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  1. Are you changing the setting when "in fight" or from the settings page at the start of the game? I think yuo need to do the changes before you go into flying. Test and come back with the result please.
  2. Did you land using flaps? If so did you set the flaps command to neutral before hitting esc? Or did you have some other command active? those things blocks the esc command! (If it isn´t the beforementioned issues with server overload and timing mismatch)
  3. @vonGraf, did you forget the Rasputitsa?
  4. Thanks CZ, strange I had not notised theese before! I checked the other (non steam) installation and they were there too so ...... guess I wasn´t really observant enough!
  5. Since 2020 08 17 and 2020 09 17 I have a bunch of xxxx.gtp files in my data folder. Where do they come from, where do they belong and what are they for? (Example, Campaigns.gtp, characters.gtp, graphics1 - 3, maps2 - 8.gtp, missions, planes, scg, script, skins2 - 13, sky, swf and vehicles1 - 4.gtp) This is after 4.5 update without mods enabled.
  6. Check your USB settings in divice manager if they are set to "windows can turn this off to save energy" (or something like that) You need to check every one of your USB ports and untick them if they are ticked. If it´s not that problem I´m out of solution.
  7. You will need to be more specific on what is happening. Missons disappear souds strange to say the least. Can you show the target file you´re using? Is it a script file xx.ttm or an xxx.fcf file?
  8. Have you bought any content from the IL2 Sturmovik store or have you only the steam content? If you haven´t bought from the IL2 store you have nothing to link to! The link you are creating is to contents of the game not your name in the forum!
  9. You need to find your Thrustmaster folder, if that is where you store your game profiles. I place my profiles in a folder in "Documents/Warthog BU". When you create a profile from the GUI it stores in "C/Program Files(x86)/Thrustmaster/TARGET/Scripts" folder if that is where your Trustmaster main folder is placed. I´m using the script editor and save my scripts in the aforementioned folder out of the Win UAC protected area!
  10. I think all reciprocing acengines need 1000 - 1100 rpm for some minutes (depending on outside temp) of time to warm up!
  11. Got that, I´ll wait a day or 2, they might be doing maintenance?
  12. @352nd_Siqhter, lockonfiles seems to have problems tonight, I get a "504 gateway timeout" message when I use yuor links! I´ll try again tomorrow.
  13. There´s no "toggle gunsight" in BoX, that was in the IL" 1946 game!
  14. Are yoour wires connected the same way via the orange connectors? If so I guess there is the problem. Otherwise I´m out of options.
  15. Even in bombers you trim for level flight. It´s not about getting "the last degree of perfomance" it´s about keeping the plane balanced whith the speed and loading. Trimming is mainly for beeing able to do, like you said, checking the map or looking around, (maybe changing position to a bombsight or gunner station) or maybe take your hand off the stick to scratch your head or whatever, whithout loosing course or hight at once! Have you ever taken your hand off the stick whitout "leaving" the cockpit? Try and you´ll see why you need to trim.
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