (https://aviasalon.com/en/) for one day - I was hoping maybe for a display of the Russian Knights or at least some Su 27/35/34 Idunno display on the 31st, but I couldn't find a programme. Has anyone already visited? Is it worth it? Do you guys have any tips? I would be really greatful, thanks a lot !
  6. I need to know when to expect the update, so I can decide whether to buy the Mig-19 or the Me-262 😟...
  7. I'm for everything that involves naval combat and airborne launched torpedoes. Was hoping for more of that in BOK actually...
  8. Also gave SH5 a shot full real navigation and so on was fun while breaching scapa flow, but pretty much is a pain in the asss in open waters. Even made a video, but didn't upload it to date, because it's so cringey, but what the hell...
  9. Didn't the last visit in winter 2017 yield the announcement of BOBP, FC, TC? Maybe we will get an announcement this Winter of the same magnitude.
  10. Looks like hit detection is made clientside. What you see may be the result of a large ping difference between you and the bandit. If one client in that case your bandit hit someone on his screen that information is sent to the server regardless of your real position (because for the hit detection the position is taken how it appears on his screen) and then to you, due to the large ping difference there is more time inbetween (and maybe a bit of lag as well). So it is a netcode that favors the attacker, because additionally to hit detection clientside, I think the information of his position is sent without any prediction, so you as the attacker see the past, whereas the ping difference on the attacking side doesn't matter. The information that he stopped shooting got obviously lost somewhere; probably packetloss, since more information is uploaded to the server when one shoots. This is why you are seeing him shoot behind your plane (because you are seeing the past) but he did hit you on his screen, takes time for this information to get sent to you, you have moved on in the meantime, but get destroyed anyway. So when the nose of the bandit is in pure pursuit, if there is a large ping difference, he might be pulling lead to shoot already... But I'm no expert and I'm sure there are folks who now more about that stuff.
  11. The problem is more, that when you choose an oblique attack approach relative to the targets plane with a relative speed above 300 and being exposed to the gunner for only 1 second, he still hits in between the eyes. So this is really a bad example. Not sure what you are getting at with the question of "human gunner" should he have been performing better or worse? The 202 also has the weakest armament of all the planes in il-2, so taking all of that in account the attack went quite well actually...
  12. Even when there is like only 20 people one the server, the red side picks a target tank group and goes for it, even when they are not in the same squadron or even on comms...on average they do that more often, so that is why they are a bit more effective in that regard.
  13. You do realize that the point of the video is exposing a cheater, right?
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