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  1. BV-183... the last time I flew one of those was 7-8 years ago using Silent Hunter III. This Murmansk proposal has seaplanes, so of course this gets an upvote from me. It also has Norway and Finland, so that's even more votes from me. Yes, I would definitely would go for such a campaign!
  2. Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front? YES!! Unternehmen Silberfuchs Kirkenes/Petsamo Offensive Leningrad–Novgorod Offensive Acrtic Convoys to Murmansk/Archangelsk The Lost Karelia (incl. Isthmus, Lagoda, and East Karelia) For me, the only reason to go to the Pacifc would be seaplanes, but you could have them on the Ostfront too.
  3. The Fi-156 is an amazing aircraft, and I would love to see it get good treatment in a combat flight game. However, I really don't think it is a good match for BoX. As has been pointed out, you can do ground spotting in a Ju -87, Hs-129 or pretty much any other aircraft. There is no dedicated recon mechanism in BoX, let alone medi-vac, artillery spotting or liaison. The Ju-52/3m has a limited role, with a plain SP campaign and "no points for transport"... so it would be all the much the worse for an Fi-156, which would require a host of new mechanisms. The devs have said they'd not consider a c
  4. CAC Boomerang... e.g. at 3:03, again at 3:17, etc., etc.
  5. What about Finland then? Fokker XXI, Brewster Buffalo, MS.406, Blenheim Mk.I and IV, Do.22 Kl etc. on the Finnish side and Hurricanes, IL-4, DB-3M, etc. on the Soviet side. Most of these could be used in other parts of the Eastern Front, or by servers and individuals interested in setting up scenarios for specific encounters on other fronts. A map from Kirkenes/Petsamo to Murmansk would be neat. And, there is a community team already researching a map of the Lost Karelia... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/37961-il-2-battle-of-finland/?do=findComment&comment=677
  6. Tolles Video. Ich möchte gerne Ihre Meinung über der HD.2 erfahren... mein Lieblingsflugzeug (außer dem erhabenen W.12) in RoF.
  7. I suspect the team is already aware of this reference. Yet I couldn't find a mention of it anywhere on these forums. So I figured I'd post the link in case others are interested in it. http://www.karjalankartat.fi/ -- historic online mapping service covering the Lost Karelia.
  8. I've been looking forward to Deadstick since it was first announced. This is definitely a dream simulator for me, and I am so pleased to see a decent bush-plane sim on the way. It covers most of what I want in a sim (just need a floatplane and water-handling-physics and it will be utterly perfect!) They are adding VR post EA. The video that @InProgress posted above explains their plans for VR. Direct link to the relevant section of the video here: https://youtu.be/K6N9UfndQ3Q?t=8m35s
  9. Very nice. And obviously, this can be supplemented with the existing Bf 109 G-2 and G-6 or Ju 88 A-4 aircraft for a scenario set during the Continuation War. Just out of interest, why the Blenheim Mk.IV and not the Mk.I? The only major omission from your list seems to be the MS.406, but I really can't see what should be removed to accommodate it. Everything that is already included looks rather critical. Perhaps the MS.460 could be the "collector plane"? PS: Personal note... I'd like to see the Do 22 Kl 🙂
  10. I'd certainly like to see a Channel Map... although, I have different aircraft in mind. Albatros W.4, Sopwith Baby, Friedrichshafen FF33 and FF49, Short-184, Hanriot HD.2, Donnet-Denhaut-DD.8, FBA-H, Felixstowe F2a, Curtis Model R-3 and Model R-6, Hansa-Brandenburg W.12, W.29, W.33, etc., etc..
  11. I have the same issue. I got one reply, but it was for something I didn't even ask for (they sent me a dserver key; I've no idea why). On the other hand, I'm guessing that it is summer vacation time, they are probably overworked and there is no doubt a massive backlog of these things to sort out. Just be patient for a few more weeks and then, if still nothing, perhaps try submitting another ticket. Keep it really simple (or write in Russian). Others seem to have had a positive experience, so I'm sure it is just a matter of waiting.
