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  1. Is there a dustbuildup so you have heatissues?
  2. Find the object and take it out. You could put it in a backupfolder for the time beeing. Have you got any old mods installed? could be someting not compatible with later updates of the game.
  3. And as RedKestrel said, when having problems with the game install it out of the Program files folder (which is the default folder when installing "straight from the box") as that has UAC protection that can make wierd thing if windows doesn´t like what´s going on!
  4. Instead of backing up the complete input folder make a BU of the files "current.actions, .map and .responses (and maybe devices,txt). Test them by copying them out from the folder, remming out the once in the folder, (by putting a - in the beginning of the file) putting the BUs back and see if they are what you expect. If so put them in a new folder for backup and remove the - from the file. Hope this helps
  5. And, is your game located in the dreaded "Program files" folder windows can be blocking installation of new content "to protect vital programs from beeing affected by intrudin cantent" as M$ describes that. In that case relocate your game to some other space on your disk(s). Or have you got a firewall preventing installation?
  6. HAve you accidently lowered your flaps a bit?
  7. There were also P51s at Kallax outside of Luleå marked "21" if you could make some of those too, please. There was 12 Mustangs on the wing with red letters and numbers. The squadron was called "Urban Röd" and was primary a PR unit with fighter capability, they retained their guns.
  8. But if your executed there´s no way back! Had a long career in the Battle of Moscow that ended that way "Executed for commiting war crimes!" Sad ending for a great pilot! There was no furter explenation so the "family" (me) has to live whith the uncertinty of his whereabouts,
  9. GO into the LuaScript and remove the offending file. If you get more notes like that find the offenders and remove them. For security put them in a new folder called backup or whatever. That should fix your hickups.
  10. And make sure the file(s) or folders aren´t set to "read only" in properties! [Is your game in C\Program (x86) folder? If so move it out to anywhere else on your disk(s)]
  11. The MFG are great, I´ve had them for a couple of years now and never regretted the choise!
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