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  1. @ZeevIt´s swedish, by the way! @Andersson20 Your updater looks for the update file in C\Program files... but your game is on your D\ drive, I don´t know how to redirect the updater but you may need to reinstall the game to your D drive to fix that problem. Did you install the game to C\Program files at first? And do not use the launcher to start the game, use the IL2.exe instead and see if it works.
  2. 2 things, 1 don´t start the game through the "launcher" us the IL2.exe from inside the game! 2 is your game installed into C\Program files\...? If so move the game out of that folder as W is protecting the intergrity of files in that folder aggressively! Move the gamefiles to anywhere else on your disc(s), that will prevent any problem with updates too, which happens at times if the updates has to W "suspisious" files.
  3. BUT when there´s an update you need to deactivate the mods before running the update!
  4. "When I use the default key mappings (RCtl + Minus/Equals; RShft + Minus/Equals; and RAlt+ Minus/Equals), nothing seems to happen." To be able to use the commands you refer to you need to check the realism setting so you don´t have "helpers" active. Check the settings in the rightmost column when in Quick mission "Realism" settings that the green squares are unticked.
  5. In your "realism" settings there is a tickmark in the row furthest to the right (green box) what does that stand for? Is it some engine helper? If so untick it and try again.
  6. Even worse, flying along happily getting my 98th kill, beeing promoted to commander of the unit. After the next mission only to be cort martialled, sentenced and executed for comitting "war crimes"!
  7. You don´t need to verify or DL files there is a fiolder "default" where you can find the original files you need, or just start the game and it will create a fresh file.
  8. Didn´t see any birds there, othetrwise it could have been a birdstrike! (The landing scene)
  9. If your game is in C\Program Files\ etc that may stop you from setting the autologin. If so move the game away from that file to anywhere else on your HDD(s) as it may also give you trouble when updating your game. (Specially protected location by windows)
  10. @352ndDuckman, what did you do to solve the problem? Could help others in the same predicament if you told!
  11. No mods enabled, seems strange that some files be missing after verifying via steam?!
  12. For a few days now my game, as said, refuses to start!. I click on the shortcut to IL2.exe and I get the black starting screen with the IL2 Sturmovik name an 1C logo + the Loading Please wait. THen the red bar at the bottom moves the ful length of the screen but I get no further. Usually I get a new similar screen wit a dotted ring cirkling for a few seconds and the game starts but now I get back to the desktop. I´ve tried to activate the error reporting file and use the "WievChrashDumps.cmd" but I cannot find any dump file so I guess it isn´t generated. I´ve done the file check via Steam and there was nothing faulty. What to do next? Lastly I´d llike to move the game to another disc, should I move the complete Steam folder, remove the Sturmovik folder out of there and reinstall from Steam? I have bought most of the game from the IL2 site (but once got a steam account and got stuck in using that) EDIT, found a log, "tex.log" with the following text from todays attempt to start. I tells me nothing but can someone deciffer?
  13. At the moment I cannot get beond the first IL2 Sturmovik screen! It goes back to desktop. I´m trying to figure out what´s up. No bump file so far search ongoing at the moment.
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