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  1. Oh I'm not worried about it - just checking it wasn't my settings or something. As you say, a new feature will take some bedding in. Also liking the "wing-reflections".
  2. S! J5 for getting this up and running. Had my first "proper" go at FC last night (despite owning it for ages). Couldn't make any of the Black September sorties, but I really appreciate having a "drop-in" server available. Hopefully more and more pilots will start to use this resource. @307_Tomcat Yeah I thought I saw random flak bursts nowhere near aircraft. As I said, my first go in MP - anyone else noticing the odd depiction of distant aircraft? At wide FOV they're quite distinct, but as I narrow the FOV to get a better look they disappear. Spotting seems better than in RoF (ie can see things from further away) but it's almost like going back to IL2 '46 with distant planes showing up as a pixel-block.
  3. So, yes, the SE5a is not what it should be currently - as far as I can see the adjustable stabiliser doesn't "trim" the aircraft as you might expect. However, RoF-style curves can be used to neuter the more "characterful" machines. In RoF, I made all the machines much more longitudinally stable using the curves. This made flying, and, especially, fighting easier, but I felt a bit guilty that I was taking a bit of realism out of the sim. For instance, the Camel (according to Arthur Gould-Lee) would loop if you let go of the stick, and so making it fly level hands-off in the sim seemed a bit wrong. I still did it because otherwise the nose bobbed about all over the place when I tried to shoot and the sim became too frustrating. Perhaps the answer in the case of the SE is to make the "trim" more functional. However, now that Klugerman has bought up the entire world-stock of FFBs , perhaps RoF-style curves are the only answer for the rest of us poor fools wrestling with spring-loaded sticks...
  4. If you read the quote, you'll see that, of the FC planes, only the SE and The DVa have the new-old FMs - the rest will be updated-backdated to them with the next update.
  5. Hi Murf - I understand you're annoyed by this behaviour, but if you do it too how does the perpetrator know it's the wrong thing to do?
  6. A couple of (probably bogus) ideas: try a reisntall of the game (had similar issue [almost definitely not related] with IL2 46 solved by this)? Update/rollback graphics drivers? Windows firewall/new AV software causing issues?
  7. I agree, looks like an oak
  8. Seeing as we're talking about a WW1 combat flight simulator here, maybe that should read MP "handful" or "half-dozen".
  9. Spent some time (accidentally) over-revving my Camel today and noticed that (unlike in RoF ) the oil-on-goggles effect is intermittent. Does that mean that the damage is intermittent as well?
  10. Well to be fair, the game isn't actually in existence yet - we just have some toys to play with as a reward for stumping up the cash for it early.
  11. You could try the FAC server. It's mods-on so doesn't show up in the normal list. It's mainly BoX with PvP and some AI, but there is a separate area for FC (also with AI)
  12. I think I get what you're saying Hagar... A couple of years back I got to have a dabble at the controls of a Tiger Moth. One thing that struck me, as a plastic pilot, was how mushy they were. However, I think it would be very difficult to put that into a computer program. You're looking at some sort of fuzzy logic I guess, which is a bit above and beyond the resources of a video game.
  13. So, thinking through the history of the Camel's representations in RoF and FC, it seems that its unusual combination of rotary power-plant and short moment about the CoG make it very hard to model within the Digital Nature engine. We either have something which turns "as expected", but is "too fast", or something that is "the right speed" but can't climb "as expected". So, in order for the rest of the WW1 planeset to have reasonable FMs we have to accept that the Camel will not. Just a theory.
  14. This is exactly what Arthur Gould-Lee wrote in "No Parachute" about his first experience of the Camel, so...
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