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  1. Even AI pilots know when to call it a day. This one made it out just in the nick of time.
  2. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and offer a thank you for providing us with a great flight sim experience. I never imagined at the start of this new series we’d be where we are today.
  3. I’ve been on this forum longer than any other since I first joined one in 1999. I’ve always been Rjel for better or worse. Met some pretty cool folks along the way. Met some of the other kind too. This place still seems fresh after all this time. That’s a credit to the members of the community and the team for all their hard work.
  4. That looks like a U.S. service man. How much would anyone bet that an explosive charge was set off in the cockpit by the Germans to keep it from falling into enemy hands?
  5. The big man seems to be saying to the little fella "Koochie, koochie, koochie coo. Whosa' good boy?" All in all Feathered, you have a very wicked sense of humor.
  6. The paratroopers look right out of Band of Brothers. Very cool.
  7. Is the whistling sound only on the D model? The gun ports on the B/C are obviously different.
  8. Simple shots of the P-51D. I love the shape of this airplane. I have since I was a little kid back when the Mustang was far younger then than I am today.
  9. I'd like to tell you I survived this, but alas, another great strafing mission mucked up by flying too low.
  10. Isn't this where someone pops in and utters "Hollywood"? Looks like slim pickens there
  11. Just curious, is that a wartime photo? The female pilot looks a little too modern. Her hairdo especially. The Germans a bit too chunky for the 1940s.
  12. I'm not sure what about the Me-410 that appeals to me. It isn't the sleekest looking twin that will be in the sim when it's introduced. It surely wasn't terribly successful in R/L either. I'm not sure I'm all that eager to fly it but I look forward to seeing it in game. The Spitfire isn't my favorite mark either but it will be a blast to try and flip over a few V-1s wingtips with it.
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