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  1. Que decir , una visita redonda , supervisados por tofolo todo una institución de conocimiento sobre cualquier tema del aire , tumu y neca , ya como camaradas siempre al pie del cañon siguiendome hasta la muerte en el sim y en persona ahun mas grandes personas, eso si aqui un servidor compartio muchos detalles tacticos en directo asi que los diablos + HR , estamos mas sincronizados que nunca , chima hermano lo dicho proxima taw si estamos todos pueden ocurrir cosas interesantes , abrazos a toda la comunidad nos vemos en el aire...
  2. Probably this has been one of the most difficult tasks that I have flown to the level of the blue side and how well they have carried their machines, on the other hand to thank the comrades who gave it all in the air, and as not to the squadron = LG = once more that as always they make us feel that we are part of the story, thanks to all of us and see you in the next TAW, prepare ...
  3. An impressive work by the LG guys, one of the best editions best achieved and complicated to win, personally it was a pleasure to fly with my friends as always tumu, miji, tofolo and ECV56_necator among other good friends that made it easier and Fun this edition, once thanks for all your hard work in the editions and for making us enjoy this great simulator, a strong hug and greetings.
  4. I remember like it was yesterday this fight , and if it was very epic , I remember that day was very focused but I had to take the yak to the limit , and when I appeared the fourth 109 things got a little tense and the only alternative to calculate was take defense my position where I could bring emergency yak down after nearly 12 minutes of twists and confrontations , thanks for this beautiful dogfight for me is a reminder excellent and I hope you serve helps many ,,,,, one ECV56_Black_ice greeting
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