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  1. A Planck moment: understand that what you see is not necessarily what you get in MP and accept that fact
  2. You're not, err, um, Bishop Brennan by any chance?
  3. Yeah I went for a high ratio, though it's quite difficult to put a value on it I think
  4. Good idea! Some servers in RoF used to have something like this (IIRC it was literally flags), so I guess it would be feasible. Just thinking about how easy it would be to "puncture" the CAP area, maybe the onus should be on the attacker(s) to exist within it for a set period rather than for the defenders to keep it clear. Actually, it could work just like the existing recon - stay alive in the area for a set period to get the points. Also, once you land safely, it could trigger a different CAP area to appear as an objective - as with the targets and the recon.
  5. If AI in a videogame ever gets convincing we should all run to the hills and hope that John Connor doesn't get killed by a time-travelling cyborg (or whatever happens when Skynet gets sentient). Seriously though, it's a big ask of a contemporary videogame to present AI which mimics anything like human behaviour.
  6. No. In QMs you can fly against planes from modules you don't own. When you install the game on your PC you get the whole thing, but you can only fly planes from modules you've paid for.
  7. Can it be Camel with bombs instead of SE? I think that'd be more historically accurate
  8. Only just watched the vid (did cry FWIW). Very poignant idea beautifully directed and edited. Kudos guys.
  9. From what I understand you have to categorise a skin when you upload it, and I would assume those categories would be along the lines of historical, fantasy and personal, but I don't know for sure.
  10. This really. As Larner pointed out above there has been "some" debate about this issue in the community. However, if you observe damage indications and modify manouevering accordingly it is reasonably straightforward to avoid wing-shedding.
  11. Appreciate the input guys - am saving up for a MoBo/CPU/RAM combo.
  12. Well this is a depressing thread. I was bought a Quest 2 for Xmas and haven't yet managed to get it performing to where I prefer it over flat screen with TIR for IL2. My PC specs are on the low side (i7-3770 @3.5GHz, RTX 2070, 24GB DDR3), I admit. As part of the present I upgraded the GPU from a 1060, but couldn't really justify the ridiculous price of a 3070. So I don't know where to go from here. I mean the experience of VR is tremendous in FC, but it just makes me sad that I can't enjoy the glorious graphics of the game in VR. Obviously I'll keep tinkering with the setting
  13. You can get rid of those numbers with backspace I think. Incidentally, if you want others to join you in your server, check to see if there's an option for "maximum ping allowed". In RoF this defaults to 0 which means no one apart from you can join. Took me ages to work it out...
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