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  1. Thank you both. You've given me a slightly better understanding into the intricacies of media triggers. Very grateful indeed.
  2. To say it's not a challenging mission would be a huge understatement on my part. It's only really designed to showcase 4.502 but hope you enjoy it all the same whilst your weather turns ugly
  3. Apologies JimTM. I reuploaded it. This link 'should' be working https://www.dropbox.com/s/09eu91wdrz9jsvc/Hurricanes_%26_Skytrains.rar?dl=0 It seems to work now. I added a two-way target link between the CZ & Deactivate as well.
  4. Such sad news. An incredibly talented producer of amazing aircraft skins and clearly so passionate in his craft. Condolences to his family, friends and may he enjoy forever blue skies.
  5. Hi photog95661. Apologies about that. I've tried re-uploading to create another link. Try the link above now. It 'should' be ok. Kind regards HH
  6. I've re-uploaded the mission file and as Sketch had pointed out, I needed to 'deactivate' the CZ as well and this seems to work. Thank you both so much for your invaluable help. Mission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tdud73fr45n3bo/Hurricanes_and_Skytrains.rar?dl=0
  7. Wonderful Sketch. Much for me to be checking and some great tuition you've provided. Many thanks. I'll try it tomorrow and will report back.
  8. This is brilliant. Thankyou. My CZ is set up with all plane & vehicle coalitions set to 'F' because I've object-linked the CZ to the player but yes of course the CZ is still actively searching isn't it. I maybe thought that it was ok if it was searching beyond the initial play because I'd 'deactivated' the media and so there was nothing it could play but not so the case. I'll study your informative reply tomorrow. Thank you so much again!
  9. Ah apologies. I forgot to say that, that's the folder I use here at home and I forgot to change the directory when I uploaded it publicly but yes thanks, I'll try by using underscores and nor spaces and see if that helps.
  10. Unfortunately on testing the mission this evening, the takeoff audio on the runway) is indeed playing once again when the player returns back over the same spot for landing. I set up the trigger deactivation o/linked to the animator and m/linked the animation operator to the deactivation trigger. Maybe I'm not understanding the logic of a trigger deactivation properly. My hopes were that, once activated, it deactivates the animation operator and therefore the sound file would not be played again even when the player flies through the check zone area at a later point in the mission. Is there a way that I can disable media files after they are initially played, and keep them disabled even if the player flies through the original check zone?
  11. All of a sudden I can't get the jpeg image files to show at mission start. I've included a dropbox link to the mission (it's set on the Rheinland map and includes the 4.502 Hurricane & BoN's C-47 so I'm guessing all these would be needed. It's quite busy and there's a few MCU's going on and I'm wondering whether something's interfering with the images as I've included a pictorial mission start a few times now and with no hassles but here and now, whatever I try, nothing shows. I've tried reloading the files and resetting them in the Media MCU, I've decreased the size of file, changed the dimensions to those of a known working size from previous missions but nothing. To help find the bunch of files .... They will be the 'western' most files of the home airfield of 'Deurne' near Antwerp and I've included a screenshot of the 'problematic' bunch. Thanks in advance if anyone does have the time. Download Link ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/tnqdfes5598kipb/Hurricanes_%26_Skytrains.rar?dl=0
  12. Hurricanes and Skytrains 4.502 saw the release of the Hawker Hurricane Mk.II and the ai version of the C-47A Skytrain. With kind cargo dropping logic assistance and examples from Sketch and some problem solving by JimTM I made a simple mission on the Rheinland map. You fly as Angel Leader, part of a 2-ship Hurri flight. Tennis Flight are detailed for low altitude training drops today, in hasty preperation for an upcoming surge of resupply missions deep across enemy lines. Although generally quiet, enemy fighters have been becoming more of a menace of late around the Antwerp/Deurne area so fighter cover is a must, even if the flight plan is short & local. Wait for the 5 Skytrains of Tennis flight to take to the runway before taxiing up behind them and taking off only when the flight are clear and airborne. Provide cover at altitude and keep your eyes peeled. This mission will only be playable if you own the Hurricane, Battle of Normandy (C-47A) Battle of Bodenplatte. **Mission file has been re-uploaded with working media triggers** Download Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/09eu91wdrz9jsvc/Hurricanes_%26_Skytrains.rar?dl=0
  13. Hopefully a simple question here. How do I disable an audio file (through Command Sound/Translator Animation Operator) once it's been played out to the player and NOT have it active again throughout the mission? Basically I've set my audio file up as per picture, using a simple Trigger Check Zone with all plane and vehicle coalitions set to 'F' and having the C/Z object-linked to the Player so as not to repeat any time another allied aircraft or vehicle triggers the C/Z area. This works well but once played, I don't want it being replayed if the Player enters that C/Z again. (The example I've used is on the runway on Take Off and as it stands, it plays again obviously when the player lands). The same question is applied to Translator Subtitles. I have a C/Z that spawns 2 enemy aircraft with an audio file being played at the same time an Translator Subtitle is telling the player of 'BRA' (bearing, range, altitude etc). Again the audio and subtitle files are set up as per picture attached. With the fight taking place, the subtitle shows again if the player leaves and re enters the zone even though the enemy planes have been vanquished. I thought it that was the role of the 'Trigger Deactivate' MCU' but I can't get any joy as I've set a timer from the C/Z which is the length of the audio file being played and then linked to a Deactivate MCU but this is obviously not the right method as the file will replay (and subtitle show) if the player re enters the C/Z at a later time. Hopefully it's a more simple answer than my attempt at explaining my question 🤣
  14. Sketch this is a wealth of information and together with your video, you've clearly gone out of your way to help out here and I'm so very grateful indeed. Thank you very much sir. I can't wait to dissect this and try it out later and to figure out where I'm going wrong with it. Again ... many many thanks for your time and effort 😃
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