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  1. Bonjour, concernant le ping sur les serveurs en MP quand on a pas l'info. Ca veut dire quoi, que le ping est inconnu? trop élevé ? Question lag sur ces serveurs je suis servi. merci pour les réponses.
  2. Hi, I can't connect anymore??? invalid password... Any changes? thx for reply
  3. hi all I just receive my track ir5.(I was doing with freetrack previously) I think everything is set in a good way but i have an in game issue. --> when i open the canopy and try to have a look outside I stay in the limit of the canopy . No way to look by side, i can't see engine flams or my tail. I tried to set "old trackir to 1 or 0" in config file but the prob still there. I reinstalled my Tir software but no way. I have remove freetrack of my computer but same issue. the only chance i see now is to reinstall the game but i am wondering if you 've heard about this in the comunity. I don't think my probs come from my TIR curves so any help ll be appreciate.
  4. Hi Blakhart. i am all the time rdy for a duel. 1 vs 1 is my favorite game and hard to find people to train with in IL2 BOS. GMT+1
  5. j'avoue ne pas être allé chercher dans tous les topics, y a 'il moyen de revennir sur le Bureau de mon pc sans avoir à quitter le jeu.( la touche windows ne fonctionne pas) Le trim de profondeur ne peut il pas être assigné à la roulette de la souris?? merci pour vos réponses.
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