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  1. If that's true that'd freakin' sweet! (PS: Great user profile, the First Law Series is awesome!)
  2. I'm wondering about the viability of drop tanks in the sim, I mean how many of us are going to fly long enough to actually make use of them? Even in the Bf-109? I won't be unless I start using time compression + autopilot (which I might have to to start doing anyway owing to frequency of my PC BSoD-ing during extended VR sessions πŸ™„).
  3. To be fair there are mid-engined Porsches, the Carrera GT for example.
  4. This is easily answered. They aren't releasing planes in an order to fit any meta or anything like that, they're releasing them as they make them so we can try them out before BoN releases. The game is in Early Access, be thankful that you get anything at all.
  5. Actually considering how physically limited pilots were due to flight suits, etc. and being fairly firmly strapped in it's arguably more realistic they way it is (for VR users). (Granted people who play online with TrackIR etc. have an unfair and unrealistic advantage but I don't play online so I don't give two shits about "online fairness". 😜) I agree with your first suggestion, that'd be super helpful!
  6. This. I started a D9 career at an airfield with 262's in the hope I'd get a bunch of these missions. (And use some cool, red-bottomed skins. 😁)
  7. Haven't quite done that but I've certainly strained something in my neck and suffered with that the following day. πŸ˜…
  8. Type of improvement: Control. Explanation of proposals: Separate "Wheel Brakes" control that doesn't affect toe brakes. Benefits: Allowing people who have toe brakes on their rudder pedals and a brake lever on their joystick to not have the latter affect the former (for nitpicky realism reasons) but more importantly allow us to bind the Me262 front wheel brake to the joystick lever and let us use the front brake without applying the toe brake. Currently I have to use a modifier (shift+lever) to do this. This should be a pretty simple addition, right?
  9. This looks awesome, superb job guys! I try not to ask for much because you guys are already do an amazing job so just a thought here, would it be possible to have the exposed metal parts in the various cockpits reflective? I think that would help the immersion factor as much, if not more than this update.
  10. I have had no problems. Maybe if I try to update within a few hours of a release it go a bit slow but that's about it. (Besides I have enough other things in my life to keep me occupied while waiting for an update. πŸ˜…)
  11. Best to avoid the Steam version if you don't have it already, seems to make things more complicated, plus buying direct gives more money to the Devs! I think "module" describes them best. And finally: Welcome! IL-2 Great Battles is an amazing simulator with a (generally) awesome community and a great and communicative development team.
  12. You mean prop RPM, not pitch. ☝️🧐 @recon28501 Complex Engine Management isn't too hard to learn and very rewarding once you do, I highly recommend you check out The Air Combat Tutorial Library on YouTube, great way to learn.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the help, guys!
  14. So I feel certain someone must have talked about this somewhere however I can't seem to find any info on it. When I zoom with my Pimax 5K+ in IL-2 each display zooms in the direction its screen is facing and with the Pimax's canted screens the resulting effect is rather unpleasant - currently I close one eye when I zoom but it's hardly a good solution. Is there some setting I've missed or a fix for this? Thanks.
  15. Man this all sounds awesome, thanks devs, you guys are amazing!
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