  12. This was a very interesting video to watch. It really gives an insight into the entire bomber operation (which is much more than just the bomb drop or the fighter intercepts). The long flight times and distances should certainly be food-for-thought for those campaigning for human-flyable Lancs and B-17s in IL2. I also really like the style of the documentary. Calmly narrated. Matter-of-fact. No dramatics. No epic music. Plenty of time to absorb the information and take in the scenes. I wish more documentaries were made like this. Possibly next time post it in the Histor
  13. Nice poll, @Avimimus with good photographs and supplementary material to go with it. Definitely a vote for the Ar66C from me... because it would lend itself to an Ar66B collector plane to follow 🙂
  14. Seaplanes. I definitely prefer the European theatre (Do 24, Ar 196 or Ju 52/3m W for instance), but I'm guessing either the Pacific or maybe FCv2 (v3?, v4?) is realistically the best chance for getting a seaplane into this game. If the Pacific, then any of E13A, SO3C, E7K, OS2U or F1M would be excellent, but there are some nice flying boats too, such as the Sunderland, H6K or Catalina.
  15. Definitely not motion sickness, although I did feel a bit of a lurch on the first take-off. There seemed to be the scan lines (more pronounced on the Rift, in my opinion) and I did get the shimmer effect you mentioned, so maybe there is an MSSA or some other setting that could be tweaked to improve things. I don't know... I'll see if I can get access again (and access to tweaking the settings!). But somehow I just didn't get the "wow" that others have been talking about and I'm certainly happy with my old 1920x1200 monitor for the time being.
  16. I had access to a major VR setup a couple of weeks ago and got to try Oculus Rift and Vive Pro, including some "virtual flying". I was not particularly impressed. Perhaps VR is the way of the future but, for me at least, there is a long way to go. Currently the low-resolution and the scan-lines make it feel like stepping back to using an old CRT monitor. I will certainly be waiting for 2nd (or maybe even 3rd) gen VR before even considering getting it for my flight games/sims.
  17. Define "best". This is by far an impossible question to address, as all the different games/sims excel in different things. Different people have different interests, requirements, expectations, etc.. And these can vary depending on what mood they are in, what they want to do, what their squad is doing, or what is currently working. Having read through the (rather long) OP, some of the points being made are based on speculation (e.g. "A Pacific Theatre will soon be added ..."). Really? And even so, who knows what the future will bring. That said, BoX is off my "best list"
  18. What do you mean by "attacker"? Fighters, heavy fighters, ground attack, level-bombers, dive-bombers... we've lots of all these. In fact, pretty much the only "non-attacker" we have in BoX at the moment is the Ju52/3m. I'd rather see artillery spotting, liaison, transport, reconnaissance, maritime patrol, gliders, search-and-rescue, etc. etc. before seeing more "attackers".
  19. Well done @bies on thoroughly-researched and well-presented arguments. I definitely support this proposal and would add the following comments: Layout One of the things that makes some aircraft superior to others is cockpit layout (c.f. FW 190 vs Bf 109). Without technochat, those "better-layout" aircraft are advantaged, as is historically appropriate. Risk Not knowing the exact percentage means that flying at the edge of performance is risky. I know that throttle 94% is safe and throttle 95% is not, so I can simply increase up and fl
  20. At present, there is no real role for the Fi-156 in BoX. However, in Rise of Flight, there is the artillery-spotting mechanism. If Flying Circus implements a similar mechanism, and this mechanism can be used in BoX, then I agree that the Fi-156 would be a nice addition... regardless whether it is armed or not. Having a role (i.e. something to do) and recognition (i.e. points, mission-winning, a career, etc.) are more important than whether it is actually armed or not.
  21. It depends. In most cases, this is true. However, there were a few where a Steam key was promised after the product was released. E.g. I note that now the line about "You will have the option to receive a Steam key for this product after its release" has been removed from the Ju 52/3m store entry, so no doubt they are working on it. With all these things, I would suggest waiting for a few days to let them sort it out. 1C/777 are pretty good with doing that, but it can sometimes take a while... especially given the huge number of players/accounts that need t
  22. Ah... SH3. I pre-ordered it. Played it from day -1 (it arrived one day earlier than official release) and kept at it for over 12 years. I started with singleplayer, than dabbled in some online squads before forming my own (XVII.Flottille) in 2007. We adopted the excellent GWX community mod, and developed GWM (a multiplayer mod-mod) for that, which gave us flyable aircraft, command-able destroyers and loads of new playable U-boat types. I think we had something like 4700 co-op multiplayer missions on record. The squad collapsed a year or so ago with members scattering to the four winds. The c
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