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    History, Ancient Rome and WW2. German military music. Boxer dogs. Retired dentist. Very poor pilot but enjoy trying.
  1. I posted this topic earlier but it has not appeared. My cockpit view in Bf 109 is excellent and a total forward aspect..moves in and out with + and -, sharp clear instruments etc. In my Il 2 looking straight forward gives me my left wing. I must tilt my head to the right to see forward. I have reset the control request several times. Any one else having this result? I would like to see straight forward as I am a terrible pilot and thoroughly enjoy flying around looking out of my cockpit. Many thanks, John
  2. I use F down and C up. I also use the slider for flaps. Both ways work. Slider is full down up. Letters allow partial flaps. X52'pro.
  3. Thanks for tip..I hit recovery button and all works fine..except my landing technique. I am waiting for the Pe 2! Also, the panel said windows was looking for problem solution so not sure what to do. Thanks!
  4. I restarted pc after update.., started pc, track ir5, then sim.... Error message unable to start il2 sturmovik will try to fix problem....no solution so far. Win 8 64. Anyone else?
  5. I had same as SPRCrash above. Did not use "Nemesis", excuse me, as reminds me of Ex Wife.
  6. Saitek x52 pro?? Would like guidance from experienced simmer for curve profiles..many thanks..
  7. The Bf 110 is my favorite AC in CoD..I admit I get irritated when tracers whizz around my cockpit when I am enjoying a lovely flight from point a to point b. I do look for the missions specific to the 110 and wish there were more. I hope the will do the RoF format and also include the FW 189 which was very active over Stalingrad as recon and close air support. The ancestor of our OV 10 as used in VN.
  8. Many Thanks...I take my iPad and iPhone to a 15 year old grand daughter of my lady friend. She grabs it, rolls her eyes, and then pecks away at the panel and hands it back. I say what did you do? She says, never mind you will not understand! She is right!
  9. Just great, Many Thanks Kappone. My lady partner has a 15 years old girl granddaughter and she is brilliant without realizing it. I show her my iPad or iPhone and asked if she would please fix this or that..she grabs it from my hands, rolls her eyes, and her fingers fly over the key commands and hands it back to me. I say..what did you do? She says... you don't need to know or understand..just bring it to me. That's when I Really feel old!!
  10. This key list opens on my ipad but not my PC. My experience of software downloads has been poor as they add unwanted software such as AVG tool bar and other stuff I need to find and delete. The very few times I need to unzip is not worth the cost or memory large packages for commercial use such as winzip and rar. Could you post the forms in clear so I can just print out? Many Thanks..
  11. I find Bf 109 and click on it..ACCEPT says must select mission..but no missions are listed to choose. Anyone else?
  12. Have not found update button after restarting sim.. must wait impatiently!! Funny how elusive maturity can be after 76 years here!!
  13. Stern jäger .. I may have missed important point.. When preparing to land I pull back on prop lever to slow ac? I have been doing so as seems correct but I have never actually flown real AC. I adjust during cruising as well. I really like cod bf 110.
  14. HerrMurf..many thanks for advice, found the lake took my time, two successful landings..confession first one I killed the engine short of the snow and in both the ground loop kept me on concrete!! But no aircraft parts left behind! Thanks to requiem for instrument panel picture with labels..used for flaps gauge and landing gear light. Able to sense ground cushion effect too. This is a start and I read every ones threads, print out useful info, and watch the vids. I am at that age when I must stop and think if I had breakfast. Reminds me of the old joke..The "Showgirl" says to the archbishop.."Not to worry, ducky, it's EASY when ya knows "ow !". Cheers!
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