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  1. I've tried other games ; they can detect the twist/yaw axis. So it's not that my joystick itself is broken or something...
  2. Solved my own problem... There was also a message saying each time : update required...So I had to reactivate the incomplete, paused download... It happened 10 times or so during the installation before I could complete it. Sometimes it would not work, the download would not restart so I had to try again... Never saw something like that before on Steam.
  3. I juts decided to reinstall IL-2 1946 after a short hiatus and I keep on getting that Disk Write Error message at some random point during the download. Did everything I could think of to deal with this : I moved the installation of the game to another drive, emptied the download cache, verified file integrity, unchecked the "read-only" box for the whole Steam file on my drive, etc... Downloading other games is fine (tried Black Ops 2, Rainbow 6)... except Cliffs of Dover... Any idea ??
  4. Yes, clearly, this is not an issue. And everything else works fine, except for the yaw axis, as described
  5. Hope this is the right place to reports this It looks like since the last update fix, the yaw axis of my Thrustmaster 16000 joystick is not detected by the game... All planes deviate to the right and even at takeoff the rudder is inclined to the right. No way to calibrate this if I go back to the "settings". The yaw axis is just not detected at all... Makes taking off and flying... a bit complicated... To say the least... I'm just a SP player and I don't fly on "expert", I use custom settings, but resorting to "rudder assist" makes things a little too simple... I've had this joysti
  6. Someone who just purchased the game on Steam also mentioned receiving an email of that sort. I'm curious to see what those campaigns will look like... Scripted campaigns of some sort I guess. Career mode will not be implemented.
  7. Yes, only one way apparently, this is what I noticed too
  8. This is in order to report eventual bugs with the support of those data. The question is self explanatory : I don't know how to record tracks/ create a crash dump. Sorry if those points have been addressed in the past but there's nothing I could really find on the forum.
  9. You are right, but I have posted repeatedly about those flaws and they know them : Transfer to another squadron that ruins your career (crash)... FW190A3 BOS with no AI kills... Ground targets that are not registered as destroyed (almost solved...will also affect MP I guess)... Endless circling around waypoints (rarely happens)... Erratic AI behavior, including planes that crash into mountains on BOK maps.... Random crash to desktop after mission completion...Night missions that are considered "completed" even if you are halfway to the target, etc. The worst problem has to do with careers tha
  10. DM and sounds are incredible, even during SP missions. I was in the middle of my second mission in Rzhev's scripted campaign (thanks @Juri_JS); I overshot an IL-2 and it fired back at me from my 6; the sound of the IL-2 gun was quite something, very loud and deep, nothing I've heard before; The rounds that hit my FW190A3 fuselage did not sound as good, but I felt them. The canopy was hit, the sound effect was incredible and I almost felt sucked out of my plane, lol 💀. Kudos guys, good job !! When I post, I generally complain a lot, since SP needs a serious overhaul (still the case btw, even a
  11. Worked for me !! I just deleted the original but useless .eng files and renamed the .rus... Of course, Google Translate doesn't do a perfect job, but mission briefings are understandable... That's what counts. Still, I modified the files (I modified the translations, this is easy to do) to make the briefings more understandable.... Lots of free time because of confinement, gotta keep busy,🙃. BTW, with v4.005, you will need to use the editor and convert the missions to binary. Keep up the good work @Diman_Ivan_san
  12. Well... I downloaded them all...Really all, even if early BF109 versions behave more or less similarly. In any case, it helps me improve my skills and level up the realism settings I use in my SP careers. Thanks. Great help for the 262 and the La-5; just taking off with those planes was a pain before... The Hs129 is also quite tricky. Hope it's coming soon !! Although there are many excellent tutorials on Youtube, those missions are fresh reminders readily accessible once you have launched the game. Kudos. Really appreciated.
