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  1. Please to hear that; where can we find your application ?
  2. It's probably related to the newest update. All 3rd party missions are not functioning anymore and get that message, unless you use the editor (go to the tool tab : convert to binaries for new campaigns or resave all missions for those already in progress). It works for most missions and campaigns, but not all of them.
  3. 3rd party missions and campaigns are not operational anymore... Of course the "old trick" of converting missions to binaries using the mission editor still works, so you can bring them back to life in most cases, but seriously, guys, do you think I wanna lose time doing this ?? ... As a member of the career mode/single player community, I feel a bit let down, despite the beautiful Tempest campaign. I understand that you can not offer any guarantee regarding 3rd party missions and campaigns, because.. well... they are not produced by you.. But you have to understand, no offense, that the SP com
  4. @oc2209, I'm off topic a bit, but since you are completing a FW190A3 career, can you confirm something I have observed systematically ? (I tested it with five or six pretend careers) : Missions conducted by AI pilots (missions that you are not a part of) generate no kills at all. No ground kills... No air kills... But on those missions you fly, the pilots flying with you will get kills. This is the only plane that seems affected by this little bug in career mode. Btw, the A3 is my favorite plane. Fast, agile, with a lot of firepower. The extra 20mm in the outer wings will affect performance, b
  5. Hi, may be it's been reported before, but I only noticed this bug recently, since 4.008 probably : burning structures/buildings on the ground emit intermittent smoke: one moment it is there, then it disappears slowly and reappears. Here is a .trk file to illustrate the whole issue. In this instance it occurs as I am about to take off, but this problem can also be observed from the air, in-flight. I could not find a way to play the .trk file using vlc; I do not know what converter/player to use. tempest mkv - rat catchers.2020-08-22_23-43-19_00.rar My vide
  6. @-DED-Rapidus; hi, I posted a couple of days ago; any additional file/info that you would need ? I only uploaded my gen.mission file
  7. Brief description: Kuban Yak career; my pilot's name is removed from 2nd and 3rd mission of the day. Detailed description: I have recently started a Yak-9 career and halfway through (after 2 months of operation probably ?), I stopped being awarded medals despite some obvious achievements and I got no promotion. I also noticed that it is impossible to retrace my achievements for a given day before a certain date (in the "Planning Room"; the screen just freezes). The most significant issue : if my pilot is not scheduled for the first sortie of the day, I can't fly, because the name o
  8. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, but my PC runs smoothly at max settings, so I guess I'm just a poor shot, lol 😄. Well, that's not really true, in fact I'm quite good at deflection shots, but I'm an average virtual pilot; you gotta know how to handle those planes and I'm still learning. Regarding over-claiming, the average level of corroboration is between 50-80 % for exceptional pilots, at least in North Africa, so depending on the pilot, it's more than just a few kills you need to subtract. In the case of Marseille , with a level of corroboration of 65-70%, this would mean 102-11
  9. Gee, I feel embarrassed a bit, the most I shot down was 5 during a scripted P40 mission created by the devs for BOM (3 Bf 110 and 2 109). I also shot down 4 I-16s during a mission of a scripted campaign (10 days of autumn). As far as career mode goes, I shot down 4 with the FW190A3, the Tempest (all FW190A8) and the P-51. I fly with custom settings (which includes no aiming assist, no padlock, no alternate visibility; I also prefer to fly with complex physiology and of course limited ammo & fuel). I use a moderate level of difficulty. Nothing to write home about I guess, but still, those
  10. Yes, it is fixed. I'm the one thanking you for all your work. Kudos
  11. Tried to download it, but was transferred to a Google Drive page mentioning that I should request access.
  12. The unpacking of the update, on Steam, took an eternity (20 minutes or so), but I'm now ready to take at close look at what's new. !! Can't wait to fly the D-22 and the IceRing campaign !
  13. Yes, sorry... I should have known, since I already own those !! 😄 And of course the A5 or G14 campaign will be for BOK...
  14. Pre-ordered. I love flying the IL-2, since the original game, back in the days. Easy to take off, fly and land when you only have a joystick (I will get more equipment..). I hope this campaign will be available soon. I appreciate the fact that a lot of attention was given to historical accurateness. The immersion factor is an important thing in scripted careers, imho. Thank you @BlackSix for this campaign. Thanks also for the poll, it tells us all that you are considering the development or even more campaigns !!! So far, the A5 has quite an edge... Which is great !! I just love the FW190. I
  15. Now that you are mentioning it, I don't remember seeing P51s or P38s... But I only completed 2 very short German careers in BoBP (I only played the final chapter of each, just 20 missions per career). I do remember seeing 262s (I even shot one down with a Tempests, that was cool)
  16. I've completed approximately 10 careers so far and started many others and those are the E/A I've never encountered : JU52, U2, FW190A3, Macchi202. Those are all collector planes that I own btw. Re: the 190A3, a good explanation was offered for its absence by some of you, but re: the other planes it's a bit disappointing because to begin with this sim offers access to a limited variety of planes, especially in BOM. Even the Stuka is not in BOM !! But at least the Germans have more planes than the Russians (they have only five in BOM, including the P40, a lend-lease collector plane.)
  17. The Mosquito for sure, and the Typhoon. As far as German planes are concerned, The Arado should also be fun, and the 410....
  18. I support this point of view... Those radioactive planes look like UFOs extracted from Area 51's vault. It is extremely distracting... Fixing this problem (because ... it is a problem ?) should be on the TDL of the devs... I hope the devs can understand that, with all due respect for their work. As @JohnHolmes said, it totally kills the immersion factor. This is a sim , right, not an arcade game
  19. Tried to start a Yak-9 career... My screen froze, had to leave the game (Steam)... When I restarted it, it was impossible to have access to my "careers", the screen would freeze again... all other options were fine (MP, Missions, QMB, scripted campaigns)... Had to do a fresh new install... this is now what I am doing, as I write this... Bummer. Shit happens, I guess...
  20. I already had the FC campaigns; have they been modified since their initial release a few months ago? Very happy with the P-38 campaign; I just finished a full BoBP career with this plane a couple of days ago. I'm not the best shot, "only" got 39 aerial victories (boy those Doras are tough to bring down !!!) but I'm ready to fly that plane again. Frustrating to fly at times but a fun ride most of the time... Robin Olds (8 kills with the P38, 5 with the P51 and 4 in Vietnam with the F4): “I loved the P-38 but I got those kills in spite of the airplane, not be
  21. I have found a way to deal partially with the problem : I unplug then plug back my joystick.... or I just start IL-2 1946, verify the integrity of the yaw axis, and then switch to BOS... It works everytime... For a while... Then the problem returns if I leave the game and return to it without taking those preliminary measures. weird....
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