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  1. Pat, do you happen to remember the sortie count for the new Luftwaffe promotion?
  2. Ah! I see Does the PWCG automatically update and do updates apply on saves files started before the update?
  3. Ah maybe, I'm running an older version? Does PWCG automatically update?
  4. Got it, thanks for answering my question so quickly. We are playing German Fighter unit in the Battle of Moscow Campaign and we plan to complete our campaign in Germany, 1945. We thought it would be neat for us to have promotions to look forward to later in the war but the 10-25-60-100 sortie requirements are being met really quickly by a lot of us and some of us have gone from Obfw. to Olt. in less than 3 months of game time. So we were just wondering if we can increase the requirements to slow our progress and spread it across 1941 - 1945. As always thank you so much for all your work in the PWCG, it really makes the game so much fun for us
  5. Pat, so there is no way to actually change the requirement on the user's end?
  6. Hello All! I was wondering if there was a way you could change the sortie requirement for promotion on the Co-Op Campaign. As of now it feels really low and my friends and I are getting promoted way too quickly! Thanks in advance :)
  7. jesus the bent metal is rough even for soviet standards
  8. Thank you Meyer, I will check when I return from work. I also registered to the squadron forum awaiting activation. Hope to talk to you soon!
  9. Would you be able to pm me the TS3 server address? Thank you!
  10. I'd love to check out your squadron... Just registered on the forum. Hope to hear back soon...
  11. wow... thanks... had no idea about this!
  12. i'd have to wait for a sale :0 thanks all!
  13. thank you... so do I have to purchase both or just one of the two? +1
  14. Hello All, Quick question... I only have the standard edition of BoS. Does purchasing La-5 or Fw 190 separately (or both) from the store or Steam unlock modifications for all of my aircraft or just the premium ones? Thanks in advance
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