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  1. Depends where it hits. The new angles modifiers make it extremely placement dependant. I've had runs in Berloga and single player in the K-4 where it took 1 shot to rip of a Spitfire's wing (90 degree deflection) sometimes 3 more hits. Either way, how the splash works, I've found 1-2 hits cripple the aircraft. Best tactic is to do a pass, and leave. That way I've been running tallies with 6-7-8 kills/life in Berloga
  2. The Devs have said that they model only factory fresh aircraft, reality is this only applies to the airframe.
  3. RoflSeal

    Spitfire Mk.IX vs Bf109-k4

    That kill is clearly caused by the ammunition in the wing blowing up (which happens ingame albeit rarely)
  4. RoflSeal

    How do you dogfight the P47?

    My tests don't get the same result. At 3000m at 64 "Hg, i got a 10kph speed loss when I closed intercoolers from 50% (where it was in the green) to 20% where temperatures jumped to the middle of the yellow
  5. This is true for every aircraft in game. Even P-40 will overheat in summer conditions in a climb if you have the radiator near closed (10%). Other fighters have to contend with limits that are not monitor able except by a mental clock, at least with overheating you check can check your gauges. Other aircraft tend to not be as close to the temperature limits because most of the time they are flying at 70% power or less, not 100% all the time.
  6. RoflSeal

    How do you dogfight the P47?

    You want carb air as cold as possible without opening the inter coolers, i.e 50%. Yellow region is allowed limit for WEP but it is better if it is in the green. You don't loose much power in game by separating the turbo and throttle, at most 1-2mph. You are better off interlinking for better response of the engine.
  7. Also the article above gives info on the 7 1/2 hr power test
  8. 1)Higher Octane fuel is more resistant to knock so higher CAT temperatures are allowed, therefore more supercharged air can be taken in. 2) The aircraft manifold settings were reset. After all, why would you run 64" with water when you could run 70" and gain even more power. Water injection is after all a limited resource I am pretty certain the boost regulators were adjusted to accomodate for the higher available non-WI MAP when running 150 octane. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/150grade/supplymemo-11july44.pdf
  9. Well performance tests of the P-47 (and P-38) give no mention of recording EGT, just Carb temperatures (which determine detonation)
  10. Regarding P-47C powersettings, Expectation of 20 min of usage of combat power in a sortie Meanwhile the P-47C manual gives a 5 minute limit
  11. Don't know why you expect that when running at +25lbs, the cooling system was adequate for Tropical summer conditions
  12. RoflSeal

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    We don't know how long the devs have been working on it. Might of been in the works for quite a while before this release.
  13. RoflSeal

    P-47 Thunderbolt M1 official engine mod ?

    You do realise this was a test, and they also spell out the solution to these detonation problems which is installing a different water jet. Point is and again you seem to be selectively blind on purpose, then engine was having trouble due to detonation, a malign effect on any engine, not arbitrary timers being exceeded
  14. RoflSeal

    P-47 Thunderbolt M1 official engine mod ?

    F-51H and F-51Ds did not run the same engine, Hs had provisions for water injection. The H is in effect a completely different aircraft. Your highlighted phrases just reinforce the fact that as long as the engine is withing operating temperature windows, WEP is not gonna destroy it in seconds. At the moment the engine destroys itself ingame when these figures are well within
  15. RoflSeal

    IL-2: Battle of Kuban in-depth review

    Game is tied to the account, not the computer