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  1. I feel it is. I’ve been going to the site for years and never had an issue. It is so much more than just a site with old Nazi propaganda on it. Everything from old newsreels to pictures. Links to now dead websites. Music. Online books. Old video and computer games that can be played through an emulator. More stuff than I can mention.
  2. Quite a few months ago, someone found the 108 gallon drop tank image in an unpacked file. No idea where it was but obviously they're already modeled, just not activated. Wish it were so as it would be great for screen shots and the like.
  3. Excellent film. Richard Widmark was an excellent actor in many genre of film, radio and TV. I'm a big fan of Tom Hanks. Again, an excellent actor in many genre. I'll have to look at this new film. Whether its 100% accurate or not, I'll leave that to experts here. I'm more interested in a well acted, well told story. I'll get my history lessons from books or documentaries.
  4. Looking forward to some very cool razorback skins. I hope the new template is laid out as well as the bubble canopy template.* *And it is. Only a couple of small differences.
  5. Steve Hinton has got to be ranked as one of the greatest pilots of all time. Few could claim to have flown so many WWII types. If and hopefully when, the Great Battles series heads to the Pacific, I hope we get the Bearcat as a premium plane at least. I don’t care that it didn’t see combat in WWII. It’s just such a sleek design as a radial engined airplane. It would be pure joy to fly in this sim.
  6. It can be far simpler than that. Merely set up whatever airplane you want to test as a friendly in the QMB mission where you can have multiple flights. Set them as the other flight on your side, unarmed and have a lone Ju-52 set as an enemy flight at a distance of 10000m to be in pursuit of. You can then shoot at say a friendly Bf-109G6, from varying attitudes and points of the compass for testing purposes or just practice. All you get is admonished by the sim for shooting at a friendly. I do think the 109 if far too hard to kill from the six o'clock now. The engine seems very durable compared to even the Fw-190. Engine fires are few and far between when I test them this way.
  7. A lot of what we know or think we know in the game is supposition based on prior experience playing. Maybe everyone who thinks the .50s are off is actually wrong. I flew a few missions today and still struggled bringing down the 109G6s. Fw-190s seemed much easier to light up. Historically I've always thought it the reverse. One oddity I did run into that I'm not sure I've noticed before was when I was firing bursts into a river while flying the P-51. As I dove, I'd get the usual water spouts and ricochets. As I got closer still firing at the river, the water spouts and ricochets disappeared. Then they resumed. Would that be an issue with the sim not being able to keep up with tracking the number of bullets hitting the water? Or is it possible something else is happening?
  8. I've mentioned before my regret about not keeping any earlier versions of BoS to look back to for comparisons. But honestly, like those above mentioned, the differences are substantial. Comparing the latest patch of today to the earliest early access of BoS is almost like comparing to the original IL-2 pre-mod. Every cent I've spent on this series has been returned to me in improvements and hours of flight many times over.
  9. Saving the campaigns for later this year. So little to do once fall turns to winter. Looking forward to experiencing the fruits of the author's hard labors.
  10. Absolutely. At 100 meters you couldn't possibly adjust the guns in the wings enough to converge. It would be difficult not to shred a fighter sized A/C at that distance no matter the convergence setting.
  11. No I don't have any evidence. And if you'll re-read what I've written, you'll see I'm not making accusations either. I'm wondering if and what may have changed. As far as your lecturing, you can keep it. Everything you've said is already well known by the vast majority of those who post here.
  12. All well known facts to anyone who has a smattering of reading aviation history. It still isn't about accuracy in shooting. It's about whether the results of multiple hits are being accounted for by the sim correctly.
  13. I don’t think accuracy is really the issue. A miss is a miss regardless of the bullet or cannon shell fired. Seeing a plane holed over large portions of its airframe with seemingly no effect does beg the question as to why?
  14. Flying offline since the previous patch, I find the 109 much harder to kill than a 190. Unless I get a hit in the nose compartment, they fly on and on with dozens of holes in them. I usually try to get in close too but even at convergence from six o’clock, it takes multiple bursts to kill one. I hope it’s just my imagination but the .50s don’t seem as devastating as they did when the Mustang first came out.
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