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  1. I hope there are more twilight and night flights, it might give us U-2 drivers a fighting chance!!
  2. Can we at some point have a few night time missions? Flying a U-2 or Ju52 in daylight is usually a one way ticket and it gets a bit boring constantly being cannon fodder for heroes in uber fighters.
  3. Sorry for the friendly fire just now, I thought it was the elusive Ferdinand running for the trees, guess I was wrong.
  4. I'm quite happy trash hauling in a Tante Ju whether resupply or para drop, the challenge lies in the VFR navigation, but when you get killed nine times out of ten because no escort ever turns up it seems a bit futile. If nobody protects the transports then nobody gets to fly or drive anything. Not a moan just an observation!
  5. Thanks for that. Flew blue Ju52 this afternoon and no problems....................other than an La-5!!
  6. Hi guys. Would it be possible to check the kick logs for tonight? After an hour and a half of being kicked after take off I gave up. Airfields were populated each time and airstarts were OK for supply flights. Tried half a dozen airfields and restarted the game twice, still got kicked every time. No idea why! Cheers. P.S. After restarting yet again did a quick circuit of Illarionovsky (0423-5) in a Yak 1, everything OK. Then tried to supply sector 1 para drop, got kicked for the sixth time. After nearly two hours of being constantly kicked I gave up!!
  7. The PzIV and Tiger only seem to be able to be driven with the driver's hatch closed. Am I missing something?
  8. I do so hope the Gooney becomes a Collector Plane!!
  9. Loving the Hurricane, really nice job devs, thanks a lot!! Two minor niggles though; 1. The Type C fin flash on the starboard side is reversed 2. The P8 compass still operates incorrectly as it does in both Spitfires. It is a magnetic compass i.e. it always points to magnetic north and the aeroplane rotates around it and the bezel is adjusted to the desired heading. In game it is modelled as if a gyro compass, pointing to heading.
  10. Does anyone know if there are any plans to add drop tanks to the loadouts of applicable aircraft when the Normandy map is released?
  11. "Extend impeller" key is for the back up generator on the Fiat BR20.
  12. If anyone is, like me, having a whale of a time getting their head round the bombsight in the Wellington 1c late this helps. As I understand it bombsight altitude setting (-1000' - +5000')is target altitude above or below sea level, airspeed setting (0-65mph) is wind speed and bombsight deviation (0-360) is wind direction.
  13. Surely the next collector plane has got to be the C-47. You can't invade Normandy without it.................hint to devs!!!
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