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  1. Depends on the release date but considering they haven't released a single aircraft yet you still have some time. 👍
  2. I think so, gold and silver are for if you preorder or buy it in early access.
  3. Soilworker

    B-25 Poll

    Honestly I don't think this poll means much if you don't include the option of not buying it at all. I probably would buy it but I'm not sure as bombers aren't super fun to fly for me.
  4. I was just thinking yesterday that sea rescue missions would be cool...
  5. I used the Warthog throttle for a while as an upgrade to my G940 and it was a definite improvement. However. I found the latching toggle switches annoying, the TARGET software is a bit clunky IMO but I figured out how to use it and it was a solution of sorts. Also the number of switches was a tad lacking for me (I have a cockpit and don't used a keyboard). Additionally the location of many of the switches are annoying to get to. None of these issues are major but I upgraded to a Virpil T-50 throttle a couple of years back and it
  6. I wish they had 262 take-off/landing protection missions, that's what I made my D9 career for, was a little disappointed if I'm honest. Here's hoping they'll be added in the future...
  7. You're welcome mate. I'm not 100% sure and others can answer it better but I think it has something to do with the red and green boxes but I only ever fly on Custom with only a couple of boxes checked like Warmed Up Engine, Allow Spectators, etc.
  8. Well no because the plane's shape stays the same regardless of the skin, people's faces are all sorts of different shapes.
  9. This. Honestly at this point without this feature the sim is basically unplayable, I don't know how the devs think we can carry on without it! Instead they waste their time with frivolous features such as new planes and bug fixes. It's an outrage! I will not be playing anymore until this feature is added and without me playing SP the company will certainly feel the financial strain! ...Yeah, I'm bored and procrastinating tidying up the kitchen.
  10. Bf 110 E-2 there buddy, we don't have the C. 😉
  11. I think it's because the US planes now have position instead of percentage in technochat. @Thorns1 How is that dumbing down? It's just showing the position the lever's in.
  12. Really? Lame. Well that's why I almost never play multiplayer games.
  13. I can see it turning into a tactic, jettisoning your canopy in the hopes of prop-striking the bogey on your 6. 😅
  14. I'm afraid I can't help a lot but I would suggest a troubleshooting step, try using an alternate sound source (such as your headphones or speakers) and also without VR at all to help determine more precisely where the problem lies. If it's only when using the Oculus you could try contacting their tech support, they're usually pretty good. Good luck.
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