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  1. Fw190A-4/U3 was the precursor to the F-Series, later renamed to 190F-1. It had the outer wing guns removed and an ETC501 with reinforced armor: http://www.focke-wulf190.com/frame3.htm
  2. Very nice write-up. not only is the balance between bombers and fighters terible in WT, there is a definite "leveling" of aircraft sturdiness simply based on their position in the tech tree - the same fuselage and wings on an early model of a plane suddenly take a lot more punishment before they break on a late-model aircraft for no reason whatsoever. Also, have a look at the WT DM in their SDK, with so few parts to break off the DM is pretty much on the same level of il2 which came out in 2001. Also, have a look at all the Russian plane textures with wooden wing and fuselages, they all have paint scratched off their surfaces revealing natural metal underneath the paint, even though it's not actually metal. Stark contrast to the Russian planes, both textures and 3D models are masterpieces imo, and not just aesthetically but especially research-wise!
  3. I don't have a definite favourite but since nobody mentioned it yet: Yak-3 Imo it's both aestetically appealing and yet all purpose - light weight, small wings and overall small size, no cannon buldges causing any extra drag etc. Complete opposite of the P-47 :D
  4. They were an optional Rüstsatz until the A-4 version where they became factory-default. Have a look at pictures of any A-3s, doesn't matter of it's channel coast or JG54 in the winter of 42/43, you will have a hard time finding stubby FF/M barrels. Even on A-4 they seem to have been rare based on pictures. The B-24 or B-17 (whichever entered europe first) is basically what triggered the serial-installment of the outer 20ies.
  5. Except he calls it Schlachtgruppe 1, which never existed to my knowledge.
  6. Pretty sure that will be far more valuable than any gun pod or skin you can unlock
  7. Excuse me for disrespecting your saitek pedals but I have both saiteks and MFG, and the former are a piece of plastic junk in comparision. It is very much like the review says, with the saiteks you are really just guessing your ammount of input and then compensate again, like shooting a weapon from the hip and using the tracers to correct your aim, while with the MFG you are on target right away.
  8. Man bedenke dass die Community schon JETZT an BOS mitwirkt bevor es überhaupt draußen ist.
  9. Or we could just ask for a Me262, it is up to the mission maker to use them! yep, I believe the skin thread is already called "G-2 early", so this implies there will at least be a "G-2 late" as well, no idea if it will be derated but I think it is safe to assume so. When that one is released I am pretty sure we will see either Yak1b or La5F debuting on the Russian side, or even both.
  10. IIRC the (rear) pilot armor in the 109 and 190 only protected from normal rifles rounds, not the UB or the shvak. Not sure about 20mm HE rounds but even those might be too powerful.
  11. Awesome pictures And I actually find the RLM 74 to be just fine if it is the same colour as on the 109F, always a bit situational on screenshots due to the lighting and reflections.
  12. Indeed it does not. To my knowledge it uses collision models that approximate the shape of the aircraft/parts, so there should be very little if any issue.
  13. A P-47 with 6 Hispano Mk.V now that I want to see
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