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  1. Just out of idle curiosity, does anyone know what the average number of flight hours that a P-39 or P-40 survived while in Soviet service? If the airframes only lasted say, a hundred or two hundred hours in combat on average, there would be little reason to baby the Allison engines.
  2. Rjel


    I keep getting beckoned by the F-16. It is likely my second favorite fighter plane behind the Mustang. In my eyes I see similarities between the two. Almost like a 1940s NAA engineer daydreamed what a future jet powered Mustang might look in the then distant future.
  3. I agree with the British actors being excellent. More star power there than 10 movies normally have. The martial music is overwhelming at times, completely drowning out the scene. As to its story telling, I think had the movie been based on a novel like "Squadron Airborne" written by Elleston Trevor, it could have conveyed the drama of the BoB much more effectively.
  4. What, exactly, makes BoB excellent in your opinion? I've read that same reply many times over the years, here and other flight sim forums. But no one really says why it's an excellent film. I've watched it many times too but only for the flying scenes. Those are mostly excellent. Still the it is marred by very poor special effects throughout the film. From horrible Spitfire mockups blowing up to unconvincing use of model aiplane Stukas and crashing He-111s. I've mentioned before that many of the German characters in the film are cartoonish at best. The few featured are relatively unknown. At least to me. The only exception is Curt Jurgens and his part was rather small. Most of the British actors are excellent for the most part as nearly everyone was already an established star or one who was an up and coming star to be. The story itself tried to cover too much territory without any feeling of drama or suspense. For the time frame it was made, it doesn't hold a candle to Tora,Tora,Tora in its story telling, acting or special effects. To counter that, I liked Red Tails. Not great but not as bad as some of you claim. So there. 😛
  5. Pictures in various books and magazines describing the marking as I mentioned.
  6. No, the + mark indicated that the plane carried a fuselage tank.
  7. I was really surprised how natural, even professional, the voice actors sound. Once in a while someone will have a hesitation in their line, like they are thinking for a second on what to say next. That alone makes it all sound more lifelike. Not stilted like someone’s just reading words on a page. They deserve a lot of credit for making the campaign feel alive.
  8. Quite often symbols like that were used to denote a second aircraft in that squadron used the same ID letter. It was common in the 8th AF late in the war when squadron strength was enlarged to more than 26 aircraft. The 4th was large enough at times to fly double missions to different targets.
  9. Maybe. But the majority of the sounds emanating from that announcement would be “Ka-Ching”.
  10. That is my “ultimate” Spitfire. I would pay extra for a collector version of that.
  11. While I have long grown tired of that joke under most circumstances, I do appreciate your sense of humor. That and yours and the team's work ethic. Two weeks after a major update and here comes an impressive list of improvements and a new plane. One step closer to the Mosquito too. Thanks to all of you.
  12. That’s been my experience too. I seem to set the Fw-190s engines on fire more often than I do 109s. I can live with .50s as they are but, going back to when the P-51 was first released, they don’t seem to hit nearly as hard. I don’t get as many one burst kills now as I remember getting then.
  13. I just looked at my Control Panel but I'm not seeing Netframe listed under programs. I'm positive in the past I've used the repair option when I had a supposed issue. But, that may have been longer ago than I remember. I better let someone who's more knowledgeable than myself answer your question. As far as re-downloading Netframe all you'd need to do is go the Microsoft website. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework
  14. Have you tried to update .Net framework or repair it in Control Panel?
  15. Best wishes to team. They're an incredibly talented group that have provided much enjoyment to so many of us. Having read their posts here though the years, its hard not to develop an affection and a concern for their well being. Be well.
  16. I only took the Hurricane up for a short spin. Not enough to get a real feel for it but it is a beautiful model inside and out. I also took a P-51 out to test its new ability of not shedding its gear doors. I was able to dive in excess of 500mph and not shed parts. I still pulled the elevators off when I reached terminal velocity a couple of times. Not that it mattered as I wasn’t going to pull out of those dives anyway. As others have mentioned, the new blackouts are great. More and more, I feel as if I’m really flying. If we could only experience the Gs pulling us down it would be perfect.
  17. It’s a small detail but I’m glad the gear doors on the Mustang won’t get ripped off as easily as before. The rest of the update looks great.
  18. I’ve been flying the Thunderbolt in the Hell Hawks campaign. I’ve really enjoyed learning the P-47 again. It seems like a completely different aircraft from what it was when first released. I’ve yet to cook an engine even when running the boost for a considerable time. As to the complexity, once learned where the settings need to be, I really only jockey the throttle and prop pitch as I fly a mission. All in all, it’s becoming more the plane I’d hoped it would be.
  19. I found it. I found the Hurricane. It's headed for Georgia. Maybe even Alabama.
  20. I guess that could be read as you're quite good looking, even dashing perhaps and so don't want to spoil that by wearing a oxygen mask at all? Or the exact opposite might be your point and off means the mask should be on always. Not too sure. For myself, the only positive to this pandemic is wearing a mask. People say I've never looked better. For that, I thank them.
  21. I'd like to see it become an official feature, to be able to choose either on or off.
  22. My only deviation from nVidia cards was a Voodoo 5500 a long, long time ago. I haven't any real devotion to any manufacturer, regardless of the product. The new AMD cards look impressive so far. Then again, so did the nVidia cards before they were launched. Would one of you who has used both AMD and nVidia compare your impressions of their anti-aliasing feature? Are they comparable? Personally, image quality is very important to me. I'll trade some FPS for a smooth picture. Jaggies kill my immersion in games quicker than anything.
  23. fa·vor·ite /ˈfāv(ə)rət/ Learn to pronounce adjective preferred before all others of the same kind. "their favorite Italian restaurant" Just tossing that out there....
  24. The Alpha part of the template confused me for the longest time. Raptorattacker's example is exactly what you want your final Alpha layer to look like. It should duplicate whatever is on your skin only in varying shades of gray instead of color. Think of the layered Alpha in the same way you do your template. When the layers are what you want the finished Alpha to look like, save it then merge the layers. Then just copy and paste it into your template under the channels tab. Make sure only the Alpha 1 channel is hi-lighted.
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