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  1. I also get booted from servers regularly with this 100009 connection error... Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone know if installing the latest Reshade might fix it? Asking because I use an older version of it which works great but causes that little annoying game crash on exit...
  3. If you are interested in being a part of an "older" squadron starting a new chapter/clean start in BoS from this autumn, let me know. II./JG77 "Herz As" was founded by me in 2012 and was playing IL2 1946 SEOW online wars ever since few months ago, now we are looking to transfer fully to BoS and train, fly competitively, have fun here.
  4. Hey Mastiff, thanks, I am giving these setting a go. Question: I use reshade to make the game look nicer, should I turn it off now or continue to use it? Any experience with that? Cheers!
  5. Got you, thanks good info. I should have said that my joystick is older and it has been through many many hours of flying. At the moment, after many tries and failures I have sensitivity at 100 for all 3 axis and deadzone around 10-25 for the 3 axis with noise filter at 0.15. So what you are saying is that I should go noise filter and deadzone around 0 and try lowering sensitivity as well?
  6. Same thing here, would love some help/tips for setting up my T16000m. I have problems mainly with setting it so the gunsight doesnt dance all around when trying to shoot at someone... Really struggling with sensitivity, deadzone and noise filter settings...
  7. I only recently started with BoS/M after more then 8 years in 46. I found this topic really interesting, thanks. What I can say after few months of flying is that I was really surprised how "easy" the russian fighters chew up the 109, while in the same time the russian fighter can take several 20mm hits and still fly on.
  8. Hey guys. II./JG77 would fly Luftwaffe. We are currently signing up the pilots, so far it is: II./JG77_Jack II./JG77_Tuesday II./JG77_Con II./JG77_Foch II./JG77_Rya II./JG77_Manu (In after 27.10) II./JG77_Kemp (Maybe) I will edit the post regularly as I am sure there will be several pilots more.
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