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  1. Being a band geek and a Euphonium player, i find the menu music to be such an epic piece of music. Is it a completely original soundtrack or did it exist before BOS was released? Im also wondering why there is a version of it on soundcloud that is a little different and longer. https://m.soundcloud.com/abysmusic/il-2-sturmovik-battle-of-stalingrad
  2. Was there really any late-war battle that involved the best soviet and german aircraft of the war?
  3. I would really like to see some late-war air combat with some Yak-3s and late Yak-9s against late Bf 109 Gs and maybe the 109 K. im not sure what battle would include those. maybe tge battle of berlin?
  4. I purchased and downloaded IL-2: BOS about a week ago, so this may be an experience thing. I have absolutely horrible aim, deadzones don't help me much because I'm so jittery and I can't get shots on someone even if they stall in front of me. What would you guys recommend I do to improve my aiming abilities faster than being just "cannon fodder" in multiplayer?
  5. Is a hatswitch better than a mouse for looking around? From my limited experience in Warthunder simulator battles, the hatswitch disoriented me and a mouse was smoother. In this game, I was thinking of using my joystick in my right hand, and the mouse in my left hand for view control and using the hatswitch to move my head left and right. The only reason I can't use trackIR is because I don't have a webcam. is there a way to "retrofit' a webcam with a video camera or cell phone camera? I would rather not buy a webcam just for trackIR.
  6. I was thinking of getting IL-2: BOS sometime soon, but I want to know a few things before I throw money at it. 1: Would an AMD Radeon HD 7800 video card meet the recommended requirements? 2: Is the more expensive BOS version with 2 extra aircraft worth the extra 30 dollars? 3: Since I am unable to use TrackIR, would using my mouse in my left hand be a viable alternative for looking around? 4: Are there still plenty of players in BOS so that multiplayer games have lots of people? Any help is appreciated!
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