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  1. Benedict Carruthurs VC.DFC and Bar escapes the beastly hun once again with his famous reverse flying car manoeuver Meanwhile on the Eastern Front I think its a bit late to surrender.
  2. Just finished this resin kit which my wonderful wife got me for Xmas,I sourced a replacement head and hollowed out and lit the kit.
  3. Perhaps I should have been clearer,I meant that some,like Robocop Ive had for nearly 30 years and have been repainted,whereas the Batman was a recent purchase,I do a bit of scratch building,but mainly bases and diorama settings,and nowhere in the league of the work done above😀
  4. Some great models beong posted here,a bit gob smacked with what Feathered produces in 1/44 scale,I really need to crack off an Aircraft kit,but ive been on a sci-fi kick for a few years,heres a few ive either re-painted or started from scratch. Horizon T.Rex Aqua Alien from Ressurection 1/4 scale Neca Alien repaint Biliken Batman and Joker Horizon Robocop
  5. Duxford is fantastic,the cold war exhibit has all 3 V bombers,The Vulcan,the Victor and the Valiant. The chap on the right is my Dad,who was one of the armourers for this very Valiant during Operation Grapple on Christmas Island Do 17 engines recovered from Goodwin sands The Japanese collection The Dinah The legendary MK108
  6. Shes looks fairly menacing in the night fighter role,and suprisingly hefty A couple more
  7. Where else could you see four Messerschmitts ,and other stuff.
  8. Haven't played for a while but started a game today,loaded up to the menu screen,mouse wouldn't move,Alt\Tab and mouse moved but quick mission bar grayed out and no other command worked,Alt tab again and had 2 mouse cursors on screen(I play through Steam,possible that the VR version is trying to run?)Have tried running the game from the prompt in the game folder but no joy,Is it possible to delete the VR version or will that delete all? Any help would be appreciated,Thanks
  9. Genuinely exciting to watch,Bravo!
  10. I see that Texmex is working to his usual massively high standard,Feathered is producing scale modelling goodness that would make a god weep-and Buglord is teasing us with an excellent stash,All is well in the world.
  11. Well,they boarded up the windows,but I popped in anyway
  12. Great update,many thanks,........wonder what I will be doing this evening
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