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  1. I´m having problems dling fw190d9_skin_04. Mediafire says it has to generate a new download key but it seems to end in a loop getting back to generating a new key again and again! Been so for 2 days now. All the others came down without a hitch! The URL header for the file reads "http://www.mediafire.com/download_repair.php?qkey=hlykocmyn8c2n6e&origin=server_error&template=unselected"
  2. @maverick1002, check the properties for your input folder is´nt set to "read only". ( Entschuldigung, Ich kann das nicht in deutsch schreiben)
  3. And many of us "oldies" who were around in "Oleg times" got used to "2 weeks" as a standard answer to when. And "2 weeks" was a very flexible timespace, to say the least! So when HappyHaddock says nes working in his own pace we should get accostumed to beeing patient and glad when updetes are showing up. @HappyHaddock do your thing your way and we´ll be grateful with what you give us when time comes!
  4. I recieve the following message when trying to DL! "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service. Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance. "
  5. Check if you havent assigned a key to more than one command, ie, increes speed and some other command. A few doubles doesn´t make the game put out the little red "flag" to warn of doubles.
  6. Yes, russian campaign, I think the NKVD had their eyes on me as I was taken off duty for a number of missions in november for no apparent reason! Then as now there was no furter explenation. In the mission I dont think I hit nothing but thin air (or deep snow)! Strange was it!
  7. After todays misssion in BoM feb 8 1942, mission was sucsess, after landing closing the briefing screen I got the message "You were shot for comitting war crime!"!? No more explenaton! What? Happened? I failed to down anything, wasted my ammo in thin air (I´m somewhat rusty after beeing away from the game for a few weeks but this!)
  8. What "adjustment on your end"? Please describe so others might be helped!
  9. Do you have a Firewwall or AV that´s interfearing? How about windows defender? If not I´m clueless. Hope someone else can provide help.
  10. @1/JSpan_Musct, where is your game plced? In C\program files? If so move it to another location on your hdd or to another disc. And don´t start the game from the launcher.exe but go into ...\IL2Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game and use that il2.exe. Make a shortcut to your destop and start from there. Only use the launcher for updates!
  11. First thing first, move your \Steam\aso folder out of the program files folder to anywhere on your HDD! The programs folder has nasty habits of hindering things to happen in there! It´s a M$ security thing to protect programs in there to get messed up and updating games is detected as messing up by Windows!
  12. My advice, learn the TARGET script. It´s very powerful and if you run into problems ask around, many participants here are very helpful. Search the net for help too.
  13. Where did ou place your game? In "C/program files"? If so get it out of there to any other location on your disc.
  14. FlyingH

    Green Moscow map

    Is your game in the "C/program files..." folder? Take it out of there as this folder does dirty things to your game!
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