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  1. This one I always enjoyed, fits the WWII theme nicely too. πŸ˜„
  2. Can you reproduce it and make a video? I for one would be interested in seeing this phenomenon. 😏
  3. You just have to get used to it. There's a good YouTube video about plane identification out there, just can't remember who made it right now.
  4. I'm with @Voidhunger, I know it'll probably never happen but I'd love an Me163, it's such a fascinating aircraft. 😍
  5. Yeah but Galland was kind of a special case, I doubt the rank and file got that option.
  6. What I reckon they should do is put the collector G6 into BoN, give it all the required additions as modifications, then release a new collector plane and give it to those of us who bought the G6. (Or something along those lines anyway.)
  7. I'd honestly be fine if they made a heavy bomber AI only, medium, two engined kites are fun to fly but big aircraft are just too boring for me personally. (I prefer shooting 'em down! 😁)
  8. Perhaps I misunderstood, I thought you meant make a mod option for an existing plane from BoBp which people who own both it can use it in BoN as well.
  9. But it's still not included in BoN. But Count you're only thinking in terms of (axis) competitive multiplayer, which is fine but not the main purpose of this sim. I think most people are interested in (fairly) accurately reenacting parts of the air war.
  10. Okay here we go: So the idea was to mount the G940 as close as possible to the seat without having it actually touch it (hence the slight C-shape of the design) and also to make the whole unit removable as my simpit is of a semi-modular design, meaning I can set it up for flying or driving. Also as the seat's position can be adjusted I also wanted the joystick mounted directly to it. You can see here how it is mounted: Next, as I mentioned earlier I didn't want to modify the G940 itself except for cutting the wires to extend them so I had to design compatible parts to attach to both the base and the grip. This I would probably not do again as it was a hell of a hassle to make and had a couple of minor fitting problems with the base. (Ignore the block in the bottom-left of the second image and the brake lever concept in the third image.) The extension itself was pretty straightforward, I decided to make it quickly removable with thumbscrews (from the base) and screw connectors for the wiring. I also wanted to be able to have the ability to offset the angle of the grip for comfort, I decided upon a shaft and clamp design as it was easy and I didn't know what angle I wanted. Also I knew I wanted a brake lever at some point in the future so I made a "block" directly under where the grip would be which will be easy to mount to in the future. And finally I disabled the dead-man switch in the G940's grip (believe it or not the best solution I came up with for this was to put some aluminium foil in the pocket where the sensor is mounted and bulge it out slightly through the hole [having it flat didn't work] gently with a pen or something) and I didn't want the thing bouncing around when e.g. booting up my PC or between missions and menus, etc. so I designed a position-locking arm. This turned out to be a good idea as if you forget to attach the arm and the force feedback centring is released and reapplied the inertia of the (now longer and heavier) joystick returning to centre coupled with the G940's damping causing it to start bouncing back and forth indefinitely, which while somewhat funny to watch, can't I imagine be good for force feedback internals.
  11. Recently upgraded from an Oculus Rift CV1 to a Pimax 5K+ with the Vive DAS mod.
  12. I and many others can't go back after trying VR, it's awesome. I keep having this problem that I'm in my cockpit and wanting to pull out my phone to take a pic to send to someone because it's so great and immersive, like "Yeah this is what I'm up to at the moment, just off to intercept some bombers in my D9".
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