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  1. P-51D-5-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92700-R s/n 44-13322 P-51D-5-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92701-R s/n 44-13411 P-51D-10-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92790-N s/n 44-14327 P-51D-20-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92948-R s/n 44-72181 P-51D-20-NA = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92948-R s/n 44-72327
  2. Your dad is younger than me. I too am a huge Leslie Nielsen fan. When you watch him in comedies, you completely forget what a great serious actor he was. He played a lot of very vicious characters throughout his career.
  3. While language can be a barrier, humor is universal. It's completely different, altogether.
  4. Not an Airplane! fan I take it? Tsk tsk.
  5. surely it's never too late for DD. * *wait for it.....
  6. Here's another Mustang picture that's confused me for quite some time. The data block says it's a -15 model but yet the serial number falls clearly into a -5 model run. The serial number matches the P-51D assigned to Goodson and is the same as the plane he was shot down in on 06/20/1944. The serial number is stenciled oddly which has made me wonder if it was a doctored photo possibly taken after the war. It's been published numerous times so I'd guess it legit and an oddity that can't be explained.
  7. I may have found some info in this book. At least one of the cover pages mentions "project numbers" along with contract numbers and the like. There is a ton of statistical information about the USAAF in WWII regardless. https://ia802505.us.archive.org/5/items/ArmyAirForcesStatisticalDigestWorldWarII/ArmyAirForcesStatisticalDigestWorldWarII.pdf P-51D-20 = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92917-R - 44-63632 - CONFIRMED.HIST.PHOTO P-51D-20 = AAF. SPEC. PROJ. NO. 92917-R - 44-63694 - CONFIRMED.HIST.PHOTO So then, do you think the Spec. Proj. No. relates to certain serial blocks?
  8. I'm glad to know someone else is looking for the information too. Maybe we'll stumble onto it. You English is fine. No worries.
  9. Dammit.....I was hoping to use that a while longer before others discovered it. 😉 I asked a few months ago if anyone knew if that number is consistent throughout that production block or if it changes with the serial number sequence. I've searched all my books and did numerous web searches without really finding the answer. Do you know?
  10. When you are at the login screen just choose offline. Simple as that.
  11. I've had both the 1050Ti and now the GTX 1660 Ti. I would stay away from the 1050. It was adequate but is definitely on the low side. Mine only had 4 gigs of RAM which is also a little light. Maybe it was specific to EVGA but it ran hot and was louder than Hell while playing. The MSI GTX 1660Ti is so much better that I'd recommend it highly. Good value to the dollar. Runs quiet and cool. Runs IL2 at 1080p very well. I can max out most settings and still maintain very good frame rates.
  12. Almost ready. I had to make the Nooky Booky nickname by hand as I couldn't find a font that was close. I think it turned out pretty well. Markings are as close as I can make them. The annotations on this photograph are not mine.
  13. It's quite simple actually. The difference between the A-6and the A-5 is 1. Obviously the difference between the A-8 and the A-6 is then 2. At least that's what my cypherin' tells me. Hope that helps.
  14. Way back when in the olden days of EAW, I flew online with No.105 , The Dinger Squadron. We flew Mosquitoes mainly. The flight model was terrible to be sure, but it was some of the best times I ever had flying a sim. I haven't heard from many of those guys in years. The only one I've seen on this forum is No 105_Swoose. I hope some of those guys might find their way here. I'm really looking forward to flying some intruder missions. I do think some photo recon missions would be just the ticket too.
  15. Still not completely finished but close. While the actual aircraft pictured shows the name Mildred, it was assigned to Lt. Kit Carson shortly after D-Day and does carry his kill markings during that time. A later picture shows this same P-51D nicknamed Nooky Booky II with the same five kills but without the complete D-Day markings. More back story when I release this one and the more subdued markings as mentioned. Thanks to 361st_Ripper for sharing his 357thFG nose colors. All comments are welcome.
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