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  1. Got that, I´ll wait a day or 2, they might be doing maintenance?
  2. @352nd_Siqhter, lockonfiles seems to have problems tonight, I get a "504 gateway timeout" message when I use yuor links! I´ll try again tomorrow.
  3. There´s no "toggle gunsight" in BoX, that was in the IL" 1946 game!
  4. Are yoour wires connected the same way via the orange connectors? If so I guess there is the problem. Otherwise I´m out of options.
  5. Even in bombers you trim for level flight. It´s not about getting "the last degree of perfomance" it´s about keeping the plane balanced whith the speed and loading. Trimming is mainly for beeing able to do, like you said, checking the map or looking around, (maybe changing position to a bombsight or gunner station) or maybe take your hand off the stick to scratch your head or whatever, whithout loosing course or hight at once! Have you ever taken your hand off the stick whitout "leaving" the cockpit? Try and you´ll see why you need to trim.
  6. You might take it as if you are a testpilot! ☺️
  7. You have the speed, time, distance and headings on the map. make a note of them and try to keep your speed as noted. note the time on the clock and change course when reaching the set number of minutes. It´s called "dead reconing" and was the navigation used in the war. (You may need to check the wind direction and speed to make the required adjustments too)
  8. Go to \IL2BattleofStalingrad\data\LuaScripts\Snapwiev findp38j25.svc and delete it. The game will make a new file when you start the game and you´ll be back to normal.
  9. Too late, I had used too much force at my first attempt! As i was late to replace I found your info in the topic that you have remade the adjuster so I thought I´d ask. So I´ll wait for the new ones. Thanks.
  10. Is the new spring adjuster shipped with the new design? I could not use the ones you originally sent as the nut started to rotate inside the squared hole. (Patiently waiting for the updated ones!)
  11. If it´s under warranty you should get it fixed the retailer, either a repair or a new one! If you get it fixed (or replaced) you could put it up for sale somewhere and at least get a little refund from it!
  12. Is there dirt in the throttles usbplug? Is it damaged, has the cable been kinked or is there chafing somewhere on the cables inside the throttle housing? Also read the post by 69th_Panp here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62290-i-need-help-please/ 12th post in the topic. Hope this helps.
  13. My problem is SOLVED! Don´t know how, don´t know when or where but it´s solved! Last night I started the game an lo and behold, three different maps (Kuban, Stalingrad and Bodenplatte) in quick mission, thre different AC lots of ground targets BUT a steady 60 FPS! Now I´ll test with Ultra settings and ramping up filters to check if it´s consistent. I´ll reposrt back later.
  14. Found the games graphic pics but where are the nvidia ones? Following Storebrors recommendations I have the nVidia settings all as default (as I cannot find those screenshots.
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