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  1. Honestly, this sounds like really good changes. You say the seat angle affects thing more noticeably, how much roughly does a 15 degree angle benefit the pilot? I thought from previous discussions the effect was limited even for extreme angles like in the F16.
  2. It feels like G limits could perhaps be a bit higher, maybe 1/2G across the board, but the bigger issue by far is that people can go negative G and make extremely violent manoeuvres with almost no negative effect. Its hard to even pull enough negative G to start affecting you, let alone actually impair your flying.
  3. Haven't played for a few months but the problem always seemed to be that while planes were generally visible at a distance and at close range, the moment they transition between long/close they turned practically invisible. Like some other people, it's better to focus on realistic results I think rather than trying to portray an exact 'technically' realistic size of the aircraft on screen. There is a huge amount of obstacles we have to spotting through a monitor and there should be some, perhaps 'unrealistic' enhancement techniques used to give us a better chance of seeing the enemy.
  4. Sure, there are some tricks to compensate, but you're still missing out on performance + a much harder time to cool down from wep. It just needs to be unified, make all able to cool down wep in combat, like existing MW50 planes.
  5. Very nice, the extra performance is very welcome. Though will we see any adjustments to the limitations on wep usage? Emergency timer eating into combat timer was crushing for the P47 in bobp, and I fear it will hurt this one as well.
  6. As a side note, can someone explain how a 109 pulls negative G like this with just a single elevator?
  7. Though you won't be cooling your engine down either. So its unlikely, or impossible, to actually kill a 'cool' engine with a few percent too much. But if you have just been in combat and have been running your engine hard and now trying to cool down, you can easily kill it if you accidentally are just across the magic line. Yeah I don't see how the game is playable in its current form without techno chat, there is zero feedback 'in sim' on the state of your engine until its already dying.
  8. Very nice. With it coming out soonish, will we have some more info on the 9T available modifications/variants?
  9. Limited resources sounds like a good reason to make more variations/mods. Giving extra roles to planes you have already modeled and made an FM for. It would be a reason not to make random planes that don't sell or fit into a setting. Building and researching a plane takes so much time that not pushing in as many small variations that are reasonably possible is putting that huge effort to waste. It's like going 96% of the way and then saying nah, we're not putting in that next 2%.
  10. If you are referencing firebombing you are probably talking about city areas with tough brick buildings that are densely packed. The targets in the picture are wooden barracks that do not even look permanent. No way these would resist the blast of a bomb like this. The trucks are not armoured, have flimsy sheet metal that would be penetrated by any kind of shrapnel, and even have exposed crew with not even that protecting them. Yet these all survive. You could make an argument for the bunkers to survive these blasts, but even those have exposed ammunition lying next to them. Those should be vulnerable yet it all looks intact. I haven't tested myself, but looking at these pictures this does not look correct.
  11. This would mean that for instance an HE round hitting the wing can no longer 'splash' damage onto the engine as easily?
  12. Looks nice, but I'm really holding off until I've see what gameplay will look like for this iteration of great battles. I hope there's a reveal on this soon, really hoping to see some basic command and control over groups of units and/or basic RTS elements.
  13. Looks great, any info on whether we'll get any specific modifications for each variant like was confirmed for the Hurricane? For instance Yak9B or 9K modifications for each. I'm somewhat holding off on purchase until I know what I'm getting.
  14. How far is the seat tilted back on the 190/109?
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