  13. Mig3 vs Bf109s P40 vs Bf109s (got to get up close and personal if you fly the P40) I16 vs Bf109's (The Rata is extremely maneuverable and can cause a surprise) FW190A3 VS Whatever FW190D9 vs Tempest Macchi202 vs Mig3 The Macchi is undergunned and can hardly outturn a Mig (this is at least my experience), but when you nail it, it's a real satisfaction
  14. Hi it's me again !! Brief description: Pilot systematically removed from 2nd or 3rd missions BOM Detailed description: This happened After I transferred from III/JG51 to IV/JG51 everything went fine until My Bf109 career was considered "completed"; a screen mentioned that it was completed although 3 months remained to BOM; at least I was asked if I wanted to continue by transferring to another unit, which I did. Then, when I tried to proceed to the next day, I got an error message : Proceed next day failed. I left the game, restarted it, and to my relief I could co
  15. It's all good, no need to apologize, the career was playable for a few missions after I reinstalled my archived Career folder (and all of my other campaigns in that folder are ok) . It's only after a while that I got the error message, it's a different issue altogether; as I said , I also got that message in the past in a different career.
  16. What do you mean by : "old files are archived by you, just return them back" ? If you mean that I should reinstall the career folder that I archived, this is exactly what I did, obviously. This was my initial career, the one I started on Steam, the same one that I was referring to in my initial post... I was 30+ missions in. I got the same error message a month ago in a Macchi 202 career, but after a couple of attempts at restarting the career, it finally worked, for some unknown reason...Not this time though... So, to sum things up: A3 careers do not allow kills on AI
  17. All of my careers are with Steam and do not appear with the launcher. My accounts are linked but I never use the launcher cause my collector planes and scripted campaigns acquired on Steam prior to update 3,004 are not recognized when i use the launcher. Nevertheless, I'll do the test... Editing : Ok done. Same thing happened. No kills on 3 AI missions that were considered accomplished : bomber escort, vehicle attack, river crossing. The FW190 A3 is a plane that I acquired on steam after 3,004 if i remember correctly, so I tried the La-5 series 8, also acquired after, and
  18. Just took a break from my FW190-A3 BoS carrer, which is going fine, and decided to purchase FC vol 1... To support the devs... Just for that reason... Cause essentially, I'm a SP player and I knew the SP content was just not there, except for this campaign. Kudos to you, @SYN_Vander, I' m really enjoying this so far. You did one hell of a good job !!
  19. Very immersive and well scripted. I'm halfway through the campaign. Having a bit of a problem getting rid of those Bf109 in mission 8, but I will prevail, eventually... 3rd attempt on the way 😊....Kudos to the author.
  20. @-DED-Rapidus Ok, this is what happened : nothing happened... When AI missions are conducted they generate no kill, but they are considered "accomplished" more often than not. I initially believed (first post) this was due to restarting the career with the same pilot/squadron/timeline, but it is not the case apparently. Strangely enough, I don't remember AI missions accomplishing nothing (in terms of kill) when I started my first career. This was a while back, a few updates have appeared since then. Sometimes they come up with certain negative impacts from what I can tell...
  21. @-DED-Rapidus Just did that. It erased any trace of previous careers, as I expected. I then tried to create a new career; this is what i got: @-DED-Rapidus the init.sql has to remain in the folder. Only the cp/data base file has to be cleared, if not the list is not available proceeding with testing... will let you know
  22. It's me again... brief description : 2 consecutive AI ground attack missions accomplished with nothing being destroyed... detailed description : BOS FW190 A3 career (love that plane). On my first day into the campaign, 2 AI ground attack missions come out as "accomplished " despite the fact that nothing was accomplished... No ground kill... Rather perplexing from my point of view. Is this... normal ... ?? This is a career that I restarted after 30 missions + because I got killed and just wanted to start over. Overlapping files bug ? it keeps on happening af
  23. I have linked my Steam account with my store's account from the company quite a while ago. Everything is fine, if I buy any content directly from the devs, I have it on Steam also, and it works the other way around too; everything I bought on Steam in the past is available if I use the launcher from the devs...As it should be... There is one exception though; I purchased " Fortress on the Volga" on Steam initially and I can play it on Steam, but it is locked and shows as a campaign I have to buy if I use the company's launcher... And if I try to buy it (again) from the store, it says that I ca
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