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  1. I liked the washed out colors. Definitely looked like old 16mm film instead of something filmed in technicolor. Good job.
  2. I'll probably get criticized for this comment but frankly, I don't care. I'm sure most have seen the post in General Discussion asking for a copy of BoBP so the poster wouldn't feel left out and couldn't save up for it. In ordinary times, I find requests like that annoying. Considering people around the world are dying in the thousands from a virus all of us are susceptible to, I find this request absolutely appalling. If someone wants to give away a copy of the game, as many have including myself, all the better. But to ask so boldly just pisses me off. I'm glad someone saw fit to grant the request. In this instance, I wouldn't be that generous. Instead, I'll donate money to a charity.
  3. I was just having an issue with Firefox losing all my bookmarks. There was a red bar at the top of Firefox saying there was a conflict with another program. I uninstalled a couple of programs I installed yesterday but that did nothing. After several web searches I uninstalled Firefox (I thought) in Control Panel with the intention of reinstalling it. I clicked on the Start tab to open up Microsoft Edge and noticed the Firefox icon was still there. Clicking on it opened up Firefox complete with my bookmarks. Long story short, sometimes I hate computers, the internet and tech in general. Hope you get your problem sorted out Jade_Monkey.
  4. Pretty damning report. https://www.ctpost.com/local/article/FAA-says-no-passengers-on-Collings-Foundations-15157635.php
  5. This was posted elsewhere here a few days ago but is still a worthy cause. My machine has been running a number of hours link in. I’d recommend it to anyone to help out.
  6. This tribute from Turner Classic Movies has some great clips from Keaton's films. An amazing comic.
  7. I can watch the movie and sort of enjoy it but I think it’s grossly over-rated by flight simmers. Too much trying to be crammed into a two hour film. Cartoonish German characters at least on par with Red Tails and terrible special effects that are not even close to the standard of some late 1960s film like Tora, Tora,Tora keep it from being anything but an excuse to watch some Spirfires and Hurricane(s) flying. Certainly not a classic film like 12 O’clock High. With the cast it had, it coulda, shoulda, woulda been with a better storyline.
  8. I like the idea that the new damage model will make it more difficult to get a kill. Combining the damage model with AI development is bringing this sim much closer to reality.
  9. I've been a fan of the Star Trek universe since the '60s. I was still a kid during its first network run. I watched the original series often enough I could sometimes pick out episodes just from the star date. ST-TNG is my favorite series of them all. Most people dismiss the Enterprise series, but having watched it from beginning to end 4 times now, it deserved a better fate. Some weak episodes here and there but so did all the other versions of Star Trek have theirs. It was well acted with some cool story lines. I'm not in lock down mode here yet but if I do end up in isolation, I'll spend plenty of time watching old films on Turner Classics. Plenty of Westerns, comedies and musicals. Don't know why. Zero dancing and musical talents but I find movie musicals fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse were amazing together.
  10. I’ve mentioned that previously too. I guess my thoughts went more to plane specific AI. A P-47 AI Pilot would fly and fight differently than one in a Spitfire as an example. I’ve no idea how daunting a task it would be or if it’s even possible but it certainly would mimic reality more closely. I do think the AI we have now is much improved. I’m looking forward to further developments.
  11. No, no, no! It was flaming rags tied on sticks. Pitchforks were used for emphasis by pumping them vigorously up and down while chatting “hurumph, hurumph, hurumph” I’d like to add my voice for a flyable C-47 too.
  12. Nearly 85 years after its first flight, the DC-3 is still an elegant looking airplane. The model as pictured, looks great.
  13. Not everything that comes out of Hollywood is shlock. Unfortunately, they definitely will produce films geared to a target audience, whoever they might decide that is. Just once more, I want to see a "Twelve O'clock High" type film done with an excellent script, genuine acting talent and modern CGI.
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