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  1. Please describe how for the benefit of others who might run into similar problems.
  2. Try to start the game from the IL2.exe located in (wherever it´s located) ......\common\IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game directory and see if that helps. You only need the launcher for updating your game. If it works make a shortcut to your desktop for conviniese. (Hope this helps)
  3. Even worse though is getting the message "Executet for war chrimes!" as I got with my pilot in my first Moscow career after having survived until beginning of mars 1942! Never got an explenation on the charges. Finally I figured out about screenshots! (took a while)My most sucsessfl pilot so far. Piotr Hedmanski, his sudden and unexpected demise after a very sucsessful career was astonishing. I think there were some false accusations coocked up by the NKVD!
  4. @J_M, I´m reading vol 4 and its a very comprehensive piece of info! I´ve come about halfways thruogh it and so far I´m impressed with how much work must have gone into the research. As Flanker said I too highly recommend it. (and future volumes)
  5. Usually when the ESC key doesn´t work there is some other key comm blocking it´s signal! Check when it happens doing as follows, pause the game open a test editor (notepad or something ) and see if you get a letter written. If so unlock the swich corresponding and you´ve found your issue! Otherwise I can´t help!
  6. Newly he released the 4th volume of Black Cross/Red Star about the airwar on the east front. He plans to write further volumes and now asks fro crowdfunding for vol 5 via inserted letter. If all of us who are interested in his work, support him, I think he´ll be able to fulfill the task. "Hello, I am turning to all of you who pre-ordered Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 4. There is something that worries me about this book series. I am now working full time on Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 5, and am making great progress. On 12 January, I am going to research the Bundesarchiv for a week for this book. If you are happy with Volume 4, I think you will find Volume 5 even better. There is so much really sensational material there. My plan is to have this volume published in the summer of this year, 2020. As mentioned previously, this book series is, in fact, living from hand to mouth, and each subsequent volume is totally dependant on the success of the previous volume, and its crowdfunding. My goal is to get just 125 crowdfunders to contribute at least USD $100 each for Volume 5 (plus postage). Then it can be published within a couple of months. And the crowdfunders will also have their names printed as an acknowledgment in the book. I also need as many ordinary pre-orders as possible for USD 60 (plus postage) for a signed hardcover copy. However, I am beginning to worry about Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 5. So far, I have no more than 33 pre-orders, including crowdfunders. What is even more worrying is that sales of Volume 4 have more or less stopped. No more than nine (9) copies were sold world-wide the past month. So Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 5 is in a desperate need of crowdfunders and more pre-orders. In order to calculate whether a publication and continued priority work on that book are realistic, I would like to ask every one of you who considers making a pre-order or an offer for crowdfunding to do so now. Please note: YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING NOW (BUT OF COURSE IT IS WELCOME IF YOU DO), BUT EVEN A PROMISE FOR A PREORDER OR A CROWDFUNDING WHERE YOU PAY LATER THIS YEAR WOULD HELP VERY MUCH. (If it will be economically impossible to publish the Black Cross/Red Star series, I will of course re-pay those of you who have paid to my PayPal account; I haven't touched that account, all the money will remain there until I either use them to publish the book, or I return the money to the payers.) Anyone who can find a new crowdfunder (someone who has not crowdfunded Vol. 4), willing to order a hardcover copy of Volume 5 at the crowdfunder price of at least USD$ 100, gets a 10 % discount off my price of USD$ 60 from me on that volume. Please ask any new crowdfunder (or anyone who wishes to order a signed hardcopy Volume 5 at my regular price of USD$ 60) to e-mail me at vaktelforlag@gmail.com. Please note: Only to vaktelforlag@gmail.com"
  7. Congratulations! Are you staying east of the Mississippi as someone mentioned? In that case, if you fly across the "pond" (Atlantic ocean) we may have to keep our heads down when you make those low passes you show us in some of your vids!
  8. Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year!
  9. There is another solution. Go to the mentioned filder and find the faulty text file, slash it out (//) or delete it, or move it out to a backupdolder.
  10. Thanks for this tool, it´s a great addon to keep track of my doings as I´m not able to "fly" every day with my different caracteres.
  11. Try this mod (you need mods on and a mod activator to use it) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/54448-menu-no-sounds-environment-3201/
  12. "Hey guys, we´d better take a look around!"
  13. Please, when you post your skins put the plane name (and Mk) there (like Me109Gxx). Sometimes I dl a lot of skins at the same time and I have problems plcing them in the right skinfolders, when i only have the "nicknames" to go by.
  14. Is your data folder or your game folder set to read only? But first and foremost get your game out of the C\programs files folder! UAC has a nasty habit of takung control over what you can or cannot do in that folder!
  15. Is your game in C\Program files folder? If so move it out of there and do a test. You can move (or copy and paste) the IL2GB folder to anywhere else and start from its own IL2.exe from the new location.
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