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  1. It's more an 'it will happen' at some point rather than an active project iirc, it wasn't a DD but feedback on a thread. Though somebody else can probably dig it up.
  2. Was testing the boost limits to make sure I was using it right, but I'm getting only about 7 minutes of emergency with the boost on. I thought it was not properly activating, but this is noticeably longer than the 3 minutes without the 'extra boost' but not the 10 minutes the manual claims. Can anyone verify this? I've tested it with the 8x time compression if that matters. Also, if this isn't the right forum feel free to move it, not sure where else this would fit.
  3. Yup, this is the bigger issue. You're pretty much down to continuous after using up emergency, not combat. And considering at that point you're probably still facing an enemy that's running in emergency the odds get pretty steep.
  4. Gotcha, certainly the default binds leave a little to be desired here. Its kinda hard to hold right shift+E and move your throttle at the same time. Binding it to switches on my hotas helped a lot.
  5. Anyone figured out a solid procedure for inflight restart following engine failure? I just managed to ignite/detonate the engines a few times while attempting to restart.
  6. Such systems already exist though, in the form of statistic pages. You're just adding a longer term ingame punishment to that mechanic. You're going to be punishing newer players fairly hard, they'll run out of credits rapidly and be punished for inexperience. I don't think those kind of mechanics are defendable. Realize that this is the vast majority of players there. There's also a slew of problems that this brings. People will always try and game such a system, bailing out as soon as the fight seems lost to risk not getting killed. Flying as safe as possible (this includes not doing objectives/ground attack) and frustrating people who do want to play the mission. People stacking the winning/better team even harder to give themselves a better chance to escape frequent deaths and thus punishment. Also, with stuff like 'people with kills get punished more' you introduce punishment for doing well. Which is kinda awkward. So if I'm in a fight where my engine is already critically damaged or I'm low on fuel (can't make it back) getting a kill will actually make me worse off? I get the intention, but the list of issues with such a system is endless and probably would not achieve anything close to what you want.
  7. Anyone able to test how the P47 stall characteristics have changed?
  8. It seemed somewhat clear that it comparatively doesn't cost as much time/money to build a 1 engined biplane trainer with like 4 instruments, of which many are likely still in flying condition. Compared to planes of which not a single intact example survives and few performance records are extant.
  9. Ju188 might be a possibility as well, higher performance medium bomber and fairly versatile. Not that uncommon either afaik.
  10. Well the side gunner has fairly limited angle of fire, you just sat right in front of him at the perfect distance. If you fly through a gunners sight they will shoot you, no matter how short their window of opportunity is. You were also flying away from the Pe2 which meant you were in his fov even longer. Probably if you were closer to him, or nosed up or down he would never have gotten a shot off, certainly not as many as he did.
  11. Well you don't, but having more frames and a smoother image is going to make seeing things easier whenever you are moving your head. A larger monitor or lower pixel density will also make things a bit better most likely. Seriously though, I've never had issues, neither on my current 144hz 32inch 2k screen or on my previous 60hz fullhd 27 inch. I'd also seriously question calling this game the 'worst' for spotting with the other 3 letter sim out there right now.
  12. I agree, though I would think a temporary exception would be good for the most restricted planes until we get to that point. I have total faith in the devs eventually completely addressing this situation, but the release and the time leading up to it is still very important. It would be a shame to have the US planes marred like this until far beyond release.
  13. Likely, but it's important to be constructive about it, propose alternatives rather than just scream about it. It is a big undertaking for them to overhaul the system in its entirety, even if restricting it to just Bodenplatte planes. Moreso due to any revisions likely being temporary pending a thorough rework of engine fatigue. Which I would assume is currently not possible while also working on this expansion.
  14. Probably better somebody else, I have very little to contribute myself in terms of charts/documentation etc. Is that excerpt Talon posted the full request? Just confirming since maybe some was cut off.
  15. Might be good to make a public thread to gather just such info.
  16. Anyone aware if the P47 vs G14/K4 timers have been brought up in the Russian forums? If yes/no, is there anyone who could get a discussion going there? Might be more productive then doing it in this thread.
  17. I'm guessing he is still seeing the bolt pulling back when clicking reload, even if the ammo is out.
  18. Btw, what exactly allows the 'timer exceeded' in SP, but why does it not show in MP? Is it a settings thing?
  19. Like I said above, I don't think its an issue as you can design something based on the existing manual limits. So for instance, -emergency timers can cool down in combat -any 2 minute or lower timer gets tripled -any timer between 3 to 5 gets doubled -30 minute timers or higher get eliminated and count as continuous, 30 mins is a meaninglessly long timer imo. I'd also like to see something about cutting down the amount of different timers on a plane to 2 max. So everything has combat and emergency as limited modes only, though I need to look at the numbers to see if that can be applied to all planes without issues. In this way you'd have a consistent system that can be easily applied from the manual numbers, but is a lot more functional for all planes. Obviously it would requite a bit of workshopping, I don't have a list of all the planes here.
  20. I feel they are against making subjective changes to planes, wanting to stick to a particular system instead (like the manuals currently). Though I doubt there's any way to avoid that atm. It might be good to just spend some time thinking about a blanket change that is based on the manuals, but will act as a good temporary fix to the biggest issues as they exist now.
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