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  1. ilmavoimat

    Jedi flak

    The flak in this sim is just ridiculous. How does a hand laid, hand loaded single barrel flak gun manage to hit an aircraft doing 500kph at 50 metres when the rain is so thick I can barely see the target?? If i can't see them how can they see me let alone hit me and they're not moving? It's getting to the stage that it's not worth even flying bombers as you stand bugger all chance of getting back, if the flak doesn't get you the fighters will as no-one seems to want to cover mere mud movers!
  2. It did it momentarily just now when launching CloD but it launched fine, then shut that down and launched BoX OK so all seems fine now. Many thanks!
  3. Doh! It wasn't, it is now, that seems to have cured it. Thanks!!
  4. Since the last update I get a glitch with the graphics on starting. If I've run Cliffs of Dover before hand BoX boots up in windowed mode rather than full screen and I have to faff about for 5 minutes resetting the graphics settings. It's not a major problem, just wondering is anyone else is experiencing it?
  5. Just once in a while it would make a nice change to have a night time mission to give us reds the off chance of reaching the target, bombing and returning to base without being shot to pieces by the usual three or four to one odds! It gets a bit boring when every flight is a suicide mission.
  6. I guess right click and "translate to English" is too taxing!!
  7. ilmavoimat


    Perfect backing track!!
  8. Do any of the devs know whether there are any plans to make the Blenheim I/IF flyable at some point?
  9. True air speed will be higher than indicated air speed due to air density declining with altitude. There are conversion tables on the net but the easiest way to compensate is to do what you're already doing and manually adjust the bombsight airspeed until the cross hairs stay on the target.
  10. Any chance that instrument, nav and landing lights can be made operative for night flying. It's the only chance of surviving in a Blenheim!!
  11. Any possibility of being able to use custom skins on stationary aircraft as in IL-2 46? 
  12. Team Fusion, please, please can we have proper audio for the Tiger Moth. Much nicer to hear the dulcet tones of a Gypsy Major on song than the generic noise we have now! Looks nice though!
  13. I think I've sussed it. After you've altered the loadout in FMB it still doesn't appear on the "my plane" screen after clicking "play mission" but the loadouts do appear on the chosen aircraft. Odd!
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