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  1. I've listened to this a couple of times over the last 3-4 years. There is also an NBC Radio version available on the Internet Archives. I prefer the CBS broadcast as many of the correspondents became mainstays on the CBS Evening News in the 1960s, so their names are familiar to me. You can really feel yourself slipping back in time listening to this. I was struck how similar the format was compared to today's news when covering a breaking story. They had very little to go on besieds skimpy foreign broadcasts and little else until later in the day of June 6th. I can only imagine the excitement people on the home fronts of that time must have been experiencing.
  2. There was a long drawn out thread comparing and contrasting the .50 cal and 20mm Here a couple of weeks ago. I agree with you that the .50s and the P-51 are both better than I ever dreamed they'd be and seen very much inline with history.
  3. Not an aviation painting but man, I love old sailing ships. The is a very dramatic painting. Excellent work.
  4. I just noticed when re-watching this that there are a couple of instances where the bullets ricocheted after hitting the 262. I don't remember seeing that before outside of hitting an IL-2. Even then, I'm not sure if that was in BoX or the old IL-2. Is that an old effect in this sim I've missed?
  5. Rjel

    Mustang Swing.

    Good job! I like how you used your guncam film after showing the original sequence as a replay.
  6. Rjel


    Honestly for SP I've been hoping from the beginning that it would go the other way and the mission would continue until the player decided to end the mission.
  7. I can't imagine them transitioning to the F-22 or worse, the F-35. That doesn't leave many options as far as anything in the near future but the F-16. Still an amazing aircraft for them to perform in.
  8. Could be. He wasn't going any faster than I was in the P-51. He still maneuvered after the canopy came off also. Regardless, the canopy came off, whether it was from getting hit or not I can't say. I still think it was a pretty cool effect that reminded me of several RL guncam film clips I've seen.
  9. Maybe, but he stayed with the plane til the end.
  10. No sir. As seen below, the pilot was still in the cockpit at the time of the explosion.* I can't attach another picture because of the site's limit. I'll load the track from the German point of view in a bit.
  11. The P-51D all the way. I'm a homer I guess. It's a far better performer than most wanted to believe before the patch. I've tried the Tempest. It's 20mm hit harder I guess, but I'm a far better shot with the six .50s in the Mustang. They've been more devastating than prior arguments would imply. I'm more than pleased with the plane so far.
  12. At 31 seconds, you'll see the 262's canopy fly off. The pilot never tried to bale. Maybe not the best shooting I've ever done as I'm still coming to grips with the K-14 gunsight. But at the end, this was very, very satisfying. Some can claim the .50s were not an effective weapon in WWII, but I wouldn't trade them as they are now. * I loved John Candy's humor. What a talent, gone far too early.
  13. Looking great Raptor. Most certainly is. Col. Claiborne Kinnard took command of the 4thFG in November of 1944.
  14. Possibly. But I have it from reliable sources that the next update will predate the BoF. It will feature both the RAF and the CAF. That's the Colonial Air Force from the American Revolutionary War. BOTA. Battle of the Americas. Some epic battles little known until this last 4th of July.
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