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  1. no - it downloaded as usual to about 80% completion at the acceptable rate and is now down to 0.0 - 0.1 kb/s this has not happened before so I'm at a loss here
  2. anyone else have trouble getting this latest update?
  3. Let them get out of the gate...and be thankful they aren't opening with Pearl
  4. all I want to know is, will I be able to fly patrols from Wake Island in an F3F Barrel or F4F Wildcat in the near future...? Is that what's happening here?
  5. Japan developed decent fighters right to the end, their problem was attrition. Death took their best pilots, reduced production (dead factory workers tend to lie around on the job), and eroded their ability to fight properly in the machines they were developing. After Midway - their trajectory was decidedly downward..in flames. It will be interesting to see good pilots - unhampered by those conditions - waging war in those late war Japanese machines
  6. BlackSix - do you have your tickets yet?? the Force Awakens...
  7. begin to fly the BOM aircraft?...or did I miss the announcement? I need my I-16....
  8. yes - and neither do I...love the BoS - just waiting patiently or otherwise for my BoM access.... I-16 in something other than winter paint..over something other than winter....should be a hooter
  9. uh...Hey Look over there!!!.. Runs away......
  10. RoF = much rudder use BOS = some rudder use DCS = whats a rudder ?
  11. Bought the Standard Version BoM July 24th...now I see the Premium on sale for $10.00 less than I paid for Standard....sonofabiscuit #storyofmylife
  12. funny thing is..dating all the way back to old Il-2 days and Olegs team..most of the people I see here should already know this about the 4 week vacations..same was true then as now. I wonder if Oleg is still driving that car....
  13. its going on 3 years here...First I was calling it a hiatus...a break from 40 straight years of labor - then I called it involuntary retirement...now - I'm just swimming in the ocean and riding my bike to stay in shape and working odd jobs for cash. its a good thing to save money and when a company offers profit sharing my advice is to sign up for it the best part is that my grand daughter was born about the same time as my halftime started so I've been able to be involved almost daily with her life... thats all that matters to me. Sorry you had to make the edit BtW... How you doin' Bear?
  14. when you preorder BOM even though you said you wouldn't...and its Friday...and you ain't got no job...an' you ain't got [Edited] to DO!!
  15. we're gonna need a bigger CHART
  16. CHARTS its the only way to discuss flight models and bugger a forum simultaneously
  17. who can see any colors when looking into the sun...who looks into the sun...no no no - all of this is irrelevant... this reminds me of the last time I went hunting....I shot an elephant in my pajamas ...how he got into my pajamas I'll never know
  18. wow 80$ for preorder premium - thats more than I expected for the follow on to BoS.... its almost worth it to get out of the winter snow....and to fly the I-16 but....it isnt. If every follow on title is going to be in this price range I cant do it...and I see people talking about supporting the genre, and ongoing development and improvements but guys - WWII is huge and to have if cut up and fed piecemeal at 80 or 90 or 100 per piece is in a word ridiculous. I understand the cost of programming and maintaining servers and all of the peripherals so I get it - you want to be paid - not just fill a need, make ends meet. But if you're telling me that its going to cost 4-500$ to get out of Russia - and another 4-500$ for Malta...and 1000$ for Western Europe...and what 1500$ for the Pacific Theater - I have to get off the ride You have designed a solid combat flight sim platform - you have a system for online gameplay that is working well enough - you have all the big pieces in place already Seriously - I wouldnt mind paying for aircraft one at a time - I'm not likely to fly half of what comes in the pack (BoS BoM) if the price for the map and campaign were reasonable.... I might as well just get a pilots license
  19. got chartz??? no true death, no G forces, no combat fatigue (no matter how many nights in a row you stay at your PC playing a game and guzzling cheetos) no freezing temperatures, and on and on lol so yeah - please stop trying to compare uberness to each other, or the FM DM superiority of one 'side' over the other - its just so sad when this is just a game meant to pass the time for the sake of entertainment and people are crying about every stupid little thing not because theres anything really wrong - but because they suck at flying - dont forget to raise your landing gear FNEBS
  20. congratulations to 777 and BOS crew on official release! much appreciated new flight simulation - it works great here and looks amazing. I cant wait to see what it becomes over the next several years. I hope people will be patient and allow you the courtesy of respect for what you have already accomplished as well as for the potential you and this title clearly represent. I love flying in this sim - so far it has the best look and feel of any simulation of flight I have seen...and I have tried them all, believe it
  21. ^^^ This is the answer - everything else is unwarranted panic ...as if the release would have no customizable graphics settings...lol I like the smoke columns and ruins - these maps will be nice when there are artillery and other mechanized units on the ground.. ( I hope the FMB is similar to the original Il2 - very easy to use)
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