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  1. Just found this topic a year later - I noticed the same thing: at high speeds, turning became more difficult, instead of elevator movement. Did you find a solution to this?
  2. Put render quality back to 1.0 and disable smart smoothing (that will halve your fps). I'm playing on 1.0 Pitool, 100% SteamVR supersampling and I get a smooth 72fps without reprojection. Hardware: 8700K @ 5.3K, 2080 Ti, 32GB RAM. Oh, I also get the crazy flickering on the load screen. Hi Han! In VR, there is a horrible flickering of the screen while loading. The two eyes are flickering independently between two camera positions (slightly offset) and it goes on for the entire duration of the loading. It's so bad I have to close my eyes. I'm on the latest SteamVR version with a Pimax 5k. This was introduced in the 4.001 version. Not sure if it's the latest SteamVR version or what.
  3. After this update, the game won't launch (trying in VR). Loading screen comes up, then closes after 2-3 seconds. Tried to verify steam integrity of files, didn't help.
  4.   I wish I could upvote this a million times.
  5. Well, you haven't looked too hard Try the other Russian flight sim, the one with clickable cockpits. Are you allowed the say the name here, btw?
  6. Well, all I tried was the Lapino map, but enemy SPADs consistently dove out of combat after the first engagement, only to return when they are out of range. Obviously, no hope of catching them in a Dr1. Smells like fishy AI - or maybe just using the power advantage properly?
  7. Can't wait to try this! Now, devs, listen up. This is a must have feature when it comes to immersion in VR. Please take this seriously and implement an official solution. Thank you!
  8. I noticed this also. Perhaps the SPAD has properly implemented French AI?
  9. I'd say no need to rush. Give it some time. It needs to go a long way yet.
  10. Well, I just tried Tank Crew in VR... it's very disappointing. Visually quite good, nicely modeled interiors but the lack of player body is very distracting (as usual in Il-2). The mapping of VR to the virtual body is very clunky. When I look around from the commander hatch and simply turn my head from side to side, my body moves around laterally. Also, the turret is unusable in VR: the sights don't work without going into gunsight mode, which leaves you with a scope view, completely pointless in VR. Also, when you rotate the turret without going into gunsight mode (where you can still see the tank interior), your body feels quite disconnected from the seat and tries to somehow follow the turret and not your seat. Same goes for the radio operator: you can't really use the machine gun, plus the controls are mapped to move the 'crosshair' around, as opposed to moving the gunbutt, basically inversing all controls - feels very unnatural. Feels like they just used the existing engine for the TC implementation of VR, adding nothing beyond 2 new models in the existing IL-2 engine - which is quite outrageous for $70. In its current state it's not worth the asking price and one can only hope they plan to change the current implementation - but it seems like fundamental engine limitations, so I'm not optimistic.
  11. How do I move the turret in Tanks? Also, how do I get behind the gunsight and shoot? Space doesn't seem to do anything. EDIT: Never mind, it's the turret controls: T and Shift+T by default. Second question: is it possible to do multicrew tank in multiplayer? Say, a buddy drives, I control the turret?
  12. VR. That's the only reason I need - it's an instant purchase for me just because of that.
  13. No, everything felt normal but I didn't do a lot of tests. I mostly played E:D and rFactor2 after I did the mod, not much flying yet. I'll report back when I can. Btw, I have an original Vive, not Vive Pro.
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