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  1. The redesign of the P-51 grew out of the desire for a lighter weight, higher performance Mustang, not because of any perceived instability. The P-51H wasn't designed as a load carrier. If the P-51D had been as you described, it wouldn't have outlived the H model, let alone go on to serve both in the Korean War and outfit a good share of Air National Guard units for years.
  2. I think the foliage in the game has always moved when the game is paused. Rain and snow too.
  3. The Jumo engine on this Me-262 continued to generate thrust and crash landing with a dead pilot at the controls. Watch how it blasts the bush behind it. A very cool effect I've never seen before to this degree.
  4. If you're asking about the human body breaking the sound barrier, then yes, yes there is. Actually it's called a boom-boom. Then you have to change your flight suit.
  5. While I can live without it, it would be cool to see a more destructive crash. The nose in the ground crash is much improved over what it was when the sim first came out. But, I'd like to see the plane disintegrate when dragging a wingtip or hitting the runway at a high rate of speed. The roiling ball of flame as the high octane gas ignites might be too difficult to model in a sim though.
  6. Random guy pulled the same classic maneuver I find myself making far too often.
  7. The only time I've ever had an extremely slow download is when a new patch was released. Even at that, not nearly as slow as 20kb. Make sure "Prefer web distribution" is checked in the launcher.
  8. Rjel

    DCS news

    I'm not a big DCS but I've always loved the F-16. 45 years since its first flight and still one of the sweetest looking fighters ever designed. I might be tempted to buy just to tool around in it.
  9. Thanks for continuing the updates. Too many criticize when products don't work correctly, either due to real issues or self induced ones. Not everyone corrects the record.
  10. I have to go along with dburne. His reviews sound very well thought out without any real ax to grind, IMO. They have definitely swayed my thoughts about VR and my interest in trying it out. It'll be mid summer before I do, but unless owners start complaining about Rift S units dying in droves suddenly, it will be my choice. I want to experience the BoX P-51 and P-38 in VR.
  11. Thx Blitzen. That answered my questions pretty well.
  12. Would one of you be able to compare your Rift S visually to what I would see at 1080p on a monitor? In other words would you say it's visually better, worse or comparable to that resolution?
  13. I've never seen this picture of Col.Don Blakeslee before. The blurred prop just screams "power" to me. I understand it's a photographic effect but I miss it in BoX.
  14. I'm eager to fly the Albatros D.Va. It's so incredibly sleek looking.
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