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  1. Change the name to whatever you want! Names can be edited at the start of a career
  2. Hey Gambit. Only just seen that you were working on a new campaign. If you need someone to test it please feel free to give me a shout. I'm semi retired now so have plenty of time.
  3. Merry Christmas one and all, Just logged in and saw the Christmas tree in the hanger. Have a good one all and if you can't be good, be careful
  4. Just flew the first mission and may I just say...... It was fecking awesome lol. Many thanks Jade 🤩
  5. Cheers dude, will do my best to make it although I don't want to win a copy. Like that's gonna happen anyway 🤔
  6. I was a bit gutted as I was hoping for the Bristol but hey I will still enjoy
  7. That take off was more dodgy than buying games off G2A
  8. Nice job dude. Also the little struts on the edge of the bottom wing are there to protect against ground looping as it was a common problem with the DR1 but will let Magz explain it better
  9. Many thanks for this post Muff, I too am kind of getting bored of quick missions and was hoping some of the talented members of the community would have made some by now. Saying that, I do enjoy seeing what I can find to fly through or under
  10. When 3.001 is ready to be released!
  11. The reason why Midway has been postponed is because finding accurate research information for the Japanese aircraft has been so difficult to obtain, so therefore the same would apply for a Burma/China campaign too
  12. Force feedback is yesterdays news buddy.... Yeah it was great with the old sidewinder and used to think I couldn't live without FFB. My suggestion is you rob the wife's credit card and order yourself a nice new Thrustmaster Warthog hotas and a pair of CH Pro pedals!! ..........And hey...If you think your gonna get busted anyway... May as well add a TrackIR 5 Not still got my original IL2 disc but have still got my original 1946 disc. And welcome to the party
  13. Hey mate,,,, Welcome and good to have you on board....... New career is just around the corner but to be honest....... I enjoyed working through the campaign and didn't find it boring at all.
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