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  1. Now that I've had the buttkicker for a couple days, I feel comfortable reporting on it. First off, it's great for immersion, and I can't imagine going back. Combined with VR it is a perfect pairing. It's not quite the eye opening experience that VR offers the first time you boot it up, but it's up there and worth it imo- especially with motoadve's code. Just be aware that the ring that connects to your chair is kinda small in diameter, so if you have anything other than a skinny pole it won't fit. Been using simshaker software with the other sim and voicemeeter banana to get custom vibrations as well as default in-game ones, and it's great. May get another eventually. I don't know if there is any software for custom responses with Il-2, but it would still be worth it imo.
  2. Thanks for that discount code- will be ordering shortly. Read the link and you saw were you said you preferred it on the stick itself. I use a PVC setup and worry about it doing long term damage to the mount. Do you think if I attached it to an office chair that shared a wooden platform with the joystick that some of the vibrations would reach the stick? It's right in front of the chair and the base is actually attached to the floorboard the chair is on.
  3. This is a very fair parallel and you're right. However, a lot of it is negated with proper VR controls. Have you had the chance to play something like X-plane in VR? Sims are going through an evolution, and it may only be a couple more years before real gloves with haptic feedback are dominant. In that case, those legitimate drawbacks you mention will be completely wiped away, and the sim market and Il2 will need to evolve or be left behind. Even now, without haptic feedback, I find something like X-Plane in VR with touch controls and click pits more intuitive and natural than memorizing buttons on a stick. But yes, on a 2d monitor with a mouse you're 100% right. That era is dying, however. Also, like everyone says, it is pointless bringing it all up considering the devs won't implement it for the foreseeable future, but I just can't help myself. I'm a sucker for clickies and it's a real problem I have😀
  4. Ok, so I just tried DCS with touch controls, and wow. It adds so much to the experience, and it simplifies having to put everything on a hotas or joystick. I just used a stick and pedals, and mapped only a few buttons like trim, and did away with the Hotas completely. It is so much more intuitive and immersive. I will be trying xplane soon. Thank you for all of the suggestions everyone. Il2 has to consider this in the future. It is hard to go back. What is this?
  5. Gloves will definitely be where it's at. I wasn't aware xplane and DCS already had this tech integrated. And yeah tripwire the dude was for sure a bit cringey😂
  6. Are you saying x-plane has clickable cockpits that you can operate with VR hand controls? That's incredible if they're already there, thanks for the info. I'll check it out. I agree that a virtual stick would be difficult. Ideally, you should have a real joystick to play on like we do now, and then once you take your hands off the stick the game should somehow sense it, or you should be able to press a button on the stick, and put you in to "free-hand" mode to do do CEM. If that makes sense.
  7. So the topic that's been brought up a million times, the one that's beating a dead horse, it's back. Fully clickable cockpits will be coming to flight sims eventually, and just like playing in VR, we won't go back once we reach the point. Vox Machinae is doing it right, and it's being praised. Flight sims are way more complex, but it's still coming when we get gloves. Preferably, I would like to use the actual joystick for tactile response, but have a button or a sensor to tell when you release the stick to operate other sections of the cockpit. The majority of players (steam reviews etc) are praising the immersion it brings. The haters can come if they want, but it's going to be awesome when we finally get this in legit flight sims.
  8. Great review. Put her on Steam.
  9. No argument here. But it's coming, and franchises last a long time these days. BoX itself has been around for a bit now. It's not out of the question to believe they won't still be the leading franchise when this stuff becomes mainstream, especially if they stay on top of things.
  10. I don't know how people don't see that VR with some kind of touch recognition is going to be the future. Ten years from now flight simmers like us will laugh at "sims" that don't have interactive cockpits. Sure, you'll keep your joystick and maybe your throttle, but that's about it. You'll let off the stick, the game will detect it, and your hands are going to be in the virtual cockpit.
  11. Turns out I still couldn't get it to work, either with Sketch's grouping, or me going in and adding a timer to set a "stop media" translator right before a an mp3 finishes playing. I'll just have to work around this peculiarity and accept you can't pause a mission with audio.
  12. That's what I'm going to have to do. I'm nearly finished, but at an hour long mission, I have to be able to time compress to test functions. Plus, you have to be able to pause. Can't believe you found that out, Jim. I'll add a second of dead air to them and just time them perfectly. Thanks for the template again sketch. Yours is so nice and structured, mine is the equivalent of doctor's writing😉
  13. Thanks guys. So this is really interesting. So basically you are sacrificing the pause and time compression functions if you use audio in a mission, unless you perfectly time it to stop right before the mp3 ends? Am I understanding this correctly? Weird...
  14. I love them, would love to have them in BoX, and think the potential for application in VR with gloves is tremendous, but there aren't many people who would agree with me on this board. Naturally they're all just crazy🙃
  15. Ah, I should have been more clear. Each media translator is for a five second or so radio transmission, each unique and in mp3 format. They're triggered by way-points or certain events (and a subtitle along with it). It all works and plays fine at the correct times. No problem there. However, as soon as the first radio transmission plays, you lose your ability to pause or compress time in game for the remainder of the flight. I've tested it, and you are able to do these things just fine so long as there is no audio. As soon as the media translators are introduced, you lose the ability. Because I isolated the source of the problem, I assumed it was because they needed to be canceled or deactivated once played, because the game wouldn't let you pause if it was still "running"
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