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  1. no - it downloaded as usual to about 80% completion at the acceptable rate and is now down to 0.0 - 0.1 kb/s this has not happened before so I'm at a loss here
  2. anyone else have trouble getting this latest update?
  3. Let them get out of the gate...and be thankful they aren't opening with Pearl
  4. all I want to know is, will I be able to fly patrols from Wake Island in an F3F Barrel or F4F Wildcat in the near future...? Is that what's happening here?
  5. Japan developed decent fighters right to the end, their problem was attrition. Death took their best pilots, reduced production (dead factory workers tend to lie around on the job), and eroded their ability to fight properly in the machines they were developing. After Midway - their trajectory was decidedly downward..in flames. It will be interesting to see good pilots - unhampered by those conditions - waging war in those late war Japanese machines
  6. BlackSix - do you have your tickets yet?? the Force Awakens...
  7. begin to fly the BOM aircraft?...or did I miss the announcement? I need my I-16....
  8. yes - and neither do I...love the BoS - just waiting patiently or otherwise for my BoM access.... I-16 in something other than winter paint..over something other than winter....should be a hooter
  9. uh...Hey Look over there!!!.. Runs away......
  10. RoF = much rudder use BOS = some rudder use DCS = whats a rudder ?
  11. Bought the Standard Version BoM July 24th...now I see the Premium on sale for $10.00 less than I paid for Standard....sonofabiscuit #storyofmylife
  12. funny thing is..dating all the way back to old Il-2 days and Olegs team..most of the people I see here should already know this about the 4 week vacations..same was true then as now. I wonder if Oleg is still driving that car....
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