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  1. The game is crashing while loading the log-in screen (can log in after second try) , and also crashing after pressing the start button in all game modes. SOLVED: Aparently EVGA Precision XOC software was causing the crashes, uninstalling it and updating to the new Precision X1 solved the problem. Il-2.exe.16340.zip
  2. Hi, I recently brought my old Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro joystick back to life and noticed the same stutter and sometimes complete halt of the game when I activated the force feedback in the options menu. Particularly with the Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro, the ffb effects are transfered as MIDI commands via a serial COM port. While trying to solve other issues with the joystick I found a rather strange work around to the stuttering issue that might work for those with other ffb joysticks. Just by opening a serial terminal software to monitor the joystic
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