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  1. Brief description  FW190D9 career not really ending... BoBP


    Detailed description I was about to fly my final mission in this career, April 1st 1945, and this is what I got... All personal and squadron data were lost, except for medals and awards (before April 1st)


    Headquarter (3rd) screenshot suggests that I ended the career ("show battle results" tab... btw I have access to the closure video), but the 4th screenshot indicates that the career is still in progress (Nowotny).

    Can't trace back any pilot info, unit hq info, etc., whatever the day. I only have access to the medals and awards earned as of March 31st. If I go back to, let's say, March 19, I get the medal screen of the 31st (pilot menu), but that's all I get, there are no stats re : air, ground kills, etc..., and no unit hq info.


    I transferred from one squadron to another many times during this career and also changed the options a few timed re : the duration of the career (realistic vs medium). May be it contributed to the global f***k up?







  2. 33 minutes ago, LukeFF said:

    Just as a reminder: most Luftwaffe fighter missions at this time of the war were of the Free Hunt variety (in particular Jabojagd missions - that is, hunts for Allied fighter-bombers). The command had concluded long ago that the losses being suffered trying to shoot down bombers was not worth the few bombers being downed. It doesn't mean they completely abandoned trying to intercept them, but it did mean that 9 missions out of 10 were going to be Free Hunts.


    Thanks for your answer. This I know and can understand... But 8 or 9 out of 10 is not 40 out of 40.... In any case, the main issue remains the fact that you always encounter the same E/A, mission after mission. No Spit in sight for months ? No P51 ? It is a bit awkward. On a different note, It looks strange to see British fighters escorting P47s with British markings... To my knowledge, most if not all RAF squadrons flying the P47 served against the Japanese, not in NWE. Hopefully, with the Typhoon, this historical inaccuracy will be corrected and British planes will conduct ground attack missions in the British sector...  


    This is a great game, always evolving

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  3. I am presently in the late stages of a FW190 (A8 and D9) career in BoBP. I'm way into March 1945 and the campaign is about to come to an end. Initially, I flew in the British sector and after a few missions of the "intercept enemy planes " and "troop cover" variety, all I was flying were Free Hunt missions. My last 40 missions at least have been Free Hunts. I recently transferred to the American sector (late February 1945), flying the D9, and I'm still getting one Free Hunt mission after another. 


    Against the RAF/RCAF, I initially encountered Spits and even some P47s in the ground attack role (with British markings, mind you...), but after a few missions I only encountered Tempests. On some rare occasions they were escorting a lone B25 or A20. In the American sector I have only encountered P47s so far.


    I shot down 47 Tempests overall. Which is historically embarrassing, since few Tempests were lost in air-to-air combat during WW2 (wiki says only 31, but I seriously question that number...still... 47... compared to only 8 Spits...)


    So let's say to sum things up that although dogfights against Tempests are epic, they become repetitive after a while... 


    I love, love the game... 1200 hours of gameplay are there to prove it, but as I always say Career mode is an acquired taste, although it is improving, one step at a time …

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  4. On 4/22/2021 at 8:07 PM, Cleo9 said:

    Brief description : E/A dives & crashes to the ground while being chased 


    Detailed description : May be this is a problem that has been reported before. I noticed this on multiple occasions in at least two different careers : BoM (Mig-3) and BoBP (Spit XIV). I'm on the six of an E/A trying to get it in my sight and all of a sudden, to evade the pursuit, the E/A in question just dives to the ground and crashes !! I don't even have to fire at it ! Then on the radio I hear "target destroyed", but I don't get the credit for the kill. Strange AI behavior... 


    I started noticing this bug after update 4.504 and it is still present even after the most recent update.


    I can confirm that AI suicidal behavior affects all careers and all planes. It is not only affecting E/A but friendlies also. 2 days ago I started a FWA8 campaign in BoBP. Initially, I only saw Spitfires committing suicide. Then I flew a free hunt mission and 3 of the AI planes in my squadron just decided to dive to the ground and end it all right there...

  5. Brief description : E/A dives & crashes to the ground while being chased 


    Detailed description : May be this is a problem that has been reported before. I noticed this on multiple occasions in at least two different careers : BoM (Mig-3) and BoBP (Spit XIV). I'm on the six of an E/A trying to get it in my sight and all of a sudden, to evade the pursuit, the E/A in question just dives to the ground and crashes !! I don't even have to fire at it ! Then on the radio I hear "target destroyed", but I don't get the credit for the kill. Strange AI behavior... 


    I started noticing this bug after update 4.504 and it is still present even after the most recent update.

