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  1. Yes, it seems that low altitude has a major effect. While you are taxiing on the ground you rarely see arty, AA, or pilots next to you. I can take a video of this phenomena during taxi. It is easily repeatable and predictable. Would that help any?
  2. VR literally makes the sim. There is no going back. Would never play any other one that didn't have it.
  3. Not sure if this helps, but just in case. I have noticed in multiplayer you will at times be able to see the pilots sitting in the cockpit next to you at spawn, but as soon as you move your head outside of that angle they disappear. I'm not entirely sure how centering factors in, because I will often see the pilots when they are in the corner of my eye, but lose them if facing head on. Oddly (as it appears to contradict the pilot observation), I have noticed that the zoom function does not cull ground objects if you approach dead center, but the vision cone is extremely small, per bbz's vid.
  4. Could anyone describe how this first defensive maneuver is performed, particularly in regards to rudder movement? It looks like a rolling scissors?
  5. It's asking for the main game directory- i.e. C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad I tried to use the bin/game file initially, because that is where the exe is, but it wouldn't let me. If you pick the wrong folder it will tell you.
  6. It's in a very bad state currently, and unrelated to the camera fix. You can also do a clean install and nothing is fixed. It appears that using the zoom function makes the objects disappear as well. As far as pilots in planes, I never see them at all anymore. Rift S here.
  7. The sim is very forgiving on belly landings as well. You have to really mess it up to kill yourself.
  8. P38 lands at a much different angle than others. Not nearly as much of a nose up attitude.
  9. Had 6 500lbers on the P-38 and was at 13k with intent to dive bomb an industrial center. Instead, decided to pick up speed and get low, skipping the bombs in quick succession over the length of the center. Came in really low and fast- about to the limit a 38 can handle. Anyway, I dropped them all perfectly- or so I thought. Not one of the 6 detonated. I had a 5 second fuse set and was under the impression that any bomb with a 5 second fuse would detonate regardless of altitude dropped. Any ideas?
  10. You can try placing this under your [KEY = graphics] heading in the startup.cfg (data folder of il-2 directory): prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = -1 Also, be sure that any asw is off. Give it a try.
  11. Personally, I can tell a large difference with msaa. Contacts are actually easier to spot without it, but I can't identify anything unless it is on. I compromise with 2x. Shadows make a huge difference in spotting as well imo. Keep em off and get the fps boost. Adjusting the gamma changes the look of the sim as well.
  12. Unfortunately, it's a different problem. There was a time when the camera trick worked, but what we have now isn't the same thing. With this bug, you will never see any part of the train except the engine, and you will never see pilots in planes when you start a multiplayer mission. Ground units simply don't appear until you are right over top of them, and zooming in exacerbates the problem. Here are a few bits thrown together from vids I created or found:
  13. You all are the best. Constant contact with the community and regular updates. This sim has came so far. Love reading the dev diaries as well, thanks!
  14. I've had this situation come up several times in multiplayer, and do not know how to deal with it: You're flying a couple thousand feet up over an objective you're defending and an enemy comes screaming in just a few inches off the deck. Normally, you find the angle he is headed, anticipate the move, and roll and shallow dive to get on his six and you have a huge advantage. But what about the times when he becomes aware of you before you get the jump? He will turn, and it can often times end up in a situation where he is directly below you, turning in the defensive. Using that potential energy advantage now seems impossible, because he is so low and janking around that you will come in eating dirt unless you just shallow dive in and let him position himself behind you (you cant get a deflection shot either on a dive through because you will also eat dirt). The other alternative is slowly descending, trying to maneuver in behind his six, but losing that speed/energy advantage.
  15. Here's another video in addition to bbz's to further clarify the issue. Here you can see only the locomotive, and armor does not show up until right right on top. I wonder if the devs are aware of this? EDIT: Posted updated video to display multiple sources and instances.
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