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  1. It's possible it is a 40mm Bofors. Germans captured hundreds of them during the war (Poland, BEF, Norway) and when the Germans captured the Kongsberg factory in Norway, the factory kept producing guns and repairing 40mm guns and ammunition for the Germans.
  2. The tactical characteristics chart shows very little difference between the bubble and razorback P-51s, though what is to note is the P-51D had new bomb racks that reduced speed by only 4mph instead of 12mph. The P-47s on the other hand show a much bigger difference in performance between bubble and razorback.
  3. 340mph on the deck at +18lbs boost makes it very fast. With 150 Octane, that goes to ~360mph. I guess one modification could be less powerful Merlin 23 that some early Mk VIs were fitted with. "Tsetse" version is also viable since it is basically the same airframe and engine, just with a 57mm 6 pdr fitted.
  4. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a 21 cm NbW 42, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your airplane apart, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"
  5. Wing thickness was the same, the reason B had angled 50 cals was a left over from the A-36 Apache for the dive brakes..
  6. nah, P-51D's wing root extension is far more obvious
  7. The D razorbacks were upgraded to use 64" by May 1944, though having it as an option together with the earlier 2300hp Water-injection rating is not a bad idea.
  8. I agree, the map does have to include Falaise, considering that the Falaise pocket is the definitive end of the Normandy campaign but does it have to include Paris? Do maps have to be square, Paris can be a "here be dragons" sort of thing. I see what the Devs are doing with including so far northeast up the coast, this isn't so much a Normandy 1944 map, but also a Channel Battles 1939-1944 type of map.
  9. Whilst the German fighter situation is starting to get dire in terms of what aircraft we have left, it is not so bad that we have no choice but to have an aircraft already ingame with nothing different but a new tail + canopy. (Bf-109G-6). The G-6(14)AS variants are significant and I would prefer it to be in the game then a late production G-6 that offers no real value added when we have the G-6 and G-14 already.
  10. Doubt because 1)Bs never had wingracks. 2) A better quality image shows the serial number as 42-26261 which is a D-22 and that the cowl flaps are those used on the D instead of the B/C
  11. Price increase is inline with inflation from BoS in 2013.
  12. Me410s go the same speed at low level as the 109Gs at combat power. This would be actually kinda decent in the eastern front, but its a sitting ducks vs P-51B/C/Ds
  13. I would prefer having the commander/gunner controls over the drivers be like this W - increases target speed. Double tap W to make the driver go as fast as possible S - decreases the target speed. Double tap S for the driver to go in reverse as fast as possible. A & D - turn left & right. On the gui, a clock hand would display, the longer you hold it, the more the tank will turn. e.g. Hold D till the "clock reaches 3", the driver will then make a 90 degree right hand turn. Shift A & D - "special turn". This engages the second turning mode, e.g. on the T-34 would would turn by engaging the brake instead just disengage the clutch to one track. On the Tiger the tank would engage the second set of differentials. In this scenario the driver would make a tighter turn. Space - stop. This can then be expanded to instructing the gunner while in commander view, e.g. Hold Left or right arrow key to tell the gunner to rotate the turret a set amount of degrees left/right
  14. It really isn't the top one because the majority of that vision is peripheral vision which is non detailed and based on sudden changes e.g. Movement. When you are looking through a periscope/binoculars, your brain doesn't have access to that because your face is in the headrest. colour vision is ~60 degrees FOV, symbol recognition is ~40 degrees.
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