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  1. Sounds like a ton of fun. I will give it a go. Sign me up for red, please!
  2. Apparently, there is an invisible object on the bridge in cologne (I did not check myself, just quoting from the tank crew forum)
  3. Just tried Requiems Hs129 training mission: I managed to disable all kv-1 tanks in the column, but I did not manage to get a kill. I got some kills on the T-34s though... You are not the only one struggling.
  4. Check out Requiems video on using the Hs129 for strafing attacks. It has been very helpful for me. The description also includes a link to a training mission he created:
  5. Does anyone have a plain version without any text in it?
  6. Examples please! One or two Links. (and please „HIT by 50+ rounds“ and not just shot at...) I would also like to point out, that a number of pilots use the P-51 and P-47 quite efficiently to down German planes. There is a problem with the DM, the developers acknowledged that, but it is not nearly as bad as some around here claim.
  7. Just started a topic in suggestions...
  8. Type of improvement: Control Explanation of proposals: TrackIR (or any other headteracker) should no longer control the head movement of the tank commander as soon as the command menu is opened or the binoculars are equipped. The reason is: When in the tank commanders position, TrackIR is very useful to have a good overview over the area around the tank. This feels highly immersive. It is also very vonvenient if the hatches are closed and the tank commander looks around through the viewports in the commander's cupola of German tanks. However, as soon as the command menu is opened, the little t
  9. The answer is no: you do not use the joystick to move the round targeting icon. That is still controlled by the mouse or the movement of your head, if a headtracker is enabled. The latter is quite inconvenient by the way. I always switch the headtracker off when driving a tank.
  10. Regarding the mouse, I have to agree: it used to be better a few patches ago; However, I have switched to using the joystick for Turret/Gun movement and I am quite satisfied with that system. Did you try using a joystick?
  11. Hi DF Lion, I very much enjoyed your missions. Thank you for your efforts. However, i think there is an error in the two most recently uploaded files. Both zip files contain the .mission file "DF_SpitfireIXE_vs_ME109G_K.Mission". Ironically, in both files the player flies the German side; plese check the files again. regards Hermod
  12. Update 4.502: 18. AI gunners use bracketing the target with fire when engaging the ground targets both for the range and (if the target is moving or there is a wind) the azimuth error. The size of the initial aiming error depends on the AI level, distance, target speed and wind;19. Ground AI gunners now have a certain delay in detecting and starting aiming at a new target depending on the AI level, distance and density of the group of enemy targets;
  13. Hi LachenKrieg, thank you very much for your reply. It seems I misunderstood the original posts and I have been misled by the second video. I understood it in such a way, that there was a possibility to issue commands without using the F1-F8 keys (by clicking on a command instead). I have been aware of the other commands (like move to point, suppress point etc.) and have tried to use that system. However, I am struggling to switch attention between looking for and pointing at targets and switching attention to pressing the correct F-Key without looking at the keyboard for too long.
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