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  1. "Extend impeller" key is for the back up generator on the Fiat BR20.
  2. If anyone is, like me, having a whale of a time getting their head round the bombsight in the Wellington 1c late this helps. As I understand it bombsight altitude setting (-1000' - +5000')is target altitude above or below sea level, airspeed setting (0-65mph) is wind speed and bombsight deviation (0-360) is wind direction.
  3. And me! The money is waiting!!!
  4. Surely the next collector plane has got to be the C-47. You can't invade Normandy without it.................hint to devs!!!
  5. Operator error!! I usually set up the sight en route but I thought I'd do it on the ground before T/O and could see why the sight wouldn't come up. Works OK in all the others on the ground and OK in the A-20 in the air. Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for the tip. Cheers!
  6. This is weird! I did what you said and yes, if you wait until "taxi to the runway" fades and then press V it works OK on Heinkels, Ju-88 and Pe2s but not the A-20. I still can't get the bombsight on the Boston. I can't figure why it works all right on the others but not the A-20. ( I've reset all the key strokes to default by the way).
  7. No joy. I removed and reinstated the stock keybind just to make sure, restarted Windows and still got the same problem. Keybind just gives black screen and "waiting for data". Pressed Esc with no response then had to go to task manager to shut down. Not very computer savvy so completely baffled!
  8. Cheers, will do. Just waiting for the latest DCS update to download (is that heresy on here??)
  9. Has anyone else lost the A-20 bombsight? Went for a flight in TAW earlier and when pressing LShift+V remained in the pilot's seat.. Tried in quick mission, same result. Tried Pe-2, He-111H-6&16 and Ju-88 and got a black screen with "waiting for data", when I pressed Esc the sight appeared under the quit options. Any ideas?
  10. Downloaded and running fine with no problems (Nvidia GTX1060). Thanks chaps for a super update, but please, please let the player have the option of removing flying tips and leaving the tech tips visible, it's damned annoying having a pop up telling you when to retract gear/flaps etc. All we need now is a flyable C-47........hint, hint!! Money waiting!!!
  11. Please, pleases, please make the Gooney flyable, bugger the cost!!
  12. Would it be possible to "go to red" for night time maps? Accessing the map in night missions really plays havoc with night vision!
  13. In the next TAW round would there be any chance of the odd night mission just so that those of us who don't fly fighters might actually stand a chance of getting to the target and back without being cannon fodder for the ubermensch?
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