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  1. Thank you Meyer, I will check when I return from work. I also registered to the squadron forum awaiting activation. Hope to talk to you soon!
  2. Would you be able to pm me the TS3 server address? Thank you!
  3. I'd love to check out your squadron... Just registered on the forum. Hope to hear back soon...
  4. wow... thanks... had no idea about this!
  5. i'd have to wait for a sale :0 thanks all!
  6. thank you... so do I have to purchase both or just one of the two? +1
  7. Hello All, Quick question... I only have the standard edition of BoS. Does purchasing La-5 or Fw 190 separately (or both) from the store or Steam unlock modifications for all of my aircraft or just the premium ones? Thanks in advance
  8. thanks Gramps, I'll try this out! +1 for a fellow Virginian!
  9. I'm so excited to hear that PWCG is gearing up for BoS... I had so much fun in RoF!
  10. Amazing skin... Can't wait to use it
  11. Thanks SharpeXB, I think I might reset my key map to default and reorganize... +1
  12. Hello All, I using a Track IR but sometimes when I'm lining up for a shot, moving my head closer to the monitor doesn't give me enough zoom on my sights and is quite awkward... I've seen footages of other players instantly zooming in very closely when they are aiming and instantly zoom back out when they want a wider FOV. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance everyone!
  13. Rothko

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    One of the best shots I have ever seen... Impeccable accuracy!
  14. Found this on the web and I thought this may help for those who are curious about the Luftwaffe Day Fighter Marking system... Thanks to Rajaahsani and all credit goes to him... Hope you all enjoy!
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