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  1. take the camel slightly vertical and roll on the edge of a stall. Unless the camel driver is good he'll stall or spin eventually and either hit the deck or hand you enough energy advantage to turn inside him.
  2. Yeah fingers crossed more server space will be dedicated to WW1 as proper maps & more planes become available. I'm assuming that us obsessives who paid for early access are in a minority so there should be more biplane flyers once it's released.
  3. If the Camel pilot isn't very experienced you can usually just rolling scissors down to treetop level and wait for the inevitable stall. You'll know if he is experienced as you won't make it that far..
  4. Agreed - 777 seem to understand that underpromising and overdelivering is a good business plan.
  5. have you considered emailing their customer services team and explaining your problem? They're pretty good at sorting this kind of stuff out.
  6. Way to damn a game before release.. Seriously, go unbunch your panties then come back and play nicely.
  7. Do you think the person responsible would stick their actual name in public? After the years of abuse that every FM from every game has received (from at least some quarters) it would take an exceptionally brave/ foolish individual to put their head on the block like that.
  8. Your major advantage is the ability to KO your opposition with a short burst of MG fire. It's not a huge advantage, but use your chances wisely and you'll be in with a chance. Not forgetting the most important tactical advice, which is to close unseen to about 40m before opening fire. The 109's advantages are much less noticeable once you've chewed off a wing. S!
  9. Not sure that a moving, rolling and pitching battery is going to be the best shooting platform available, but I take your point.
  10. Damn simmers are nice. This reminds me of the way people were giving away planes in RoF - the gift thread was about 50 pages long. S!
  11. Hi, I've been playing RoF quite successfully for a while now with j/stick, pedals, keyboard and TIR, but flying these complicated monoplanes with fancy retractable landing gear, variable speed props and other mod cons I think that I need some kind of a 'box' for my left hand to operate. I would like something that gives me finer control of mix and prop pitch, a throttle and some switches to give me some more options. I'm a little broke after Xmas and New Year so something that won't break the bank would be ideal. Any ideas?
  12. If the head position control is the same as in RoF then you should be able to set a new default head position and also a snap to gunsite position.
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