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  1. I don't see objective reason to be absent. Removed the salad from face and into battle))))
  2. Gunners of Pe-2 are as effective as before. In careless attacks, they damage the engine or burn the plane. I try to shoot from long distances. I previously attacked supply Pe-2 on the deck at high speed, came close and got engine damage.
  3. Yesterday's interception of Pe-2 over Krasnodar:
  4. Brief description: Invisible aircraft Detailed description, conditions: Flying with a partner online. He sees a plane near us, I do not see. There is a plane on his track record, there is no track on my track record Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): i5-2500K 4,4Ghz | DDR3-1600 16Gb | GTX 1660Ti 6Gb | SSD 240GB | AOC 24" 1920х1080 | Win10 | Drv 441.66
  5. I did not see the answers to my questions. I see sophistry and a substitution of concepts. Maybe you are a lawyer and know how to deftly evade answers?) We are not talking about my morality, we are talking about the baseless accusations of RogoRogo against me. Now by your last message. It turns out KOTA is a collection of gentlemen and aero-athletes?)) Hmmm, and I thought it was a war in which the main task is to win the team. But in war as in war ... Vulch, by the way, is one of the tactics of fighting an adversary. To protect against it there is a reliable flaks cover and ... the pilot's eyes. Or maybe I should wait until the enemy planes gain altitude (tell me which one?). Or will they drop bombs on the target and be ready to defend themselves? Or maybe I need to warn them in the chat "attention, I'm at your 6"?)) I recommend that you invite the server administration to expand the list of rules that will protect blind and careless pilots from enemy attacks. Maybe you should play Tetris or Mario, at worst))) P.S. By the way, I hope the boom-zoom is not one of the non-gentlemanly ways of waging war?))
  6. This is all demagogy. Answer 2 simple questions: 1. At the time of the attack, were they in the process of taking off? 2. Did I vulch them?
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