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  1. Is your data folder or your game folder set to read only? But first and foremost get your game out of the C\programs files folder! UAC has a nasty habit of takung control over what you can or cannot do in that folder!
  2. Is your game in C\Program files folder? If so move it out of there and do a test. You can move (or copy and paste) the IL2GB folder to anywhere else and start from its own IL2.exe from the new location.
  3. May you bee pulling too much G?
  4. Did you get the M$ 1903 update? As for me my stick but not the throttle (Warthog) doesn´t respond when I start the script, I have to stop it and restart, sometimes twice or more to get it working! I even bought a new stick as I thougt it had broke down when we had a lightning strike nearby, but it still happens 8 time out of ten! Some times it stops ingame but I can pause the game and restart the script and go on. I realized it started after the 1903 update from M$ when I checked the date of update and the date of the strike. EDIT, the stick is´nt recogniced in the windows controls either when this happens or int the TARGET device analyzer but it´s back on line after restarting the script! Very strange!
  5. FlyingH

    New book

    Black Cross Red Star, Air war over the eastern front by Christer Bergström. Volume 4, Stalingrad to Cuban. I have been looking all over for the other 3 volumes but they´re hard to find or immensly expensive! Throughout the years they have been mentioned from time to time as THE reference books on the airwar on the eastern front. Christer Bergström has been mentioned as a serious resercher of the different arcives and has written very comprehensive books on the subject. If you´re interested you can contact him at <forlag@vaktelforlag.se>.
  6. Sorry Sokol1, the stick isn´t recogniced at all by the system or TARGET program! In the devicemanager it is detected but not by the windows config tool or the TM tools. I´ve dropped a note to Thrustmaster support a few moment ago and am waiting for their responce.
  7. As said, there was a n udate a few days ago and I´ve had to reinstall TrackIr, keyboard, mouse and the hog BUT the stick isn´t recogniced any more! Not in windows not in the target sw, nowhere! The throttle and the MFG peds are working though. Ficking M$ is making life a bitch! Bessides that, can someone please bring some knowledge on how to get it back! I´ve reinstalled the firmware and the latest drivers but nogo!
  8. I think you should test upping different settings one step at a time and at least set FPS to 60 at first just to see what happens. you can always go back a step if you´re not pleased. It´s hard to give advice as different setting gives different results on different `puters. also there are a few posts how to set up the nvidia cards elsewhere on the forum. do a search for nvidia settings.
  9. Is your game in C\Program files folder? Move it away to a different place on your disc and try, using the il2.exe from the ...\bin\game folder to start the game.
  10. My advice is you go into the "IL2 Sturmovic..\bin\game" folder and create a shortcut for the il2.exe file to your desctop. Only use the launcher for updating!
  11. So, how about downloading and installing the requested feature?
  12. I suggest you move the whole folder \1CGame Studios\IL1Sturmovik out of the C\Program files(x86) folder to anywhere else on your dis(S) and then create a new shortcut, to prvent future problems with updating/upgrading your game!
  13. Is your game located in the "C\Program files" folder? Move it elsewhere on your disc and test.
  14. Friends and simmers, please move your game folder out of the "C\Program files" folder! It will spare you a lot of "it´s not working" or "not showing" problems as M$ has made that particular folder "safe"! Anywhere else on your HDD(s) will make adding stuff a lot easier! It´s a simple drag and drop action.
  15. Glad you got it sorted and I´m sorry (sort of) for the brisk comment I made. I guess my memory also will begin to slip as years go by!
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