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  1. If only you could travel back in time and point out basic logical fallacies to analysts of the time. Surely they never thought of this when compiling data. I like how the first assumption when confronted with a new piece of information is that it's biased and wrong and nobody understood causation/correlation back then.
  2. Not ready for service? 103s had been around for a while, just not commonly.
  3. It would probably be easier to make one later, but I very much doubt there would be a mod to turn the current one into a bomber variant. That's way too much work for a single mod.
  4. Make them overshoot conserving as much energy as possible and get guns on them when they try to regain alt. It is capable of putting rounds on target at very long range with the ammo count, stability, climb and nose mounts. With manoeuvre flaps, then with 100% flaps when slow enough gives you a chance against enemies that do commit to a turn fight. In an actual dogfight try and read energy states and make use of it. Usually its possible to make something happen as long as you don't get caught completely unaware. Though tbh just fly it on berloga and get 100 dogfights in a row for practice.
  5. Would be a pretty sweet aircraft if you could run its engine a bit harder without having to basically stopwatch it. You can still do ok with it but its too much of a headache with how careful you have to be with the limits for me personally.
  6. Dude Jason literally said the 188 was not doable with the time and resources they have. But yes, you are literally being cheated here. After all, why would those dumb developers give us a C6 when they could choose to give us an He177 AND a 188 AND a He162? Also, why stop at 10 aircraft in the expansion? Why not choose to do more? Would deleting the C6 from the line up make you happier? Because that's literally the only option you have here.
  7. I can't even tell if this is sarcasm anymore or what, but these sort of replies are tiring. Maybe they won't save you, good pilots can make use of a extra speed and climb to survive.
  8. Hope to see the BMW engined variants, that would give them at least some performance edge, particularly due to way more lenient engine timers.
  9. Easiest way to give bombers more viability would be to give them airstarts across the board. This allows them to level bomb from a somewhat safe altitude, gives them a chance to get out and encourages people to play bombers more. Place their spawn points a grid or 2 back from the main airfields, and kick them into the air at 3000/4000m, depending on their capability.
  10. Feel his points are very specific and drawing an overall 'disappointing' from it is somewhat unfair. He only specifically refers to elevator/trim authority and acceleration on take-off. This might be true but there is a lot more to air combat (which is the primary focus of this same after all), where those points are practically irrelevant. At least when compared to stuff like turn-rate/stall/speed/climb. I'm sure it's not perfect, but unless you start debunking actually important things pertaining to air combat I'd be more interested. Unless you are specifically interested in running hyper realistic take-offs, circuit, followed by a landing It's not a very interesting video.
  11. Isn't the DC pretty much pure fantasy. Like almost zero confirmed reports of these being in frontline use.
  12. I don't think the numbers mean much with how asymmetrical some of the maps are. Y29 basically has almost no hittable targets for the allies, aside from the two AA positions one of which could be destroyed by 2 P38s in a single run. Afterwards nobody is going to go hit ground targets that are several grids (!!!) behind the enemy bases. The only alternative is hovering over the airfields and murdering the occasional defenseless suicide jabos trying to actually do the mission, while there fighter cap is god knows where. This gets old real fast. Bridge too far I 'kind of' like but there is almost no choice in what to strike for the allied side. You hit the closest panzers first, and then everything is very far away and a nightmare against a halfway decent defending team. The Germans can hit the north with mostly impunity due to proximity to their bases, and defend most their targets relatively easy. I appreciate the novel idea behind the historical maps, and I'd probably enjoy them if they'd show up on special occasions. I certainly haven't been playing that much, but I feel these two are in the rotation every single time I play. I also strongly feel the server is very very hard to fill with these 2 running. They just do not work well with low numbers due to how scattered everything is. That makes it both hard to get air combat and to do ground striking.
  13. http://warbirdswalkaround.wixsite.com/warbirds/nh799 F.XIV NH799 Higher quality but from the Seafire XII, though it seems identical. Not sure how likely I am to find additional angles, as you'd practically need to be lying under it to see the back. Some additional angles of the Griffon Seafire are on the original link, though no further shots inside the wheel well.
  14. Did some quick googling and came across this video, in the first 25 seconds there seem to be some close ups of the wheel wells and struts. Not the greatest format, but I'll try and see if there's anything clearer. From the same guy, some more scattered throughout this vid. Some more detailed shots, though unfortunately of an Seafire XII, no idea if this is useful but thought I'd add it. http://www.thescale.info/news/publish/Seafire-under-carriage.shtml
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