  6. Sea Dragon was one of the first, if not the first scripted campaign I completed a year and a half ago. I performed poorly (in terms of targets destroyed) but truly enjoyed the campaign, although some missions are repetitive. I decided to replay it recently and just completed it tonight. Did much better, but nothing to write home about I guess. At least I was only shot down 3 times I think, lol... AAA is deadly, you want to avoid it as much as possible. I was pleased to see that my accuracy with rockets and bombs had improved from 18 months ago. But my favorite weapon was the VYA-23, what a beast. I destroyed 4 light boats with it and quite a few cannons


    You will note that I destroyed 29 cannons overall. 4 of them were naval cannons, but 3 of those were mounted on boats that I eventually sunk. Double kills ?? You will also note that my IL-2 shot down 3 light planes, all of them 109's. The credit goes to my rear gunner for 2 of them, but I was lucky enough to shoot one down with a short burst when it passed right in front of me from right to left. What a feeling !


    A great campaign indeed @BlackSix


    A lot of tension and adrenaline, weapon selection is just right and the narrative is immersing. Sometimes RTB is long and uneventful, and you circle around your airfield a while before being authorized to land, but those are minor annoyances. 


    I just wished career mode would allow us to engage naval targets. Nada... Not implemented


    It is now time to play Ice Ring




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  7. 6 hours ago, VBF-12_Stick-95 said:

    I was aware that this kill mark was based on a probable.  What I am still not sure of is whether putting kill marks on planes based on probables was SOP within the RCAF and/or RAF.



    To my knowledge, no... May be the probable was initially credited as a firm kill, and then the decision was overturned, based on different evidences... This happened, but generally the other way around... Again, thanks for the skin and the historical research.


  8. On 12/13/2020 at 3:15 PM, VBF-12_Stick-95 said:

    This is a historical skin based on Hurricane Mk.IIb Serial No. Z5054 that was assigned to the 402nd RCAF Squadron.  It was a Block 3/G built by by the Gloster Aircraft Co.  The squadron received the plane between July 1940 and August 1941.  The plane was coded as AE-Q and flown by Graham David "Robbie" Robertson.


    Robertson was posted overseas on 16 December 1940 to No.2 Squadron RCAF, which later became the 402nd.  He was promoted to Flight Sergeant on 1 September 1941 then to Pilot Officer on 20 December 1941.  He was transferred to 421st Squadron on 12 June 1942 and to other units through the course of the war.  He survived the war, was repatriated to Canada in 1945 and and was released from service in Toronto on 24 August 1945.  Throughout the war he was credited with 5&1/2 kills, a probable kill and 2&1/2 damaged.
    Photo left:  Hawker Hurricane (Serial No. 5054), coded AE-Q, Sgt. K.B. Handley talking with Sgt. G.D. Robertson, No. 402 Squadron, RCAF.
    Photo right:  Canadian fighter pilot, Sgt. G.D. Robertson, No. 402 Squadron RCAF after his first claim is painted on his Hawker Hurricane.


    Skin contains a full hakenkreuz.



    Download link:  https://www.mediafire.com/file/byuf2bt7walz5h2/402_RCAF_MkIIb_Robertson.dds/file


    Strangely, but may be not, the site "acesofww22" reports that all of his kills occurred between June 7 and July 17, 1944 (second tour ?) when he was flying the Spit. The claim painted on his Hurri was quite likely the probable Bf109 of 18 sept 1941. Still, great pics and skin, thanks !!


    He was nicknamed "Robbie" Robertson. No, I'm not talking about The Band's lead guitarist here. Same name, both Canadians, but one generation apart... not even related , lol  









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  9. IMHO, as far as AI is concerned, E/A behavior may have improved a little more than that of friendlies. At least, when you're on their six, they just don't stand there like sitting ducks waiting to be shot. They take evasive actions and are much more difficult to shoot down than in the past. And when they chase you into your territory while RTB, they eventually abandon the chase if you manage to put some distance between you and them. You will still attract them like a magnet though, the moment they spot you, and they will spot you...Specifically...Re friendly AI : it seems like sometimes there is more cohesiveness during escort duty, but I'm still seeing AI fighters from my squadron returning to enemy territory to chase a single E/A way after the bomber run is over, forgetting their primary task (protecting the bombers, even on their way back to base...). Another point the major issue of friendly planes focusing obsessively on landing when back to their base even when under attack remains a problem. This is the most ridiculous AI behavior in this game, from my point of view. So, yes, some improvements are taking place gradually and I really appreciate the fact that the devs are trying to improve career mode and AI behavior in general... But there is still room for more improvements. One step at a time... Keep up the good work guys... Cent fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage !!

