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  1. Hello, Type of improvement: gameplay Explanation of proposals: default skins with custom numbers/unit badges Benefits: As other players don't see custom skins, helps with immersion allowing players on public server to get individual personalized skins. It helps to fly as units. The option exists on IL2 1946 and on Cliffs of Dover where it is appreciated. Option should include number/letters customization, colour of caracters, and possibly unit badges as on these sims. It doesn t cost much in performance/coding and I think greatly enhances multiplayer experience. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Just tried out the career mode, only two missions but first impressions are good. I just want to throw an idea that you devs probably already have : allow default skin to be added some numbers and unit badge : as far as I'm concerned it will greatly improve the immersion having your own number and being able to actually know which one is your Rotttenfuhrer is in battle. It will also help recognition in MP. Blitz does it. Why not BoX ? Looks not so difficult... Thanks for looking into it.
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