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  1. No problem in my opinion, I'd rather have it done right than done quick.
  2. I had the CRG9 for about a week, honestly it (like so many monitors) is over rated due to the backlight shining through the blacks, making them silvery and giving the whole image weird contrasts in the colours, most noticeable in dark scenes. This is exacerbated by the curve. This seems to be a problem with so many monitors and I thought by now companies would have sorted it out but buying this monitor took me back to buying my first 27" IPS about 7 years old, I went through 3 before contacting I guy on YouTube who suggested an Eizo screen which I've been very happy with. The size is awesome, I loved playing shooters on it but it's absolutely no substitute for VR.
  3. You know I was just thinking the same thing.
  4. Okay little update, just a small one but with some info that could be potentially useful to others wanting to work on similar projects. This is all relating to the hall sensor and magnet placement. So I turned the diameter of the hall sensor mounts from 6mm down to 5mm so I could move the magnets as close as possible to the hall sensor itself (using stainless steel washers as spacers) because the sensitivity of those A1302s is a bit low (should consulted Sokol1 on that before buy but oh well, this works). Also I discovered that there's a bit of a deadzone at each end of the full 180° travel (ie when the magnets and sensor are "parallel" [how they are aligned in the picture]) so I'm going to remake the sensor mounts (somehow) so they sit 45° (well 315° from the picture perspective) to how they are now so the deadzones will end up outside of the used 90° of travel. Finally I'll make another alteration to the mounts, the hall sensors are sitting too high and this seems to affect their operation so on the new iteration the sensors will be sitting exactly in the centre of magnet's axis.
  5. This all sounds super awesome, can't wait to try it out!
  6. I read that Corona has lost like $455 million over this scare, that's a lot of seriously stupid people. (Honestly I thought their business would improve.)
  7. Ah that all sounds pretty sweet, cute dog! What's his/her name?
  8. Hey buddy, What projects are you working on, anything interesting? I'm flattered you're coping my project, any questions just ask. Here's a little update, working on the quadrant with my dad while visiting home. He's a freakin' genius my old man...
  9. This is why I've been saying for a while that the should make it a realism option for those of us who have an axis for braking and want a more realistic experience. (I also think they need to add in something like a "brake lever" control, something separate from "wheel brakes" which doesn't affect toe brakes so we can add the Me262 front wheel brake to the same axis and not have it apply toe brakes when you depress it.)
  10. Hey Merlin, Check you don't have throttle and rpm bound to the same axis (or the one to each throttle axis and then have them physically locked together). Also do you have any engine assists on? Hope this is helpful.
  11. Yes I've heard the M.1C was a great plane but the Air Ministry (or whoever it was at the time) didn't have a lot of faith in monoplanes... Anyway put me down for Bloody April with at least four 2-seaters.
  12. I haven't had time to do a lot of testing but I the one crash I had the vibration didn't stop. Edit: Forgot to mention that was v1.35 beta.
  13. For me a big one was target identification, learning the shapes of aircraft to figure out sooner what is friend or foe. I think it was this video that taught me a lot. (Great channel regardless.)
  14. Was the dev's birthday present for me, cheers Han! 🥳
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