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  1. I agree, we had a good time on the Action server with plenty of humans and enough AI to be challenging and fun. The terrain looked great as well.
  2. Thanks to everyone for posting your experiences. I have had the Rift since it came out 3+ years ago, and was so looking forward to getting the Reverb. Well it came from Amazon with a busted left headphone, but I tried it anyway and sent the Reverb back because: 1. The heavy cable made it awkward and uncomfortable to wear. 2. The 'sweet spot' seemed about 50% smaller than the Rift, and needed more headset adjusting (frequent due to the heavy cable). 3. The higher resolution was nice, but only about 30-40% better imo than the Rift. 4. WMR software seemed to gag at times, not sure its reliable enough. 5. Controllers not near as nice as the Rift's. After reading many of your posts I have ordered the Rift S !
  3. Just got an email from Oculus touting their new 1.31. Had to remove the admin checkbox for SteamVR to be able to bring up IL2 with (new) Oculus running as well, then needed to select IL2 from within Oculus to actually run the sim. Found this link to at least remove the "home" background: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/8uf1sm/oculushomeless_use_dash_without_home_20/
  4. Great times flying with you guys. Thanks for the vid!
  5. Thanks again to all the game admins and salute to our VVS comrades! See you next campaign!
  6. Awesome and hilarious video, HvB. You hit the money (tank) on the head I think. Having spent a gazillion hours on this server, I'm starting to learn a few tricks as well, and am enjoying the sense of progress with persistent flying. Many thanks to the server creators, and hopefully with the changes you suggest the campaign with be even better next time.
  7. Great flying with you again, Tip, and thanks for the event planning!
  8. Tip: Thanks again for setting this up. Had a great but challenging time flying against the reds!
  9. Tip: Thanks again for setting this up. I enjoyed flying with you!
  10. I can fly both missions, 88 the first, 110 the second. Thanks
  11. I can fly an 88 in the later mission Take it back, I cannot fly, ill still be working!
  12. Might be late today, need to do some moving
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