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  1. Awesome, glad it's working for you. If you do it correctly, it definitely should. Still don't know why trains that are stationary in railyards won't show up though.
  2. What I like to do for this is add a modifier to the mouse movement- the left shift button. This way you can still move the camera in external view but it won't move with regular mouse movements. Then, I map the re-center camera and pilot head forward keymapping to the same button that the re-center VR view is tied to. When you go back to the cockpit, recenter and all is well. blitze, do you know what turning this off does? It is also worth noting that I have never been able to see locomotives or trains parked in towns unless I'm a couple hundred meters away. Have no idea why, maybe it's just something with my rig or settings, but the camera fix doesn't solve that lone issue for me.
  3. This information has been posted before, but never had a topic dedicated to it and it's difficult to become aware of this issue unless you're really searching for it. If you play in VR, it is a wise idea to map the recenter VR and reset camera button to the same command. It's also a good idea to remove ALL camera movements and pilot head bow and turn to buttons that you never use for other purposes (especially the mouse). What happens, for whatever reason, is that if the "camera" moves in the cockpit, you will be unaware of it but the game thinks the camera is pointed in another direction. This causes huge issues for ground spotting and will make things like trains, vehicles, etc, not draw on the screen until you're deadly close, because the game thinks you aren't looking at it. If you ever circle a ground unit and see it pop in and out depending on how you move your head- you're looking at a demonstration of the problem. Another good way to test this is to look at trains. If you have the issue, you will often see the locomotive and the smoke, but not trailing carts. It caused a lot of frustration for me, and probably a lot of other VR users, but doing the above fixes the problem completely. If you map the reset camera views to the reset VR view, it will ensure you can fix it if you ever run into problems.
  4. Fenris, I am trying to get the sight to show up in both eyes like you prefer, but can't seem to isolate how to do it. I went to the user_settings.ini and altered the value "y2 = 0.0" thinking that would set it to both. It still only shows up in the right eye. Could you point me in the right direction on how to set this up as the only option rather than cycling with alt+k?
  5. Try pasting in these settings- they are supposed to be for the rift as Fenris said (Not sure if CV1 and rift s have different settings): ; low zoom values convergenceglobal persist $zoomXoffsetLow = 0.0global persist $zoomYoffsetLow = 0.0global persist $maskHorizOffsetLow = 0.0; med zoom values convergenceglobal persist $zoomXoffsetMed = 0.25global persist $maskHorizOffsetMed = 1.0global persist $zoomYoffsetMed = 0.0; high zoom values convergenceglobal persist $zoomXoffsetHigh = 0.659000039global persist $maskHorizOffsetHigh = 1.0global persist $zoomYoffsetHigh = 0.0; IPD like modifierglobal persist $IPDXoffsetValue = 0.00400000019
  6. It's a great idea. If Il-2 could turn into Squad or Post Scriptum with the communication aspect it would increase playability tremendously. In addition, just the option to have mics at all would be a godsend to VR players.
  7. There are a couple lines in the startup.cfg file that I have never been able to decipher and enhance for VR: draw_distance = 0.27400 far_blocks = 1 or_ca = 0.00000 I am not sure what the draw_distance applies to. Vehicles? Buildings? As far as far_blocks and or_ca.... i have no idea. Anyone know?
  8. Going Pacific would fulfill a lot of wishes, but I seem to remember the devs stating it was further off than they initially thought. Transition to carriers and finding enough details to properly replicate Japanese planes was a major contributor.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I figured it would just be one of those things that would take some time to work out. You all should probably take a break or something for a while. This last update was great, and the new planes are a pleasure.
  10. Figured it out, my mistake. I thought we could also choose between the little rocket reticule indicator or the plane dot, but I don't think that's the case.
  11. Anyone had success mapping the gun-sight mode toggle for the P51? Mine gets stuck on whatever reticule you start with (fixed vs. gyro vs rocket)
  12. Agreed. It isn't so much the sounds themselves, but the frequency response for me. It's like the EQ is all mids and highs, which is fine, but there should be a bit of bass response so there is some life breathed into it. It's not quite tinny, but not quite full imo.
  13. My issue primarily resides with the bass of the guns and the engine. You can no longer "feel" them in the way you used to. This is what I mean by flat. The frequency is not there. For instance, I play with transducers, and it barely picks anything up anymore because there is no bass. When I shoot I like to feel it in the plane more than I hear it. When the engines run, I like to feel it in the seat. You don't feel as connected to the plane anymore.
  14. A lot of fun. Looks like it may be my favorite in the series. Was a bit afraid it would under-perform and this is not the case at all.
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