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  1. If you're talking about sound-driven effects here, you probably didn't understand the topic. Telemetry will give you stall, flaps, G, gear up and down, airbrake, overspeed, and many others effects. I use it on DCS and I can truly feel the plane. Nothing to do with only sound effects.
  2. Hello there! I'd like to give a try to your server as it sounds really cool, but when I do try to connect I have the loading screen and the game returns to the main menu. Other server works well. Any idea of what the problem can be? Thank you! Rolluptito
  3. Perfect addition to VR. Il2 great battle is late compared to other sims on that matter. But isn't it supposed to come with Kuban?
  4. Same here, really needed to improve immersion (and VR!).
  5. Well, I thought that wasn't done because of the lack of telemetry informations for side-slip (talking about DCS). That is the ONLY thing missing in the whole thing I think, and it would be a major upgrade to have it for sure!
  6. A little message to -DED-Hamster... When you jump on a P40 (with two enormous blue and red cockades...) two times and shoot at it with your Yak-1, and continue shooting without asking questions to yourself after the P40 turns his lights on, and did 5 flip-flap, AT LEAST send a little message in the chat with your excuses, and don't run away. Don't forget there's logs, and that I would have find you anyway. Seriously, don't behave like a bad 5 years old kid. Otherwise I really like your server. But your little cricetidae really pissed me off this afternoon. Fairplay index -10000%. Rolluptito
  7. Merci KpaxBos. What do you mean exactly by "printer friendly"? More white zones, less black? Cartridge friendly?
  8. You're welcome! Thank you very much again for your work! I use your tool everytime I fly. Love it.
  9. Thank you for this awesome tools! I have some troubles using it since some days on tablets (same with iPad and Android). I can't mark a target or start a plan anymore. I can select the option but when I do click on the map, nothing happens. I think it's since the removal of the "Finish" button on the "start a flight plan" button. It's working on computers though, just not on tablets. Do you know if I can do something about it? Rolluptito
  10. You're acting like a 12 years old again... I never said I don't respect your opinion, but I begin to understand why people are generally not happy with the way you answer. Well... Whatever. So, you're an awesome pilot and you know your machine? Dude, on the last campaign you died 13 times and broke 30 planes. You even have MINUS one 109-F2... You loose the lasts two maps because of plane destructions and you did loose the war. (Not to mention that you were fighting against less good planes and at a ratio of 3:1 most of the time...) I wouldn't strut and be such conceited if I was you... On my side, I know I'm not an awesome pilot, but at least I learn and try to play smartly. Doing a streak of 5 kills on a busy enemy airfield in a suicide attack doesn't make you an ace and win the map nor the campaign. Rollup_Tito
  11. Where did you see a "sensless joke"? I don't really care about some 12 years old duel thing, you know... You're probably a way better pilot than me, and I don't deny that at all but what does a duel proves here? Does it prove more than "pure technical arguments"? I don't think so... Maybe you can begin by grow up a bit, stop acting like a little thug with people and enter in a discussion without being into this passive-aggressive state and discuss about real things with people. I'm not really into that "My d*** is bigger than yours" thing. But thanks, maybe later I would be happy to have fun with you. Doesn't seems really pleasant right now... Rolluptito
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