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  1. Yeah that's about the only thing I could think of... that I'm somehow exiting the window. But full-screen is checked in the options and I am not using the mouse when it happens. It must be something on my end if it doesn't happen to anyone else. EDIT: Just happened again in multiplayer. It almost always occurs in a hard maneuver like a loop, while looking over my shoulder. I'll just stay in the loop and no commands work at all until I force the exit via Oculus. If anyone has any experience with this, I'd appreciate the help. Has happened the last 3 times I've played online.
  2. Sometimes when I get into a dogfight all of my controls and commands will suddenly become unresponsive. Joystick, throttle, escape key... it all stops working until I exit the game via oculus. I can still look around in VR in the cockpit until it inevitably crashes into the ground. It usually happens when I am looking hard over my shoulder in multiplayer, and it reminds me of when you exit a program window by accident, but I play in fullscreen mode on the mirrored desktop. Does this happen to anyone else?
  3. Whatever. Soviet planes all same kill luftwaffe planes good
  4. I prefer the VR loading screens. Very... minionesque. I've never been able to quite unsee the little guy strapped and screaming to the front end of a yak in abject terror.
  5. Considering I play VR and am lazy, once every five minutes.
  6. It's purdy incredible. Welcome to the club. Just take moment to look around at the rivets in the cockpit. Landing and accurate shots are gonna be a lot easier now too. The depth perception helps tremendously.
  7. The energy fighting has been really impressive. Where enemies of the past simply turned turned turned, making planes who were not meant to fight in the horizontal like the 109 useless, they are now quite effective flying to their strong suit, using those vertical energy tactics. I would say the AI, as far as combat maneuvers goes, is reaching an acceptable point now.
  8. As Tapi says, the AI itself is a lot better. The dreaded "turn" doesnt happen nearly as much now, and they fight more in the vertical. Nice. What isn't nice is having to shoot down multiple planes a mission just to survive. It shouldn't be the case that you either a)have shot down 10 planes by your fifth mission or b)are dead Very rarely do you get a CAS mission where you arent bounced by 2x as many planes as your own sortie, all of them following you back to base. It's ahistorical and needs to be fixed imo. I have been flying p47s as of late in career mode. It's absolutely brutal playing like this, especially when the enemy seems to always spawn at or above your alt. It feels like some kind of arcade challenge mode imo. Not a huge issue though, the devs are awesome and I know they'll fix it.
  9. Did some more testing and it is dependent on the mission. Some missions the gunner will fire, and others, including quick battle, will not. SAG, are you saying that you have to physically turn while aiming? On my end, I don't have to while aiming down the sight, but when I come out I will not rotate with the basket. Imagine if they improved it to where you could just press your face up to the sight and you were there...
  10. Been having the same issue as you. All the other commands work, but gunner doesn't respond to fire at will(this isn't about the T34 where the gunner and commander are the same). I saw this post, but not sure if it's still relevant:
  11. Hmmm... unfortunately, I can't get it to work with any tank, even ones that have a separate gunner/commander. I issue the "fire at will at ground units" or whatever it's called, and it's read, but they never fire. Dug through the forums and saw a mention where it doesn't work. I'd like to figure it out because then I can get this voice attack profile uploaded for the commands. I've only tried quick missions. Maybe that is the problem.
  12. I'm creating a voice attack profile right now, and it works quite nicely. Maybe half a second to issue a command. I will upload it when I get it refined.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Went ahead an ordered, is a lot of fun. Running as a tank commander works out quite nicely, and the commands aren't bad at all if you use voice attack. I'll upload a profile when I get it fine tuned for anyone who wants it. Only thing is I can't get the gunners to fire at anything. I'll tell them to fire at will at ground targets, but they don't do anything. The driver responds well to commands.
  14. I will definitely use one. It's an amazing program, and you'll learn to love it. I use it for so many commands in regular Il-2
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