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  1. Norton has a notorious reputation for being the (online) gamers worst choice of AV since..well.. 1990'ish.
  2. Reasoning like that and they might just as well have thrown together a generic map with the most popular match ups of Eastern front aircrafts and called it something like: "IL-2: Dogfight over the Steppes"....
  3. Really excellent news. Looking forward to those new map versions and also a big gratz to Zeus!
  4. The hangar queen dozen .."yay".....
  5. Not every simmer have a bottomless wallet so to speak, that is a false assumption to make.
  6. Genre(s): Modern Jet Ooopsy Daisys!
  7. +1 to this. I was sceptic about STEAM when it was new due to its mentioned instability etc but now its a very useful and convinient tool.
  8. You,sir, excel at this. My wife watched it and got goosebumps. This shows beyond any doubt that this sim can do all its promotional material with its own engine.
  9. Those are the kind of flight sim moments to remember.
  10. Prowling 1 quick pass with 4 cannons and 2 machineguns resulted in this Fire is frightening facinating looking in BoS Dont worry, Ivan Pixelov wasnt hurt during the making of this
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