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  1. Sunday night is IL-2 '46 night for the DDz. Long missions and short co-ops in any theatre of WW2 We are actively recruiting for new pilots so why not join us over at www.dangerdogz.com
  2. Thursday night is Blitz night for the DDz on our own 24/7 CloD server. Randomly spawning Red and Blue AI aircraft means that no two sessions are the same. We are actively recruiting new pilots - Join the battle over at www.dangerdogz.com.
  3. IL-2 1946 night for the squad this evening - Come along and join the fun @ www.dangerdogz.com Cheers DD_Jabo
  4. Thursday night is Blitz night over at the pound. All welcome! Sign up at www.dangerdogz.com or join us on our dedicated 24/7 Cliffs of Dover server (or both!). All fliers joining up in February will get a free DD_ tag! Cheers DD_Jabo
  5. Scheduled IL-2 1946 night for the Dogz this evening - kick off is at 7:30 GMT - sign up over at www.dangerdogz.com and join the fight!
  6. Scheduled CloD night for the Dogz this evening - we have our own public server operational 24/7 with randomly spawning missions. Feel free to join in! Jabo.
  7. Hi everyone, The DangerDogz are looking for new members! Word has it that there's a war on and we are starting to migrate to IL-2 Great Battles to bring our own special brand of chaos and mayhem to it. We have been online since 2006 when the squad was formed by Jim 'Blairgowrie' Smith who some here may remember. Since Jim passed away in 2011 we have continued to maintain the squad but we want more pilots! Fliers of all abilities are welcome, the only requirement is to HAVE FUN! Play other simulators? No problem! We are also still active on IL-2 1946, Cliffs of Dover Blitz and DCS Come and join the fun over at http://www.dangerdogz.com or click the link in my sig below - Tell 'em Jabo sent you. Cheers DD_Jabo
  8. Sorry, Sokol, been AFK for a while. In answer to your question, yes it does, but I am using mechanical on/off latching switches (for realism) so depending in which function I have mapped to that switch (usually some sort of toggle - such as nav lights) the game reads the input as multiple keystrokes causing the function to toggle on/off ad infinitum. This is why I've been using SVMapper because that will just send a single letter command. I know I can get round this by using non-latching (momentary) switches for example, but to me that klnda defeats the object. Jabo
  9. Well, my switches work fine in '46 & CLoD (via SVmapper) but not in BoS - looks like I have to find a different work-around.
  10. Sorry Sokol - HIDMacros doesn't work either - I guess I'm back to the drawing board.
  11. Good luck to all those who are quitting or considering quitting. I stopped about five years ago and it's probably the best thing I ever did for myself. Yeah, there's the odd urge now and again (like now for some reason - strange) but for the most part I don't miss the ciggies any more.
  12. Bear in mind that they probably ARE working on the next build while you're practicing your cross-wind landings but while you're doing that the devs are also gaining valuable information about how the game performs under load and the few days of down-time we have right now are there to enable any bugs found to be fixed before they prep for the next version. There's quite a bit of difference between development roadmap changes and bug fixes. The team are trying to do both and if they need a few days peace and quiet to do that then fair enough. That'll be two of us then - I wouldn't worry too much about that
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