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  1. [DBS]airdoc

    7 kills in a flight

    Hey Arianne, Don't read too much into the comments of YT. I recall on my cinematics accusations of glorifying war (!). Some people are always going to have a different viewpoint. If you ever want to fly with us (DBS), we 'll gladly have you either as a member of the formation or as a fighter cover. Come and join FNBFs sometime. love your vids. cheers
  2. [DBS]airdoc

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    I It's on Thor's signature
  3. [DBS]airdoc

    RIP FA_Monguse

    RIP. Fly high captain. S!
  4. [DBS]airdoc

    how to add more cameras

    I don't know, haven't tried it.
  5. [DBS]airdoc

    Video making tutorial?

    This is not easy to do. The best way to get a decent scene like that is to use a player flown plane as a camera that closes in the formation and flies between them. The camera plane should have modified Alt+F2 views that are located at a distance from it, so that it is not visible in the scene. If you don't know how to change the Alt+F2 views, check this thread: You can also try the same thing with the F2 view, but the F2 camera remains horizontal when your plane rolls. I would recommend that you try many different passes, so that you get good angles. If you are going to record online, set the server setting to allow external views - easier to get a grasp of what you are recording. cheers EDIT: you can also try to use padlock on an aircraft of the formation from the camera plane, but, you may face two issues: 1. external padlock zoom does not take you very close 2. your own aircraft may be visible at certain angles you can give it a shot though
  6. [DBS]airdoc

    Spitfires over Kuban: IL-2 cinematic

    Check this thread:
  7. [DBS]airdoc

    Spitfires over Kuban: IL-2 cinematic

    thanks guys. @peregrine7: I use mainly a plane as a moving camera platform with a modified alt+f2 view in order to get the shots. cheers
  8. [DBS]airdoc

    Spitfires over Kuban: IL-2 cinematic

    Hi all, This is my new cinematic. Many thanks to DBS members for participating in the shooting of the scenes. This video would not have been possible without their help. Feel free to repost, share and comment at the YT channel. It helps a lot! Please watch in full HD. YT interferes with widescreen at some resolutions. thanks
  9. [DBS]airdoc

    how to add more cameras

    I haven't checked the G6 and La5FN to be honest, but I don't have an issue with other planes. Have you tried the 109 F4? If it does work there, it is probably an issue related to the specific modules. As for the convex commands, I don't know what they mean either. I just use the same in every modification and it works. There is an issue with some views though that may be related. If two objects are one the same line of sight (ie two airplanes) and one in front of another, the aircraft behind may appear infront.
  10. [DBS]airdoc

    how to add more cameras

    Hi If the cameras from 106 and on are not working, check the .txt file. Usually this happens when there is an error in the syntax, such as a misplaced [end] command or faulty numbering in the [attach] commands. cheers
  11. [DBS]airdoc

    Camera operator issues

    thanks for helping to sort this out Jim cheers
  12. [DBS]airdoc

    Camera operator issues

    I 'm talking about the camera that follows a moving aircraft (the chase view you mentioned above). This cannot be repositioned (it only follows the aircraft from behind) correct?
  13. [DBS]airdoc

    Camera operator issues

    I was referring to repositioning the external fixed camera relative to the object (aircraft). It doesn't work (ie I can't get it to track from above). Same as your findings for the rest. thanks for your help
  14. [DBS]airdoc

    Camera operator issues

    Thanks for the input Jim Using the manual's instruction does not lead to a change in relative position. I presume it only affects the static cameras. It appears to be impossible to move back to this camera once switched. cheers
  15. [DBS]airdoc

    Camera operator issues

    Thanks Haash, bump for the SP vs MP. There are other issues. JimTM posted the following: " External Fixed - View is behind and above the object specified in "First Object". First object can be the camera itself or any object on the map (even if the camera operator translator can't see it). - You can change the camera position to change the view. E.g., if you want the view at ground level, place the camera underground by some amount (try -80m). - The viewpoint moves in sync with the object specified. E.g., As the plane moves forward, the view moves forward. - Once you press F12 to view the next camera operator (assuming the external fixed is the only one) the view goes to the camera position, wherever that may be. " How do I change the relative position of this camera? How to change the coalition? If this camera is fixed on an aircraft and I switch cameras (say move to F3) is it possible to move back to it?