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  1. I have linked my Steam account with my store's account from the company quite a while ago. Everything is fine, if I buy any content directly from the devs, I have it on Steam also, and it works the other way around too; everything I bought on Steam in the past is available if I use the launcher from the devs...As it should be... There is one exception though; I purchased " Fortress on the Volga" on Steam initially and I can play it on Steam, but it is locked and shows as a campaign I have to buy if I use the company's launcher... And if I try to buy it (again) from the store, it says that I ca
  2. I've encountered quite a few bugs in career mode, but not this one... Was it a career you had not played in a long time, before the latest update ??
  3. brief description: BoBP Dora (Fw190 D9) campaign - mission with no ground kills and sudden crash detailed description : 30-40 minutes mission against ground attack airplanes. Encounter Tempests (ground attack ?? ...eh... no....). Got a few ground kills myself, not accounted for in stats... good start !!! ... Then shot down 3 Tempests while they were landing at their AB, but no mission completed indication, I RTB , and my squad mates circle endlessly around a waypoint; try to leave the mission and it crashes to desktop. Have to redo the mission all over.😣 I know I'll s
  4. I completed a short 109k4 campaign and encounterd no P38, no P51, no Spit. Just tempests and P47s. Got boring after a while. I'm presently completing a Macchi 202 BoM career... initially a few P40s, then only Mig-3s plus the odd Pe2 and Il-2. No Yak, no LaGG, just a few I-16.
  5. Brief description : there are two separate 443 RCAF squadrons BoBp... Detailed description : This is not a bug "per se", just a typo I guess... No 442 AI squadron is listed, in parenthesis, as 443 squadron (2nd screenshot) . Here are the pics : the real 443 and the other one, plus a headquarters screenshot ... Yeah, I know, it's just a little detail but I had to report it...
  6. This was the first scripted campaign I ever completed. Thanks BlackSix, it is a great campaign, well scripted, with some variety and substance. I just love the IL-2; I really enjoy ground attack planes. There is a Hs-129 scripted campaign that I haven't tried yet (Panzerknacker). May be I will look at it after I'm done with my Macchi 202 Career mode campaign.
  7. Fantastic ! Can't wait to start a career on the eastern front ! On the western front (Rhineland map and eventually Normandy), I guess that in order to be historically accurate the Hurricane won't be available in career mode Note that the second Hurri has been modified to accommodate a rear gunner....
  8. Brief description : No ground kill when over target I'm pleased to see that with the new update, It is now possible to simply take-off and get into the mission during night fighter bomber campaigns in BoBP (I'm flying the FW-190 A-8) ...but... cause yes, there is a but... In the target area, ground targets are invulnerable... They explode in your face, but are not recorded as such. Mission after mission, me and my AI mates can't record any ground kill. In AI missions that I'm not a part of, though, it's possible for the AI pilots to record kills. I've also noticed, when I'm part of
  9. I' m not very original, I pay tribute to those who really flew the planes back then in WW2 and made ace : Pokryshkyn for the P39, Hartmann and Barkhorn for the 109, Dortenmann for the Dora, Olds for the P38, and so on... I use James Francis Edwards for the Spit, although he is better know for his achievements in North Africa on the P40, but he eventually flew the Spit in Italy and NWE. I prefer Career mode to multiplayer (for now), so I try to create a sense of immersion by picking actual pilots who were present on the theater of operation.
  10. I've been trying again and again to play night mission campaigns in Bodenplatte (career mode) with both NSGr 2 (Stuka) and NSGr 20 (FW190 A8); this is a total mess. I use custom settings with minimal assistance. On some occasions missions just won't load. Sometimes there is no waypoints on the map before you start the mission and you can't personalize your plane (skin, load), sometimes there is no internal cockpit POV when the mission begins (you just get a spectator POV), or it's just a black screen with sweet nothing. It's a real nightmare. I think it has been reported before, but I'm not su
  11. I make it a personal duty of mine to report every apparent bug that I see !! Thank you for taking the time to read what is reported
  12. I'm a little confused here; During a Mig-3 campaign in BOM, I received a first then a second Order of the Red Banner (early) in the initial months of the campaign; then, near the end of the campaign, I received my third ORB (late) end eventually another third (early ) on the same day, but on separate missions !!! I assume this is a bug. Note that from what I remember, the first two were obtained before the latest update (4,003), the last two after. Of secondary interest maybe : note that I also obtained 2 Hero of the Soviet Union awards the same day I received my last two ORB... qu
  13. I thought the problem was exclusive to BOBP, but I also encountered it on the Kuban map.
  14. This game is just what the doctor ordered ... This is the perfect drug, but even perfect drugs have side effects; secondary treatment is then necessary....But sometimes the treatment prescribed ( read : updates) is worst than the disease. We are talking here about a small development team that is doing its best, and this is enough as far as I am concerned. At the same time, shortcomings are inevitable.This is why posting every bug you encounter is a necessity. Support the devs, report what you see...And buy everything, lol... here, not on Steam (as I used to do)
  15. I have encountered this problem twice so far : My squadron has to provide close escort to B25's... On both occasions, we got separated from the bombers in order to deal with enemy fighters. When afterwards we rejoin the bombers, they are way past the bombing area, which they have not bombed, and they continue their flight way into enemy territory. Here are 2 screenshots. On the first one, you can see on the map the group of bombers. On the second one, on my way back to base (I decided to RTB on my own), I cross paths with an isolated plane from my squadron that runs around in circle, literally
  16. Normandy was the scenario I was looking for. Pacific Theater came (close) second. I am very anxious to fly the Typhoon, the Mosquito and the Me410, but the Ar-234 does not belong to BON, seriously, what is this all about, it was not a factor in Normandy... But It will be a nice addition to Bodenplatte...Nonetheless, I will purchase this, I will buy BON to support the devs. The Pacific theater (with multiple chapters I hope), the Vistula, Bagration, Kursk will come next I assume (In my dreams, lol). Isn't this a great sim ? Well, just support it... (not at full price though, haha)
  17. To illustrate the whole problem re: AI planes, here are screenshots of the waypoint located directly on the mountain's side The AI planes become lost and confused and crash down one after the other. On one occasion, a plane did not even take off... I also once put my plane on autopilot and it crashed. As I said, I was not leading the flight. I prefer to climb up the ladder during my career. The downside is that you cannot redefine the location/height of the waypoints for your mission
  18. Hope this is the right place to report this, if not redirect me. I have started an IL-2 career (version 1943, ground attack), BOK, and the AI planes (from 8th squadron) keep on crashing down on the mountains after take-off. I did not start the campaign as squadron leader. This is really a mess. I have started this campaign in the final chapter (Taman), not the initial one (s). Another bug, not related : I completed the initial chapters of a career in BOM, flying the I-16, and wanted to end the campaign when asked to transfer to another squadron for the rest of BOM. You
  19. thanks, did not have this one installed, just the "original" iterations, but I played them all, Aces, pe2, forgotten battles, 1946... and quite a few campaigns from independent sources. Never came across this one... BTW, from your avatar, seems we both appreciate "Buzz" 🙂
  20. Thanks for the info. Yes RAAF ans RNZAF were present in the old game, but not the RCAF
  21. In career mode, with BOBP, will we have access to RCAF squadrons from 2nd TAF ? They played a significant role in NWE and should not be ignored. I was disappointed that there was no reference whatsoever to the RCAF in the original IL-2, back in the days. Forgotten Battles ? A few squadrons from 126 wing would be nice...
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