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  1. I was reviewing old Air Force magazines and I came across this article and I thought it might be interesting reading to provide a general strategic background knowledge for BOBP. Enjoy AIR POWER IN THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE-ASPJ-1989_Vol3_No4.rar
  2. Agreed. I was comparing then both only mileage-wise.
  3. I just check the trip dinstance... 3800km... That's insane!!! To understand such a trip with my european mentality, I looked for a trip across Europe with the approximate same mileage... Here you have it. Gibraltar to Stockholm LOL Across seven different countries Spain-France-Belgium-The Netherlands-Germany-Denmark and Sweden... Have a good trip and drive safe!!!!
  4. And after that many more... C64, Amiga and PC. You name it, I've probably played it
  5. There is no change for me with the new net code. Even when I get rock solid 60FPS (Vsync on) and my GPU workload is around 70%, when I'm close to other players in multiplayer I get terrible stutters. I hope devs are able to narrow the problem down and fix it. After reading a lot about this issue I decided to stop trying to fix it with "the magical graphic setting", since it doesn't look to be related to any graphic setting in particular.
  6. NICE MOD!!! I don't take Devs' work lightly, but I think this is one on the few aspects of the game in which they are way off about how the nav lights are seen from other A/C, specially during the day. This toned down light look much better. Recommended
  7. Regarding the fov_triples - changes the initial fov. It's always too zoomed in for triples it works on my PC too. It is nice to have a way to adjust the FOV numerically and for all the planes at once, but the problem is that if it is a MOD, it's probably going to be restricted in multiplayer, and in this case it is a biggie for me. I had already adjusted and saved all the default cockpit view for each plane, the ones that are saved under data/Luascripts/Snapviews. This brings me to some nother questions: would it possible to repack the GTP that include the luascripts/cameras files using the modded wide fov camera settings, so there is no need to adjust and save each snapview individually? How would this affect the MODs on / MODs off status?
  8. OK, I already figured out how it works (or I think it works) with the original GTP files and the Modded ones. I was able to extract the original file and compare. It's a pity that I won't be able to use this online, but at least I can use the bombsight with the mods enabled mode. Thank you again for showing me the way...🙏
  9. This is what I get if i use the -alpha file Now makes sense the "using ungpt" part which I had not understood before. In my original installation I can´t find the bombsight folder... i have no clue what this ungpt thnig is and how to use it...😟
  10. Did you just resize the image or did you added canvas to the left and right? Anyhow this is a huge step forward on the right direction. Thanks
  11. Quick first results. My resolution is 60150x1200. I tried to get always the same TGT, but when the plane spawns in the air, it does it with a random heading, so I cound not get always the same image. the 3-monitor screenshots are taken from the same altitude though original 1 screen bombsight ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL BOMSIGHT ON MY MONITORS MODDED BOMBSIGHT with your file THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Your the triplescreen guru!!!! maybe you could explain us what you did so we can fin tune it ourselves....
  12. I fell down from the sofa and started running upstairs to check this!!!! I'll report back ASAP
  13. Too bad... That's probably hardcoded somewhere in the code, and not in an editable config file.
  14. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!! Such a simple fix that allows me to see the whole airplane after all this years.... Too bad devs didn't tell us this part was of the (in-general-screwed-up) "2d" config for three monitors was so easy to fix. Now it would be awesome if you could do the same for the map and the Bomsight of he-111 and the pe-2...🙏
  15. The overlays I posted are quite specific for its purpose, because they are specifically created to be the wallpaper for the little 800x600 monitors behind the MFD. This way I can create different wallpapers profiles and change the OSB labels quite easily for the different simms I play. On top of that, on the empty space I can display some instruments if the sim allows gauges extraction: This is an example with Condor2
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