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  1. Isn't the DC pretty much pure fantasy. Like almost zero confirmed reports of these being in frontline use.
  2. I don't think the numbers mean much with how asymmetrical some of the maps are. Y29 basically has almost no hittable targets for the allies, aside from the two AA positions one of which could be destroyed by 2 P38s in a single run. Afterwards nobody is going to go hit ground targets that are several grids (!!!) behind the enemy bases. The only alternative is hovering over the airfields and murdering the occasional defenseless suicide jabos trying to actually do the mission, while there fighter cap is god knows where. This gets old real fast. Bridge too far I 'kind of' like but there is almost no choice in what to strike for the allied side. You hit the closest panzers first, and then everything is very far away and a nightmare against a halfway decent defending team. The Germans can hit the north with mostly impunity due to proximity to their bases, and defend most their targets relatively easy. I appreciate the novel idea behind the historical maps, and I'd probably enjoy them if they'd show up on special occasions. I certainly haven't been playing that much, but I feel these two are in the rotation every single time I play. I also strongly feel the server is very very hard to fill with these 2 running. They just do not work well with low numbers due to how scattered everything is. That makes it both hard to get air combat and to do ground striking.
  3. http://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/nh799 F.XIV NH799 Higher quality but from the Seafire XII, though it seems identical. Not sure how likely I am to find additional angles, as you'd practically need to be lying under it to see the back. Some additional angles of the Griffon Seafire are on the original link, though no further shots inside the wheel well.
  4. Did some quick googling and came across this video, in the first 25 seconds there seem to be some close ups of the wheel wells and struts. Not the greatest format, but I'll try and see if there's anything clearer. From the same guy, some more scattered throughout this vid. Some more detailed shots, though unfortunately of an Seafire XII, no idea if this is useful but thought I'd add it. http://www.thescale.info/news/publish/Seafire-under-carriage.shtml
  5. Germany afaik phased out production of APCR ammo early during the war. Tungsten was in extremely short supply and needed more for more critical stuff like machining tools. Regular 50mm AP would be more than adequate anyway for killing most WW2 tanks from the side/top.
  6. Dude, we get it, really we do. You do not need to keep posting in every single thread to make your point clear, you've done it a hundred times. Make a post in the technical support, then relax and take a break from the forums and the game until its fixed.
  7. Nice writeup. The nice thing is that most of these seem doable considering all the weapons already exist ingame, including the 2x151 pod. The 50mm sounds like by far the most work though, despite being the most interesting. I'd love to see it but I'm not sure if its possible considering the investment required to create the 410 in the first place.
  8. From reading, 2x500lbs internal and 2x500bls on underwing racks, as well as 8xRP3 seems like the main options. 57m appears like a far out option. Cannon ammo is completely unclear from my reading. I'm finding anywhere from 150rpg to 500rpg. Was this just up to the mission in question?
  9. The BMW equipped Ju88 would be more interesting, suppose these aren't as widely usable as the C6 though? Any other reason for having the Jumo equipped one?
  10. B25 and now I guess B26 as flyable planes have always been on the table, gives us both something 'strategic' and something that can be used more as a tactical thing. It makes way more sense to get either of those for what the game is, versus a heavy.
  11. It used to carry 2x500kg in the front bay, at least in 1946 iirc. I don't think there's room for 4x anything. I don't recall any under wing shackles either.
  12. With the original question answered, what can we expect from this machine? It's the same as A4 but marginally faster due to removable gondola and solid nose? From some brief reading its bomb shackles were removed but bomb bay retained? Would that mean only 50kg bombs? Armament seemed to be a variety of 151s and MG17s?
  13. While I normally buy everything instantly, I'm holding on these for the moment until the exact versions are sorted out. I would also like to know mods before buying. Separate 9T and 9 are fine I feel, but that does warrant some interesting mods of both I think. Same with Hurri, the full list of variants sounds awesome, but I will be waiting until its narrowed down. I bought Normandy as changes will likely be small, plane/variant change, but for a single plane its just too unclear what it's going to be atm.
  14. These expansions reinforce each other, I think that's the most important thing. There's a lot of overlap in usability between the two, and it also allows earlier scenarios. So many people knee-jerking for no reason. This expansion adds a lot on its own as well as tying so much other content together.
  15. What's the chance of a B model? Or the difference for that matter? From brief looking into it, 50mm seems possible and by far the most interesting, lots of variations with additional 20mm, and the wfrgr21 x4 (x6?). Anyone know if Mk103 armed variants were anything more than experiments?
  16. it would be an improvement as at the very least it gives you warning to reduce power. Currently the second you exceed it is instant engine death.
  17. Doesn't really say anything if you have no idea what the damage was. This was AI I assume?
  18. Hoping to see more maps that have more limited planesets. I don't mind seeing it every now and then but some capped numbers on K4 and especially the DC engine mod would up the variety a bit. Also some P38s available on earlier maps pretty please.
  19. Since the game requires an account to play you can install it on as many computers as you want. The only thing you are restricted on is not being logged in in two places at once.
  20. Or P39, where the highest power mode will not even register as being engaged on technochat
  21. Oh, I meant DC engine. Sure, I'm already reducing RPM but I'm still at close to an effective 10mph speed disadvantage. Adding onto half the endurance and worse acceleration.
  22. How? I can barely reach 380 with a loooong run to get there, the K4 accelerates to that very quickly and tops out at 386 for me not much later. Its never been my experience that 51s can outrun DCs in MP either.
  23. Is it possible to make Dortmund airfield somewhat easier or move the German base a bit further away then a grid and a half behind it? After suiciding into that objective 3 times in a row, with about half the German team sitting on it, it got kind of tiring to try and find what small thing was still remaining while you are being hounded by 5 guys behind you. Shooting them down doesn't matter because they're back over it within 5 minutes. I don't so much mind risky objectives, but when the target is big and so close to the base it just becomes a grind.
  24. I like this idea of buying something you don't like on the condition that something you do like gets made. Then getting upset afterwards when it turns out things don't work like this and you are living in fantasy land. The only obligation they have is to give you what you paid for. Anyone who thinks the devs have some obligation to give them PTO because they reluctantly bought bobp is incredibly naive. Let's turn it around though, I personally bought bobp with the implicit understanding that the series would stay on the western front for 3 expansions, and I'll be severely upset if PTO is made anytime soon. So what now.
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