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  1. Moin, stelle in den Grafikeinstellungen mal die Auflösung auf 640x480 oder so. Die Auflösung bezieht sich nur auf dein Monitor, nicht auf die VR Brille. Solange du also nicht dein Gameplay recordest, ist dir die Monitorauflösung doch eigentlich egal. Als zweiten Punkt würde ich auf jeden Fall das Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) installieren. Dort kannst du die Leistung auf "Höchstleistung" stellen, das Supersampling verändern etc.. Hier gilt langsam hocharbeiten. Auf 1.3 oder 1.4 ist bereits ziemlich gut. Manche drehen natürlich voll auf, bei meiner GTX970 leider nicht möglich. Als nächsten Punkt - falls Steam Version - auf jeden Fall Open Composite installieren. Das deaktiviert SteamVR und holt auch noch mal ein paar FPS mehr raus. Zusätzlich, falls du SteamVR nicht beenden willst, am Besten in den Einstellungen von SteamVR das SteamVR Home deaktivieren. Ohne HUD zu fliegen (deaktivierbar mit H) bringt bei mir 20+ FPS mehr ein, warum auch immer das Spiel so schlecht optimiert wurde. Dynamic Resolution in den Grafiksettings auch runter stellen, wobei das wahrscheinlich nicht nötig ist. Anti Aliasing vllt auf 2 statt 4. Auch brauchst du keine maximale Range fürs Rendern beim Landscape. Einfach mal rumspielen und von low langsam hocharbeiten, gucken mit was man sich zufrieden gibt. Ist sehr individuell. Habe auch die RIFT S und bei mir speichert er die VR Einstellung in IL-2, keine Ahnung woran das liegen mag.
  2. Hey man, I have launched the game today, could play a bit. Then I changed some graphic settings and the game had to restart. After that I could not login anymore. I think this error is not caused by us it is on their end because I got the same error message on login.
  3. Hello, is there a way to get relative control to the throttle? Currently I am using the T1600M Setup (Joystick and Throttle) but I have to grease the throttle which I don't want to do at the moment. When I play War Thunder it is possible to use relative control to any axis which is pretty cool. Wonder if there is a way of doing it in IL2 or if they are any workarounds? Relative control basically means that as soon as you push your axis the ingame throttle for example will go forward. As soon as you leave the axis the throttle will stop and be at the position you left it. For example you push the axis until the throttle goes to 10% thrust and then you leave the axis and the throttle stays at 10%. Currently with a normal stick for example the throttle will always follow the axis. Means if you push forward and put your axis back to idle the ingame throttle will do the same. I hope thats clear. Realy appreciate this sim but the menus (laggy and realy low functionallity) could be far better than they are at the moment... or for the last several years. Thanks
  4. The set of aircrafts is basically an inherited method of the concept "collection aircrafts". Here we have a dependency. The third party model could fail. Also it is still not confirmed that the community will see sets of aircrafts.
  5. Aircraft Packs Description Different versions of an aircraft series (ME BF-109 E-1, E-4 .... E-n) in a digital set. Comparision Disadvantage Every implementation is linked to extra work. On the other hand most of the features in a series of an aircraft are not visible for the naked eye. For example: different engine powers or additional armament added later by the respective nation. That means it is mostly based on configuration and a small amount of work. Sets of aircrafts could be too expensive for the average user. Advantage Some improvements are invisible for the naked eye and some are related to the armament. This decreases the amount of work to a minimum but still gives the community a higher variety of aircrafts. Targeting people who either like to support the IL-2 X project or just love different versions of military vehicles pays off and is viable. Having a larger range of aircrafts is a good offer to buy IL-2 X. Opinion I always have loved to get, use and see different versions of military vehicles. The small detail which is different might be not importent for everyone but for me. I also like the collection idea.
  6. Hello Community, I do not speak about removing the existing methods for zoom. I am suggestion to add a toggle button for it. Greetings, Scheintot
  7. Hello players and developers. Suggestion: Adding a toggle button for zoom. Benifit: Just one button gets mapped instead of zoom in, zoom out (still they can be available) and it makes it less complicated in mapping progress. Greetings, Scheintot
  8. I do not think it has been done correctly in BOX. I do think (in terms of what I read and heard about it) that the BF-109 gets harder to fly on high speed but it definitely got exaggerated like it is right now. Pilots of the 'Luftwaffe' - for example Erich Hartmann - flew 2000m (2km or around 6500ft) higher than their enemies to dive on them. They used their speed to get as close as possible, then to climb away from their enemies after trying to shoot them. Especially Erich Hartmann used this tactic also to maximize the damage of his guns. He has learned this tactic (or lets call it a procedure) from Krupinski who also was a known ace of world war II. Tactics like this are still possible, I do not reject this argument but like I've already mentioned, the attribute at high speed in the FM of the BF-109 got exaggerated in BOX and I realy doubt that german pilots would have used this procedure if it got so fixed at high speed. Again, which does not mean that the plane is a UFO. I am talking about exaggerated FM characteristics. Also the USAAF reported that the germans were almost every time above them - not below or at same altitude. PS: Erich Hartmann was realy strict on this procedure. He never broke this rule after he has learned what he did wrong at the start of his career in the 'Luftwaffe'. He was always disciplined in terms of staying 2km above the enemy before he has engaged his enemies in a fast-speed dive.
  9. I read this a couple of days ago: http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/124/Bouncing-Clouds--Flying-the-Messerschmitt-Bf-109.aspx Enjoy.
  10. Hey Community and Developers! I would highly recommend a dedicated menu to customize the HUD to user preferences like it has been done in Arma 3. If someone wants an example in form of screenshots I can deliver it. Just let me know. I also would make the default HUD as useful, most readable and simple (to read) as possible to satisfy lazy people who don't want to customize anything at all. In this way you can satisfy all people and it makes a good impression about the product itself. To even make it more flexible I would implement an export function of the current hud setting so other people can share their huds.
  11. Ok Sokol, I can deal with it. I am actually fine now with my controls. It is playable pretty good but it could be easier for setup... But good to know that this forum is not getting ignored from devs... @ JG5_ChiefWH I am not playing with mouse....
  12. Not true. I have already mentioned that I have pressed F9 and checked every mode. It is the same with every mode. I have given up to use IL2 without JoytoKey so far. At least all what I want is working now... And yes, IL2 is not War Thunder but in my opinion it should be added in IL2 aswell... Don't want to start an IL2 vs War Thunder, I know myself that a lot of other things in War Thunder doesn't run good.
  13. Thank you for your testing. Ive already done something else. I will use joytokey and assign the analog to mouse... so the game thinks it is my mouse. It is a bit easier.
  14. Not possible with everything in IL2... sadly. With external program it is probably possible but a lot to configure.... and sry but I want to avoid to use a activation for view axis... thats better for throttle in my opinion. Like use this analogstick for view and when I hold R1 (like in your example) use this stick not for view but for throttle. At the moment I use joytokey to assign that function actually.
  15. Type of improvement: controls Explanation of proposals: I've experienced the problem, that it is not possible to add relative control/ no relative control to analogstick view. That means the view will always fall into the middle (to your crosshair, to the front) when you leave the stick again. So if you want to look to the right, you need to hold the analogstick to the right. It should be possible that the view is not falling back into the front when you leave the analogstick again, so you have a normal mouse view with your analogstick without getting sick. Benefiets:Makes it possible to give the player the freedom to choose what he wants to. If I want to look with analog it should be possible. I mean it is possible in war thunder too, and war thunder is a free game....
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