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  1. I am curios to know how the compny set the price for such a product called "simulator" (IL2 sturmovik) Another thing is why the pricing is .99 I will thank those who will enlighten me especially if he belongs to the developer team and price setters
  2. Why can not I log in to links as before through the welcome screen? I press and it does not respond? (Yellow arrows)
  3. I would be grateful to anyone who would recommend me pedal for simulators from personal experience. Up to $ 200 Thank you
  4. I will thank anyone who will explain to me what is going on here because I did not understand. Is ROF ( With all the pieces I bought 245 $ ) going to be canceled with the appearance of the Flying Circus game? Will ROF servers be quarantined? I saw that on my ROF account there are two Promo code for me
  5. First of all, I would like to thank 5./ZG1_BOO that is Suggestions and Recommendations here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28662-crash-crash-crash-without-any-solution-whats-happening-you-t/ brought me the idea of checking something that I did not check and turned out to be a solution to my problem My problem began about two months ago when suddenly I could not get into the game at all and was thrown into the desktop. Contrary to problems of this kind described by other users thrown out of the game after they started flying I have not been able to enter at all. It was clear to me that this was a problem related to the update I had just made. I did not know whether it was the update of the game or my graphics card (GTX 970) And then yesterday I decided to test again the nvidia geforce experience and to my delight it was indeed the source of the problem. As In the attached picture, the V mark in the ALLOW EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES should be canceled. I would be happy if someone could explain to me technically why this was causing the problem
  6. Very appreciate your assistance I will check now each of the options you mentioned and I will return to report to you and the other players
  7. Thank you very much for your efforts to help me I wrote when the problem began. And in the past ,before the problem began, the game's settings remained the same. Also, I have not made any changes to the computer of extra hardware and everything remained the same before the problem appeared And I repeat the problem began in one of the previous updates of the game itself or of the graphics card (GTX 970ׁ)
  8. thank you for your response But i saw people who wrote all these details and no solution was given to them ? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/21111-finding-cause-random-crash-issue-special-thread-1/page-1 My computer meets all the maximum requirements and more I have windows 7 And the whole problem started about two months ago after one of the updates but I do not know what was the update of the game or the update of the video card (nvidia) I have on the computer additional simulators (DCS) and there is no problem. I spend a lot of time trying to find the problem and I do not see the developers finding a solution Even after giving them the computer details and the problem If it were just me, then I would say I have a computer problem but there are a lot of people who complain about this problem until they create acronym CTD
  9. You instruct the game purchasers to write down the hardware details and the details of the problem and do not give any solution. I do not know where the problem is with you or the video card in your updates or updates of Nvidia.I have no idea what to remove People write the details of the problem and you do not bring any solution. Until about a month ago everything was normal suddenly I can not even get into the game and thrown to the desktop I spend so much time for this simulator - why?
  10. I teach junior high school students Virtual Aviation I Greatly appreciatet to read more aspects of the Aviation that can not show in pc simulator (I choose to teach with the il1946 because it's the cheapest stimulator and my principal rate me some money and I had to divide it between several components: joysticks etc ) Thank you
  11. Thank you I was not even aware that its will open also the paintschem ?
  12. Certainly as you've written I downloaded profiles published even in this forum to the TIR but as i wrote they stuck
  13. Why i can not to calibrate my TIR5 with the game ? especially I can not look back to the 6 the View stuck in 3-4 or 7-8 if i use exactly Profiles in another sim no problem at all i tried a couple of profiles and the problem continues I would be grateful for any help
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