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  1. Have you tried a complete re-install? During the last update, my download stalled which hasn't happened before. I restarted it and finished the update. For the next couple of days the game just didn't run well having occasional freezes like I've not seen in years. I did a complete re-install last night and the game is back to running very smoothly for me.
  2. Always good to have experts in our midst. This reminds me of a long ago post that claimed "Real men fly MP." To the OP, the Hell Hawks campaign is well worth the price as =621=Samikatz mentioned earlier.
  3. I'd have to believe that would void the warranty.
  4. Not a Nordberg's chance in Hell..... but then again.
  5. I had to adjust the individual A/C squadron code on this airplane to more closely match the photo in my previous post. The new link is below. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated. https://www.mediafire.com/file/pmwbn9sp8677ye6/56thFG_P-47D-22_Penrod_and_Sam_.7z/file
  6. That sir, is an undeniable fact. A screen shot of the P-51B testing in game would brighten my day.
  7. My version of Robert Johnson's last P-47, a D-21 NMF razorback as flown towards the end of his combat tour during Spring 1944. Reportedly he scored his last two victories in this Thunderbolt. Comments are welcomed. Criticisms are tolerated. Updated download link is in post below. The new skin more closely matches the actual pictures in this post.
  8. The last P-47 flown by Robert S. Johnson when he was assigned to the 56thFG in 1944. I'm not 100% happy with the nose art but it's the best I can do. Penrod and Sam was a comic strip and a pre WWII film series. Johnson's crew chief's last name was Penrod and Samuel was Johnson's middle name.
  9. There have been several threads recently asking the same question. Mostly it boils down to whatever planes you prefer. But a simple answer would be Kuban and Boddenplatte. For me at these are the most enjoyable maps to fly.
  10. I guess I’ll go along with your explanation although it doesn’t seem feasible. Muzzle velocity would seem to me to be constant regardless of forward motion. If what you’ve stated is true then would a bullet fired to the rear of the forward moving aircraft actually leave the muzzle at a slower speed due to the fact it was going 300 mph essentially in reverse when fired?
  11. How would the forward speed of the A/C add to the velocity of a fired bullet? If I’m running across the ground and throw a ball at a stationary target, all that changes is the distance of flight.
  12. No problem. Sarcasm bothers me not at all.
  13. The bullets don't arc on their own. If the barrel angle is set above the line of sight, then the bullet will rise until gravity and momentum takes over to cause bullet drop. The bullets don't rise in their line of flight for any other reason.
  14. Somewhere, either on the forum or perhaps one of the online chats that Jason had in the past, he mentioned the possibility of a 1946 like version of BoX. No idea how serious he might have been about that but I think it would be a nice change of pace. I'm all for historical scenarios we have now but I do enjoy the what ifs of history too. First generation jets along side that of the late model versions of the planes we all know in the game now. SWOTL and Aces of the Pacific both did excellent (in their day) versions of those possible extended WWII themes.
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