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  1. Hello all, today I released an updated mission: HE111-TestMission.zip Calculations / recommendations based on D.(Luft)5205 - Leitfaden Lotfe 7C/D *** Distance to target (Hawkinge) extended *** Height above target computation reviewed *** modified HUD HE111 Lotfe7c Lotfe7c | | | [TC: 270°] 265 [H: 2654m] 850 [Vg: 300km/h] 150 [Dev: 25456m] |
  2. Don't do it. Live an active and healthy lifestyle with sports*. ~V~ *sports: Shoot down Bf108 and all other buggy German planes.
  3. Hello, enclosed please find the announced little Single-Player-TestMission... You spawn in a HE111 at about 3000AMSL 20km away from your target Hawkinge. Hawkinge ARP is marked with a red cross. Try to get your bombs as close as possible to that cross. The HUD shows true heading (TH) to target , distance / deviation (meter) to target, height above target and the plane's current groundspeed. Under Server-Info you get a report how precise your bombs exploded... Good luck. ~V~ Edit 2021-04-07: enclosed please find an updated HE111
  4. Hello, because one of the most important factors is speed, allow me a few words concerning iL2CoD airspeed and German speed indicators ... Meanwhile all of us learned that airspeed is not what it looks like. Even in iL2Cod and / or iL2DWT. The good news: Fortunately in our iL2 world we still "fly" under -allow me the wording- laboratory conditions. What do I mean? iL2CoD calculates an atmosphere that we kow as "International Standard Atmosphere" == "ISA". So it is quiet easy to handle because airspeed and airspeed indicators are calibrated under ISA conditio
  5. Hello, with a view to TrueSky please have in mind that the Lotfe 7c neither needs IAS nor TAS. All about is ground speed. Meaning the values for "Seitentriftwinkel" and "Rücktrifft (R%-Wert)" are also important. ~V~
  6. PS: Indeed not every Pilot was qaulified for that job. Bomber training was more demanding and took longer than for fighter pilots.... Here https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/utils/lotfe7.html you find a nice little helper.
  7. Hello Primus_71, I refer to the tutorial <CloD He-111 Bombardierung Teil2-Bombenwurf.wmv> by NadaSero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjKzsuDPuoM Thanks to NadaSero! In that tutorial NadaSero starts the bomb attack at about 2800m AMSL with 310km/h "Fahrt" = indicated Speed The Lotfe7-C he sets to 2700m "Visierhöhe" 340km/h "Visiergeschwindigkeit". Last but not least he does some small adjustments in "bombsight mode". Et voilà. ~V~ Enclosed please find a coresponding table from LDv. 8.5 - Bombenwurf (1940).
  8. Never was so much promised by so few to so many. ~V~
  9. Hello Buzzsaw, does it mean, for wishes on such features a record in the Team Fusion Bugtracker is not needed anymore? ~V~
  10. New skins depicting the aircraft flown by Luftwaffe... New skin for RAF 1941 European Hurricanes ... New skins for ... New skins ... New Battle of France mission ... New scenery ... " If you can't make it good, at least make it look good."* Lesson learned. ~V~ * (Bill Gates)
  11. On March 1, 2019, Team Fusion announced for TF 5.0 a Bf108 with the option to have two pilots share the aircraft (dual control). Will TF ever redeem that promise? ~V~
  12. Thank you Saladin, keep us up to date on the progress. ~V~
  13. Yes, a new module with all the nice things inherited from "Cliffs", collected in the Team Fusion BUGTRACKER ~V~
  14. Don't call it a Wellington. It's a Wimpy. Some call her Wimpy Wonder 💕. ~V~
  15. Anna Scott: After all ... they are just a bunch of enthusiasts who do this for fun ... ~V~ PS: Or was it Buzzsaw, who said that?
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