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  1. JimTM & Gambit sure are a great help for us novices. To get the route to show in mission map I believe you place 'Translator Icons' by your waypoints (name them WP 1, WP 2 etc & in Translator Icon properties, select the ID to 'waypoint')) & you then 'target link' each one to the next, starting and finishing at the home airfield (thus creating a loop). That's how I do it at least. Re. the FC planes to attack each other, it's best to still use the coalitions that actually work (like 'Great Britain', 'Germany' etc)/ I'm not sure if Great Britain WWI, Entente etc are actually recognised and working coalitions yet within the mission editor. I might be wrong but I've so far only managed success in FC mission editor by using 'Germany', 'Great Britain' etc.
  2. I only fly allied but im guessing it’ll still be the same so ... place an ‘ndb’ from the vehicles list, create linked entity and set it to Germany and in properties set the beacon channel (if my memory serves me correctly) to ‘1’ I believe that’s how it’s done.
  3. Have tried G6, E7, G14 & K4 on various airfields on the Rhineland, Kuban and Stalingrad maps. All results are the same. Engines start but don’t move from ramp. resorted to 190 D9’s which will actually move off-ramp but then spin around in circles, all over the airfield,
  4. Thank you to JimTM for taking the time and effort in looking at my example. Well I tried different models of 109 on different maps and for the life of me I cannot get them to taxi once they start engines. Even a pre made and working group of bf110s (from cold start to landing again) changed to 109s has the same result. So after 3 entire evenings of trying to write this simple 4-flight 109 mission I gave up on the 109s and went for 190’s instead. They start engines and move off the ramp but what they do next is embarrassingly ludicrous. They spend their time spinning around, roaming around the ground as if looking for the taxi nodes. With time being against me now, for this mission I’ve had to revert back to the using of Bf 110 G-2’s that have always seemed to work fine. Flying exclusively allied, I’ve never come across these problems but the German fighters within the ME seem completely un useable at the moment.
  5. Could one of you very kind, patient & knowledgeable souls please tell me just where the hell I'm going wrong all of a sudden. Thinking I'd gotten the hang of this M.E. & having written some basic but working S.P. missions, I was asked to write a simple 'Airfield Strike' mission whereby the player is #3 in the flight of 4 109's. (This I usually do as it gives the player a bigger sense of involvement, keeping with formation etc & following a lead & so far has been problem free with previous attempts written). I can't think for a second that this would have anything to do with things but I don't fly axis & have never written an Axis mission but I'm sure that as long as the entities & countries are set correctly along with 'Axis' as true in any of the triggers etc, there shouldn't be a problem right? Well I had to get the mission written for this weekend & I've spent 2 solid evenings with this and have yet to see a 109 even move an inch from its ramp. I've written the mission as I always have done ... created a flight, linked them to the lead, set the flight plan etc & have even tried lots of variations in the taxi node points etc as I know this can be quite a bug bear at times but whatever I do the 109's will not move once engines are running. I've scrapped the mission, started from scratch & still no luck and so I've included a simple 2-ship example with a simple flight plan for someone to hopefully peruse at and to hopefully tell me just what the hell I'm missing out all of a sudden. (A glaring oversight hopefully). Any help would be so appreciated (I used to have very long hair but most of it's on the floor after these previous evenings lol). Further more if anyone could send back the files with the 109's actually moving to runway & taking off I'd be elated. The example is from the new Rhineland map & I don't believe I've taken away the un needed cities etc like I normally do so apologies in advance if it takes a while loading up. Thanks. Baz. **EDIT** This is getting very curious indeed. Is it a problem with this a/c model? The reason I ask is I copied & pasted in a known working ai circuit from one of my previous missions (2x Po-2's) & checked that they worked in this map (which they did), so changed the Po-2's to Bf 109 G-14's, set the country to Germany, renamed the flight back to 'Stork' etc & back to usual .... not moving an inch. Has got me very beat indeed. AI_taxi_and_takeoff_TEST.rar
  6. Thank you all for your help. Looking at the examples in the campaign mentioned, was a daunting viewing indeed but managed to pick out some understanding and got the element working so when an allied flight encroaches into the trigger radius, the mp3 plays. i notice though that it will repeat for each flight member and so I guess I have to use a force deactivate trigger or something. Thanks again for all the help 👍
  7. Hi. I'm trying to add some short & simple custom-made mp3 files to given points along the flights chosen path in a mission (i.e. custom radio shouts just before a waypoint etc). I've been referring as always to the ever helpful holy grail that is 'IL-2 Sturmovik Mission Editor and Multiplayer Server Manual' but in this instance I find it quite uncharacteristically vague. Being quite basic (but getting better) in the understanding of mission making & files etc I really need to know the extreme basics such as, 'How do I get the ME to read the custom mp3? such as where do I put the mp3? Do I create a 'sound' folder in the missions folder etc? At present, using the Media Operator MCU I've changed the media type to 'Play Sound' & clicking 'Browse' I find the mp3 showing up in the specific folder but clicking on the mp3 does nothing (there is nothing showing in the box below, therefore nothing to 'set'). I've also included the test mission as I'm wondering whether or not I'm actually even doing it right in getting the mp3 to play once the flight reaches 'AngelWP1' (ID 9706). I'll try and include the mp3 file also. If someone could take a quick peep & guide me in the right direction I'd be really very grateful indeed. Practice Mission - Tempest Mk.V.rar
  8. Thought I'd post here as a quick scan of the forum, I can't find a topic on this and so apologise if there is. As the title suggests, I'm noticing some very weird digitised 'droning' sounds from the Tempest whenever you view it either fly overhead or view it in flyby. The engine noise is slowly replaced by this very strange 'droning' noise when the aircraft is overhead and flying away from your view/hearing spot. Mods on or off, makes no difference (and since 3.201, not been running any mods).
  9. Me too, since the 3.201b hotfix; the Tempest has a very weird and sadly extremely noticable digitised-like 'droning' especially on flyby, for example when a third-person tempest flies overhead, the engine sound is replaced with this strange noise as it flies 'away' from you, leaving just this strange noise.
  10. Fantastic work ... I was there at DX Legends when she was lost. Great flying to avoid loss of life but a very sad day. This skin will mean alot to many 👌
  11. Oh wow is that your fantastic skin?! It's a work of art, Man I'm honoured. I had no idea as I downloaded a mega-pack of skins and rather inhumanely there were no credits to creators. If I'd have known I'd have stuck up up a very thankful credit at the end.
  12. Gunsight problem here too. Disabled 3Dmigoto and all gunsights came back, re-enabled it and all disappeared again. No problems with VR zoom though.
  13. This Boston sortie was flown on the evening before the hugely anticipated 3.201 update for IL-2 Great Battles Series. The 'Kuban' update brought forth such a wonderful map and equally fantastic air planes to fly within it. One such plane is the A-20B Boston, an American built medium bomber. This short video featuring the Kuban map is a personal tribute to such a great IL-2 add on . May Battle of Bodenplatte & Flying Circus bring as much to the table as the aforementioned.
  14. Another WWI IL-2 film made with Flying Circus Vol.1 aircraft over the Kuban map, following the antics of Goshawk Squadron in their Biff 3's
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