    10 minutes ago, Cleo9 said:

    This is still the best sim available


  10. On 1/1/2021 at 4:37 AM, CCG_Pips said:

    I wish you all a Happy New year 2021. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous year.









    Bonne Année à tous nos cousins français !! Et à toute la communauté IL-2 en fait !

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  11. Description : Career mode, hurricane, BOM... Squadron's airfield is located in enemy territory...


    Detailed description : Those screenshots tell it all...






    More detailed comments : Ok guys, I'll sound like a whiner again, but I can assume it, because some things seem obvious to me ; let me say first that I love this sim and the Hurricane, a joy to fly...But, cause there is a but..  I know that the MP community is very vocal here, but why are you guys releasing a plane or an update if it is not well implemented into career mode ? This is the 3rd major bug I'm reporting for this career ( the 2 previous ones being : 1_ no reinforcements and 2_ bombing runs taking place within held territory). And I'm not even talking about my countless posts regarding other careers. Seriously, SP players certainly represent a high percentage of those who buy your modules and planes. I'm one of them... I own everything, every plane, scripted campaign and module  (except TC, but it will come). So why is it that so little attention is being paid to major details in career mode... ? You really wanna lose the SP clientele ? One thing is sure : those f*&??ups within this specific career illustrate well the fact that you should spend more time on the drawing boards before you release a product... And I say this with all due respect, because I know that you are a small dev team and that you are doing your best. I am and will remain a faithful customer, but as such, I think I have the right to complain a bit when programming errors and other flaws make the game barely playable in career mode. Хорошего дня.


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  12. Brief description : BoM, Hurricane career, no reinforcement


    Detailed description :  I'm 6 operational weeks into this career (early December 41 - mid January 42). My squadron has obviously lost pilots and planes. None (0+0) have been replaced since the beginning of the career. For more than 2 operational weeks now, I've been stuck with 8 pilots and 3 planes...  Miraculously, nobody is getting KIA anymore, no planes are total loss anymore...Seems like a bug... 

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  13. Brief description : Bomber run within held territory


    Detailed description : Hurricane career, Moscow. Bomber escort missions are often within held territory. No "pockets of resistance " involved here... just plain f***??up. It happens regularly. Out of 10 or 11 missions so far in career mode, it happened 3 times.


    You will understand obviously that in such missions, nothing happens : you escort the Pe-2's  to the target... They bomb the target... And you return home... There are no E/A to be encountered. Zzzzzzz...



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  14. I'll probably make a Borat out of myself, because English is not my first language, but here are my first impressions about the good old Hurri, in career mode. I have started 2 different careers, BoM and BoS. Moscow is frustrating; the .303s don't pack much of a punch, but I did get one kill after a few missions. Now... When you fly BoS, you have the option to modify with 2 BS and 2 ShVAK; they deliver, believe me, it turns the Hurri into quite a beast. Ammunitions are few, you have to get close and personal, but you will shoot down those F4.

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  15. Since the Hurricane is about to be released and playable on the Eastern front, I have a question for those more knowledgeable than I am : How many Soviet pilots achieved ace status with the good old Hurri ? I only know of a few :


    Pavel Gavrilov (Пётр Миха́йлович Гаври́лов), 152 IAP, who was KIA on March 22, 1943. He was deployed on the Karelian front and only one of his kills (with the Hurrri MkIIB) can possibly be confirmed with a certain level of certainty, based on German / Finnish records




    Petr Sgibnev, who fought on the northern front / Murmansk (78 IAP, KIA May 3 1943). 15 reported kills with the Hurri , with 4, may be 5,  that can possibly be confirmed.  


    Of course, German / Finnish records are not necessarily all that reliable nor perfectly documented... Still.... 




    Boris Safonov (Борис Феоктистович Сафонов) also flew the Hurri on the Murmansk front



    From what I know, the Hurri was also deployed around Moscow and Stalingrad, but I never heard of any Hurri Soviet ace in those theaters of operation. Ultimately, may be most of the MkIIs were converted to a ground attack role, especially in and around Stalingrad ?


    Here is an interesting perspective on how the Soviets view the Hurri and how it was used




    Can't wait to fly this plane ! Tks devs for offering the MKII



    Modified Soviet Hurricane... With a rear gunner station !!




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  16. This is an interesting campaign; in career mode, you can fly a "night fighter" Bf110 squadron (BOK), but actually you only fly... Day missions !!! And 3 times out of four you end up going after 8 A20s escorted by 3 Yaks. It becomes a bit boring after a while. That's why I ultimately stopped playing this career after 15 missions or so. 


    Only did one mission of this campaign so far, but I'm curious to see what's next. Good work. 

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