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  1. I think you should test upping different settings one step at a time and at least set FPS to 60 at first just to see what happens. you can always go back a step if you´re not pleased. It´s hard to give advice as different setting gives different results on different `puters. also there are a few posts how to set up the nvidia cards elsewhere on the forum. do a search for nvidia settings.
  2. Is your game in C\Program files folder? Move it away to a different place on your disc and try, using the il2.exe from the ...\bin\game folder to start the game.
  3. My advice is you go into the "IL2 Sturmovic..\bin\game" folder and create a shortcut for the il2.exe file to your desctop. Only use the launcher for updating!
  4. So, how about downloading and installing the requested feature?
  5. I suggest you move the whole folder \1CGame Studios\IL1Sturmovik out of the C\Program files(x86) folder to anywhere else on your dis(S) and then create a new shortcut, to prvent future problems with updating/upgrading your game!
  6. Is your game located in the "C\Program files" folder? Move it elsewhere on your disc and test.
  7. Friends and simmers, please move your game folder out of the "C\Program files" folder! It will spare you a lot of "it´s not working" or "not showing" problems as M$ has made that particular folder "safe"! Anywhere else on your HDD(s) will make adding stuff a lot easier! It´s a simple drag and drop action.
  8. Glad you got it sorted and I´m sorry (sort of) for the brisk comment I made. I guess my memory also will begin to slip as years go by!
  9. It´s as simple as drag and drop the game folder and renew your path to the icons.
  10. YOu´ve posted the problem twice now. Didn´t you read the answers in your first topic? I gave the same advice as Beebop here. You should try and report back what works and what not when wew are trying to help!
  11. The lower oiltempgauge is reading 200C, could it be that you get warned about?
  12. @Hursty, is your game in "C\program files" folder? Move it elsewhere, anywhere on your disk(s)!
  13. As Dakpilot says, and NEVER plce games in the "C:\program files" folder as it´s a sacred M$ scrine that has a nasty habit of denying the user of full access!
  14. Having your game in the " C:\Program Files (x86)\ " folder may (will) give you problems with updates in the future. That folder has a nasty habit of not allowing "new" content that isn´t M$ approved! Move your game folder to anywhere else on your disk. Doing that will make "life" (or updating) easier in the future!
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