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  1. Just to add to what Oliver88 has said...You should now find that if you set up a Quick Mission you'll be able to select the Arras map and planes from FC, as well as everything from BoM. In fact you can mix'n'match WW1 and WW2 crates if you wish.
  2. Salute! I would never say "toxic" about this community. My point was more that if nobody had told me that this or that aeroplane was too slow or not as tough as it "should" be, then I would just be enjoying the sim for what it is.. Because I've read that this or that is borked, then things are slightly tainted. I'm not saying that people are wrong to question FMs and DMs, just that I envy those who are coming to the sim without knowledge of what's "wrong". Again, I'm not having a pop at our community, I'm just saying that sometimes going to the forums of games is like pulling aside the curtain, when sometimes it's more enjoyable to just go along with the show.
  3. Very true. In amongst all the dissatisfaction with the game expressed around here it's easy to forget how fantastic it must be when you first come to it. A few years ago I there was a MMO FPS which I played for about 200 hrs. I wasn't very good at it, but it was fun. Then I made the mistake of visiting the forums and found out that the game I was enjoying was full of nerfings and biases. It was never quite the same for me again. So, whilst I enjoying hanging out here, joining in discussions and learning stuff, I think that forums can be a double-edged sword for a gaming community.
  4. I doubt you could do that with a Camel This does seem like the best answer to the OP's issue
  5. There is an argument which says that this is how these planes were, and this is a sim, so this is how they should be. In RoF I used the curves to trim out the Camel so that it would fly like a training aircraft, which improved my competitiveness, but was I then still "flying" a Camel?
  6. 3K is pretty much "hard deck" for me in a Spad/SE if near/over the lines when I'm lone-wolfing - and has been since long before the recent, ahem, "troublesome" patches. As Hotlead says, at only 1K in enemy territory, against two opponents who had bounced you (and one in a D. VIIF), I don't think it's a surprising result.
  7. You probably need a better escort
  8. Okay, I think we're talking about different things. I think that the game is sophisticated enough to calculate (not do a RNG) where your bullet hits the target (obviously if it was my bullet it would miss entirely) - the (weighted) RNG for the amount of damage then comes into effect only when that condition is met. An analogy might be that in a tabletop RPG you roll a die to see if you hit, and then roll a die to see what that does, but in FC the game calculates if you hit and then rolls a die to see what happens. Usual caveat applies - I'm just making guesses
  9. You probably need to step back from gaming for a while then. The only alternative to having some sort of probability generator to predict outcomes in games/sims is to conjure up an entire universe for them - ie make them a reality, where all possible outcomes exist. To borrow from Talbot, you might go over the top and get killed, whilst the guy next to you doesn't. The RNG simulates that reality without working out the causality (ie the universe existing up to that point in time). More simply, a bullet hitting a spar could cause a myriad of different damages and in order to accurately model each outcome you'd have to factor in the KE of the bullet, its angle of penetration (and if that caused it to tumble), the internal structure of the spar (density, grain, etc), and so on and so on. For the purposes of a game it's more sensible to roll a (more or less) loaded die to simulate the fate of a spar.
  10. It seems to me that the DM now equates wing strength with spar strength and ignores the contribution of the bracing wires in a "traditional" biplane configuration. If we assume that the box-spar and simple-spar-braced-wing designs are roughly structurally equally strong IRL, then we can see why such a DM will hugely favour the former construction. This would explain why only "one or two" hits are required to fold the Camel or Spad - their structural integrity is provided purely by a puny spar. The Fokkers have a much stronger spar and are thus able to survive more hits.
  11. Good point. You also did your testing in SP. With no lag or packet-loss, you should see and hear all hits on your plane in real time. We know that in the MP environment things like that get lost, so maybe when people in MP see they're getting hit 2 or 3 times, the game is actually hitting them 10 or 15 times?
  12. Well, the twist stick isn't so bad - the problem is that it's difficult not to inadvertently add in a bit of rudder or aileron when you're inputting the other control. As well as making control more precise (when you get the hang of them - may take a while), pedals do add to the immersion. You just have to weigh up the cost vs "quality of life" improvement, and decent ones are expensive. Mine are "entry level" (CH Pro) and they cost around £100.
  13. I think we have to be a little bit careful with first-person accounts (I know I've said this before). Hb mentioned a few posts back "survivor bias". It's obvious really, but all the accounts posted about shot-up planes making it home only reflect the lucky ones. If we based our DM on these cases alone, then no-one would get shot down in game, save PKs and engine damage. We have the very small sample of MvR's victims to give us a clue from the other direction, but I'm not convinced that this is altogether representative of the distribution of kills - MvR was known to be a hunter and a crack shot, so maybe he had a higher number of PKs than the average pilot. Then there is the (in)famous stat that the RFC lost more pilots in training than in combat. So I guess there must be some stats about how all those people died.
  14. Well, I want a breaking g-meter - if you pull too many g then you can't see how many g you are pulling Yes - disappointed here also
  15. Off topic, but I think that's actually a pretty widely-held belief. Many people think "their" plane or "their" side has been nerfed by any given update. Or that server-side settings favour one side or the other.
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