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  1. I’d like to see the old speed bar as an option. It was simple and unobtrusive when enabled. The current system works well but gives me more info than I sometimes need.
  2. Yeah, but can it corner??? Amazing driver.
  3. Rjel

    BoN Map

    How many times has that phrase been uttered sheepishly? I am eager to hug the waves in a Mosquito, racing towards an important target on the continent.
  4. That is an incredibly generous offer.
  5. I'm reading a book entitled DELAYED LEGACY. The book was written by the namesake son of a WWII P-51 pilot named Conrad Netting III. He flew with the 4thFG from April to June 1944 when he was lost a few days after D-Day. The book is well written and its story unique, the first half of it telling a lot of the story in the form of letters to and from a young couple separated by war. The second half of the book deals with the lost pilot's disposition after his death. Quite moving. As a disclaimer, it isn't as much about combat flying as it is about the effect WWII had on this young pilot and his even younger wife. Ultimately, it was a somewhat sadder story than I'd expected it to be. Those who continue to think the U.S. fighter pilot had little more to do than strap in, fly the missions and then go back home would do well to read this story. I'd recommend this book to any reader who likes the human aspect to any story. Those who revel in the details of combat flying will likely be disappointed.
  6. Great film. Like nearly all of Bogart's films were. I'm eager for the Hurricane too. With Normandy coming, I hope some enterprising soul will do a mini BoB campaign. While the plane set we will have then isn't a perfect representation of the A/C present at that time, it would be close enough in my mind. I know CloD does the BoB, but BoX is my sim of choice and I haven't any interest in the other.
  7. An excellent example of the action in Gambit's Hell Hawks campaign. It's worth every cent. The missions are well made with a lot activity beyond one's own flight. Very true to life I think. The second screenshot is my "personal" P-47 that I fly in the campaign, dedicated to my granddaughters, Annabelle and Isla.
  8. Sure can. It'll be a couple of minutes to post it. PM with link sent.
  9. I don't know how you created the massive explosions I'm seeing in this campaign Gambit, but they are incredible. Watching replays, I'm seeing secondary explosions from the target area, sometimes followed by a third. Most impressive.
  10. I've finally had a chance to start this campaign. I haven't read many comments in this thread so as to not spoil the experience of the missions and I'm not going to divulge much information in my comments here. But, after the first three missions all I can say is, well done. It's been very immersive thus far. A lot of ground movement on the airfield prior to takeoff and again when landing giving them a very lifelike feel. Mission three was a blast and lined up with many pilot accounts I've read through the years. After a successful completion of the mission's objective, I caught up with my flight, all of whom had survived. The flight was in formation as we started our let down through heavy overcast as we approached home base. I slid out a little from the number three A/C and went on instruments as everything went first white, then black as I was engulfed by cloud. Very cool. Coming out underneath my flight was right where is was supposed to be and we all successfully landed one by one. Circling the field as those ahead of me landed, was most enjoyable. All in all, a good hour and better spent flying what felt like a real life mission. This might be the most enjoyable mission I've flown in all my years of flying BoX. Good job Gambit. The money spent on this campaign so far feels like it was a bargain. I highly recommend it.
  11. Imagine that initial burst of speed after the cookie went off. Tremendous acceleration. In multiple directions. The Mosquito model looks impressive. Very eager for her arrival.
  12. My point was, they were still in use in 1945. I'd bet it wouldn't take a ton of research to find that they were used somewhere in the English Channel. Especially after D-Day. That's for someone else to worry about. I only offered up a suggestion for their use.
  13. I think the PBY would be an interesting addition to game play, both single and MP. Rescuing downed pilots could make an interesting scenario, both in the ETO and other watery theaters. Of course they'd need to float instead of sinking like rocks. Maj. Leonard "Kit" Carson mentions in his book about flying CAP over a downed PBY in the North Sea in late March 1945 so it would be historical.
  14. I'd be up for any scenario that would feature the A-26 Invader. I like the rest of the plane set too but instead of the He-111I'd like to see the Ju-88 Mistel in combination with either a Bf-109 or the Fw-190. The was a lot of fun to play with in IL-2 '46. I like that late model B-25 too. It would then be an easy transition to a flyable 8 gun nosed anti shipping bomber when we go the Pacific.
  15. Some might laugh at the suggestion but I think it would make a nice change of pace after years of flying.
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