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  1. I flew for a couple of hours last night just trying different seasons of the BOBP map. After several times, the graphic bug Bo_Nidle mentions popped up. After the reboot it was gone as others mentioned. I'm not sure what the issue would be to cause it. Maybe a memory drain? I really didn't try out any other planes to see if it's only the Mustang. The AI flown FW-190A8 I was flying against did not show the anomaly.
  2. That list kinda blows most of our expectations of the 109 and 190 being the first to be released out of the water. I'm quite surprised to see the razorback P-47 coming so early in the development cycle too.
  3. I was just going to post that I'd went back into the game and looked at several skins, including a couple of yours but nothing showed like you'd posted. I'm glad the reboot fixed it for you.
  4. That looks like where the wing breaks from damage. Hopefully a quick fix.
  5. Looking at the template, it looks rather complete with panel lines, rivets, weathering ect. That's a plus and hopefully the P-38 will be revisited.
  6. Thx for the update. Unexpected but welcomed. Always more content, always more fixes, always more coming down the pike. I've gotten all the return from my investment and more. I really couldn't have expected any of this in Dec. 2012 when I joined this adventure.
  7. There have been several series about the Vietnam War. The best told I thought was the resent Ken Burns series. As are most of his documentaries.
  8. There is the B-26 coming. They flew tight formation as well as the four engine bombers did. A suitable stand in.
  9. Sadly. I thought it was a good series. Well worth owning on DVD.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/next-us-navy-aircraft-carrier-to-be-named-after-african-american-pearl-harbor-hero/ar-BBZ7f1o?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=U483DHP
  11. Late war 4thFG P-51D-20-NA as flown by Lt. Col. Sidney Woods. Woods flew earlier in the war in the Pacific Theater where he downed at least two Japanese aircraft. On 03/22/45 he shot down five Fw-190s in a single mission after the group broke bomber escort. A total of 11 Fw-190s were shot down by the Fourth that day. He flew with the Fourth from 02/45 (according to the book, Escort to Berlin) until he was shot down and taken prisoner on April 16, 1945 during a strafing mission, his 180th mission of WWII. Eight P-51s from the Fourth went down that day in total. Woods survived his stay as a POW and returned to active duty. After leaving the Air Force many years later, he became a successful businessman and politician. He passed away in 1989. Download link is below. Kill markings are edited for posting purposes only. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. http://www.mediafire.com/file/kkeltwjj8v8e0gf/01720_P51D15NA_4thFG_Sidney_Woods_QP_A_2.7z/file
  12. They made the remote turrets work but they had to jimmy them to do so.
  13. That makes sense I think. Thx everyone for the replies. Thx too to raaaid for the usual, straight to the point clarity only you possess. You always cut right to the heart of an issue with a unique point of view few of us are capable of.
  14. Looks really good. I think all the NMF in this sim really needs is to have the reflection toned down where it's reflecting itself. Like where the wing meets the fuselage. That's where the watery shine is most annoying. Otherwise it looks pretty realistic.
  15. Grumman F7F Tigercat P-51H or P/F-82 XP-72 Ultrabolt
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