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  1. The wing flappers are still there, unfortunately😁. If you want, try getting in the cockpit and instead hitting rightctrl+kp1 to disable all, and then rightctrl+kp2 to keep asw off but lock at 45/40 fps. It still feels a lot smoother imo.
  2. Many people have commented that having asw on actually worsens their performance over having it off. This was true for me as well, and I have seen comments all over about it, saying it is best to just turn it off. Apparently, for some, the feature is bugged. But if you wait until you are actually in the cockpit and about to fly, disable asw entirely first by pressing right ctrl+numbpad 1, and then wait a sec and press right ctrl+numbpad 3 to force it back on. This solves all issues and makes asw flawless. You can test it by flying low and fast over trees- look to your side while passing them a
  3. If you're in VR or track IR, move that head around to help as much as possible. In the situations that you took a pic of, where you are up high and have altitude advantage, I try to reference a point on the ground where the plane was at right when it crossed into a blind spot and remember it as it crosses over to the other side, or I roll over on top of them. As far as spotting in and of itself, personally, I have the most success by placing my eyes in an area for a few seconds and holding them still without focusing on any particular point, rather than actively scanning. I find i
  4. The effect was nice, but I had to turn it off to assist with spotting. Mind you, this was before the visibility update, and it was impossible to spot anything in VR. I might try turning it on again, if it doesn't mess with fps too much.
  5. Completely resetting the input folder has fixed the problem for me! Wish we knew what controls were tied to this issue, so we could get get it sorted. It must cover more than just the pilot head movements, because I had all of those totally removed. In any case, this is good news to hear for those of us who removed those controls and still had the problem.
  6. Synced. Here's the drop box file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zxhs7l7w077kohq/Track.zip?dl=0 All pilot head movement keybindings are unmapped.
  7. Adam, thanks for the clarification. Are you saying that I should try mapping the pilot head controls to the mouse? Currently, my pilot head controls are removed entirely and I am still getting the bug, as are other players. Maybe that is what is wrong?
  8. No, this is not the same issue. I have had my head movement tied to mouse movement before and fixed "that problem" before this new one came up, and it has been discussed thoroughly in the vr forums. This issue is entirely different and affects many users. Here, in my vid, the culling parameters are FIXED TO THE NOSE OF THE PLANE and not tied to EITHER the mouse for head movement or the the hmd itself- it is like the culling parameters never "hook" to either the HMD or the mouse for headlook, and instead just start and stay stuck on the nose of the plane. The culling zone is about 60 degrees ou
  9. This used to happen to me often, particularly while looking back to check my six in hard turns and dogfights. I followed jokerbr's advice and it has not happened since. Maybe it's just been luck so far, but it has been quite a while. I did it to all my peripherals.
  10. Rapidus, this has been posted in the VR forum, but I'll repost here in case the devs have yet to see it: For many players in VR, objects are culled according to the direction of the plane's nose rather than being tied to the facing of your VR headset. So pilots, bombs on planes, and even ground targets are invisible unless facing them head on in VR. I believe the bug affects a lot of players. This is most easily demonstrated with planes on the ground while taking a taxi- shown in video (watch in HD).
  11. A bit off the hot topic and random, but is it frowned upon to bail out on CB? I have always bailed out if possible (only after I have taken serious damage and if I can't rtb), but I have noticed that it's rare that pilots bail out on me. I figure if this isn't kosher I should probably stop doing it😁
  12. It appears that the issue may not always be tied to either case A or B. For instance, I at one time did have the mouse look direction tied to the culling, but removed all camera controls and fixed it. This appears to be a separate matter. Objects are culled (regardless of mouse/VR head look direction) according to a very specific viewing angle in relation to the direction of your plane's nose (not pilot's head). If you use the zoom feature, the required angle is even more restrictive. This is most easily demonstrated with planes on the ground while taking a taxi- shown in video (watch
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