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  1. Rjel

    Any Chance At All Of A P-51 B/C?

    The USAAF still had some Allison powered P-51s doing photo recon after D-Day.
  2. Sure I knew that. Most were common phrases, movie or book titles, something familiar to most guys from that time. Did some looking and found Turnip Termite was the same. It originated as a comic strip character from the Lil' Abner comic strip. Love Google.
  3. Rjel

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    1989. I played this game hundreds of hours.
  4. Was Turnip Termite are common phrase back in the 30s and 40s? There was also a P-51B in the 4thFG named Turnip Termite. Seems an odd coincidence.
  5. Rjel

    P-47 Collector version thoughts

    Damn! Beat me to it.
  6. They do move though. It's most noticeable when watching a track at an accelerated speed.
  7. Rjel

    Skin Begging

    This is another great site. My only complaint with it is if you go to a full screen to examine a picture the website will revert to the beginning of the current page. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/
  8. Rjel

    Skin Begging

    I was just curious. Gene Tierney was a beautiful woman to be sure. I'm not familiar with WWII era German cinema stars. The woman bzc3lk posted was lovely too.
  9. Rjel

    Skin Begging

    Just out of idle curiosity, why was a picture of American actress Gene Tierney used as opposed to a German actress for your "pinup girl"?
  10. Rjel

    P-47 D Skins

    I'm not an expert but in my experience, the editable Alpha helps with the underlying gloss we see on the skin. That way different nosearts, paint schemes ect, can show up with a more flat finish as opposed to the almost transparent look as you've experienced. Still use the actual layered PSD as your paintable skin. Hopefully some other more experienced skinner will jump in with their thoughts.
  11. Rjel

    P-47 D Skins

    I should add too that once you edit that layered Alpha, it will need to be reduced to a single layer. Once that is done it needs to be copied to the Channels tab in CS2 overwriting the original one there. It sounds more complicated than it really is but once you get past that it's actually very simple. Skinning in this series is more complicated than what was in the original IL-2 but the end results are so much more detailed and lifelike.
  12. Rjel

    P-47 D Skins

    You'll need to darken the alpha channel to reduce the metallic effect you're seeing. Use the editable layered Alpha psd that came with the download.
  13. Rjel

    A very unique P-51D

    I'd like to see how well the canopy sealed when closed. There must have been some terrific wind leaks from the rear third part. It still amazes me 70 plus years after the war to stumble across a photo like this.
  14. Rjel

    A very unique P-51D

    I have never seen a picture of this P-51D before nor have I read anything about it while reading about the 4thFG. Has anyone any info if this was ever used operationally? June 1945 - Colonel Everett W. Stewart's personal mount, a specially modified P-51D Mustang, with its fuselage fuel tanks removed, a second seat for a radar operator, and a wing-mounted radar antenna.
  15. Rjel

    P-47 D Skins

    The 4thFG used many different style "fonts" so to speak during its service. I'd bet these were an inhouse stencil. There are several websites that I scour to find Windows fonts and I can usually find something that's pretty close. Sometimes if you can get a good profile shot like below, it can be copied then used as a base to create the code from scratch.