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  1. Dear Santa Claus, please, bring me the Me410, Ar234 and Ju188 or 388. Thank you.
  2. C'te bûche volante le Farman...
  3. And suddenly, Pe2 dives in the sea and joins his base.
  4. Hi, Strange messages appear when you hit a vehicle. Was destroying some T34 on 72AG Training server, and saw several messages like that : What is it exactly ? A new bug ? It's extremly disturbing...
  5. No software for my joystick. Just sensitivities configuration in game.
  6. Hi, Something strange happens with my joystick VKB Gladiator PRO and I had the same problem with my old Saitek X52 : I have adjusted my sensitivities on pitch, roll and ruder. During the first flight, my 109 (for example) is very sensitive on the pitch. It's like that my sensitivities configuration is not recognized by the game (70% for the pitch). Ok...I stop the flight and decide to start a new one. During the second flight the plane is ok, sensitivities are ok, pitch is strong as I wanted. I have always this issue on the first flight. The second, sensitivities work well as I configured them. Anyone has the same problem ? Regards,
  7. Since the last update I have this problem too. Yesterday, for example on WOL, got this issue three times on the same map with 109 F4 and G2. I can hear the sound of the trigger but nothing happens. No problem when you drop bombs, it's just with the MG. So, you have to chek your armament before flight...not very funny.
  8. Verry nice, good skills et great firework At 6:50, it was close dude ! At 7:40, I was like "noooo, yeeeees, nooooooo yeeeees yessss come on boy !" ahaha.
  9. And if you have the error #10005 after that, don't give up, it's normal. Click a second time on "Online" or "Local", it will work good. Cheers !
  10. Hey guys, in case of, just try that : Delete your update folder and re-update the game. The New update was very quicly the second time (about 10 mins instead of 2h for the first time). Now, game works fine !
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