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  1. Well, number 2 and 3 are program specific problems and we could "blame" devs for them, but number 1 is just a matter of geometry. You can't project an spherical world on a flat screen without distortion. Period. Tell the map makers about that. They have been dealing with three issue for centuries... The bigger the FOV you want to use, the bigger the distortion. Nothing you can do about that. There are simulators like DCS or Condor, with the possibility to render three (or more) views from different angles. That reduces distortion greatly, but it comes also with a big performance toll. But BOS does not have this option, thus it's is limited to a single rendering point of view. What you can do is to find a compromise between the distortion and the zoom (FOV) that you are using. I for one use a triple screen FOV narrower than the one most players are used to. So to a lot of them me display would seem like too much zoomed in. As I said, it's a matter of finding your balance point. You can check different FOVs with the mouse wheel and once you find the one you liked, you can "save" the default view, so next time you fly that airplane, the default fov and head position would be the one you saved. This has to be done independently for each aircraft and at the moment it is not possible to be done via config file with a numeric value. I already asked a long time ago about points 2 and 3. Apparently devs are aware of the problem, but priority is very low. To be honest I don't think they will ever fix it.
  2. I have read this on several posts in this thread... Why do you guys equal advantage to become a killer? In servers like Berloga I can almost understand this point. But in more "mission oriented servers" like TAW (the ones I like the most) you get a hell of a tactical advantage by simply being able to ID bogeys at a further distance that they are able to ID you. For some players it's not all about the number of kills, even when we fly fighters. I suck at aiming. Tbh I suck at most aspects when it comes to competitive gaming. But if, on top of that, you put the fact that some players can spot and/or ID me way sooner than I can them.. IDing sooner won't help your aiming, but for sure will help you to take better tactical decisions an to have the initiative in combat, which is very important. Well, I think I made my point.
  3. I for one didn't whine. I'm just saying server admins should be able to control this, because it is obvious that some players are misusing it. Well, maybe it's not so obvious for people who speak f-Russian...
  4. I don`t doubt of the original good intentions of the mod developers, but it is clear to ma that it has become an expliot. 20KM??? believe me, to be able to spot an airplane this size at 20km (around 11NM) is very, very difficult. Sometimes under ideal conditions (clear day, looking against a very uniform white cloud layer, etc) it is possible. But to spot an airplane against the ground at 11NM is almost a miracle. now you know. Its either that and/or chat spying.
  5. Fact: Players with 2D screens are using this mod. Fact: I never asked for the mod to be removed. I just said that the server admins should have the tools to prevent this mod from being used. As far as I know, right know this mod can be used even with the mods off option.
  6. Cone on... You know better... Sometimes the lines that divides a tool (to adapt out compensate RL to computer screen) is a little bit blurry. But zoom with autofocus at 50km... I think no mod should be banned, but at least the server admins should be able to force this one off.
  7. I think that, at least, servers admins should be able to decide whether they want to allow this Mod on the servers or not. It is my understanding that right now it can be used on servers that do not allow modd, right?
  8. I was reviewing old Air Force magazines and I came across this article and I thought it might be interesting reading to provide a general strategic background knowledge for BOBP. Enjoy AIR POWER IN THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE-ASPJ-1989_Vol3_No4.rar
  9. Agreed. I was comparing then both only mileage-wise.
  10. I just check the trip dinstance... 3800km... That's insane!!! To understand such a trip with my european mentality, I looked for a trip across Europe with the approximate same mileage... Here you have it. Gibraltar to Stockholm LOL Across seven different countries Spain-France-Belgium-The Netherlands-Germany-Denmark and Sweden... Have a good trip and drive safe!!!!
  11. And after that many more... C64, Amiga and PC. You name it, I've probably played it
  12. There is no change for me with the new net code. Even when I get rock solid 60FPS (Vsync on) and my GPU workload is around 70%, when I'm close to other players in multiplayer I get terrible stutters. I hope devs are able to narrow the problem down and fix it. After reading a lot about this issue I decided to stop trying to fix it with "the magical graphic setting", since it doesn't look to be related to any graphic setting in particular.
  13. NICE MOD!!! I don't take Devs' work lightly, but I think this is one on the few aspects of the game in which they are way off about how the nav lights are seen from other A/C, specially during the day. This toned down light look much better. Recommended
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