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  1. So since the split between Yak9 and Yak9T as a package still seems undecided, what would be most sensible? Yak9 could be modified into 9B and 9D Yak9T could have modifications into 9K (easy) 9M and maybe 9U? At least, as far as I can recall in terms of similarity. I feel this could reasonably make 9 and 9T be sold separately, possibly with these modifications added later. .
  2. Server seems to have died again, unable to finish flight and server keeps bouncing me when trying to rejoin.
  3. So I experienced this initially, I changed mirror setting down from complex which 'appeared' to help with things but I doubt it was the thing triggering it. Whatever it was, I don't have stutters anymore. At the same time, I'm running noticeably lower FPS compared to previous releases. I usually have fps hovering around 70/90 even at higher alts, before I was easily capping out at 144 when at altitude. Initially I assumed it was the MP mission, but I'm seeing this lower performance generally across different servers and maps. Is there any way to go for a complete reset on graphical settings/local files? Somewhat considering a reinstall as well. Completely unsure what is causing this atm.
  4. Some crashes today and yesterday? Sudden disconnections midgame, unable to join and the game hard freezing when trying to load. Is there something going on with the main server?
  5. Hostiles in the area afaik, red flare for danger, green flare for all clear?
  6. Thinking about it for some time, this would probably be one of the best band-aid fixes right now. Something like 'engine limit exceeded, power loss!'. And your engine would cut a somewhat noticeable amount from the top end performance, maybe even get the unstable RPM. But no instant destruction. This would stop you from continuing any fight, giving providing strong incentive to limit your engine power when not needed. You would need a new plane, but it would always allow you to fly back home.
  7. Pretty much, this used to be a very positive thing about Il2s vision compared to things like DCS. Having to constantly zoom to 'fix' vision is irritating. Anyway, both modes could use some tweaking. I personally prefer seeing a bit more rather then being blind, but I'd expect patches to tweak things overtime.
  8. Visibility in 'expert' is highly dependent on zoom. If you don't zoom then you can easily lose contacts at close'ish distance. There's a gap in visibility that is very noticeable and where its very hard to spot planes that should be visible. I am honestly not sure why people love this so much, it has issues just like alternate. But there's always the crowd that associates higher difficulty with more realism for some reason.
  9. Possible to add P38 to the dogfight areas? Currently its the only plane not in the 1x1/2x2 etc areas.
  10. You can combine only certain bombs and rockets. For instance P51 can only take rockets when it has 500lbs loaded, but not with 1000lbs bombs. P38 cannot carry rockets with all types of bombs either, of the top of my head I don't know what the combos are that are/aren't allowed. You have to try and see whats allowed. This should all be historical restrictions.
  11. 47 does decently well when it gets to use its full power, but on continuous it struggles. P51 and 38 have little issue doing their job on continuous, able to cruise and climb at good speed. If you were able to use the water for its entire duration you'd honestly have zero issues in the 47. But right now its actually almost impossible to even use 15 mins of water during a single flight.
  12. I would assume that at some point you guys will be forced into making 'half' expansions. The options remaining for the German side are relatively low, in terms of actually "unique" single engines there are probably none already. Is this not something that would make sense? 5 plane packs for one side for instance? Lower development time and faster turn-around for an expansion?
  13. Seems like you should already have those if you're making this statement, what else are you basing your view on? Its kinda funny to make a vague statement with no real evidence, then get angry and suddenly demand facts when you're the one being doubted.
  14. Probably rethreading some known stuff but to me this is how I understand it right now. Engine timers (of different power levels) can be either indepent, or cumulative. Some planes ingame, like the G14 and K4 explicitly say that these timers are separate, allowing a full 10 minutes of E and 30 minutes of C, in addition to allowing one to cool down while the other is active. P51/38/47 appear to almost certainly have cumulative timers for increasing 'heat' from using C and E mode. Meaning that you can effectively think of these 2 timers as a single timer, with E mode just using it up faster than C mode. However, what it seems like is that the cooldown of C and E is independent for these planes. Which triggers these odd situations. When decreasing the timer you generally get expected results, when you start replenishing the timer they appear to go out of sync. Now I'm completely unsure if this is due to different rates of cooldown on each one (for instance E is replenished with 1 minute every 2 minutes, and C with 1 minute each 1 minute), or because its somehow sequential (with E taking priority and needing to be replenished fully before C can start replenishing at all). That would create situations where you get the timers to be reversed and completely out of sync like we see now. Anyway, that's currently my thinking on it, it seems difficult to get any surefire way of testing this. I'm not even sure if understanding it is super helpful atm, considering things are so odd right now that I'm fairly sure there's no way this is intended behaviour.
  15. Let me start off by saying the new planes are absolutely amazing, and I have had a blast flying them. But I felt I had to test this to see if anything changed. Doing some testing to see how the engine limits currently behave with the P38 and P51. It seems the situation is still similar to how the P47 is, with emergency time eating into combat time as well. So if you run through your limit on 5 minute emergency you will have only about 3/4 minutes of your 15 minute combat time remaining. After depleting this, however, something a bit confusing happened. Which I'm not sure was the case before? The next step was to see how long it takes to recharge each mode for it to be ready again. Dropping down to continuous I waited a bit and after about 10 minutes I received the notification that emergency power was recharged. Subsequently moving into combat power I almost immediately received the warning that combat was exceeded still. Pushing through to emergency, however, the warning faded. A little bit of trying later it, I found that in this situation the engine was almost immediately dying in combat, while emergency was cooled down and available. It seems a bit counterintuitive that in this situation emergency is available while combat will destroy your engine. It shouldn't be possible that these modes 'reverse' like this. Now I know that Sheriff (?) asked one of the devs on the Gamescom (?) stream about the behaviour of the current engine limits for allied machines. He seemed at the time unaware of this behaviour, and said he needed to look into it. At the very least the system can be improved to be more intuitive then it is currently. As one can only do this testing due to the tech mssgs in SP, in MP you have absolutely no clue where you are with your engine limits, its complete guesswork.
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