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  1. I concur. Gotta give my vote to the FW190A3. Heavily armed, fast and agile
  2. Description : Career mode, hurricane, BOM... Squadron's airfield is located in enemy territory... Detailed description : Those screenshots tell it all... More detailed comments : Ok guys, I'll sound like a whiner again, but I can assume it, because some things seem obvious to me ; let me say first that I love this sim and the Hurricane, a joy to fly...But, cause there is a but.. : I know that the MP community is very vocal here, but why are you guys releasing a plane or an update if it is not well implemented into career mode ? This is the 3rd major bug I'm reporting for this career ( the 2 previous ones being : 1_ no reinforcements and 2_ bombing runs taking place within held territory). And I'm not even talking about my countless posts regarding other careers. Seriously, SP players certainly represent a high percentage of those who buy your modules and planes. I'm one of them... I own everything, every plane, scripted campaign and module (except TC, but it will come). So why is it that so little attention is being paid to major details in career mode... ? You really wanna lose the SP clientele ? One thing is sure : those f*&??ups within this specific career illustrate well the fact that you should spend more time on the drawing boards before you release a product... And I say this with all due respect, because I know that you are a small dev team and that you are doing your best. I am and will remain a faithful customer, but as such, I think I have the right to complain a bit when programming errors and other flaws make the game barely playable in career mode. Хорошего дня.
  3. Brief description : BoM, Hurricane career, no reinforcement Detailed description : I'm 6 operational weeks into this career (early December 41 - mid January 42). My squadron has obviously lost pilots and planes. None (0+0) have been replaced since the beginning of the career. For more than 2 operational weeks now, I've been stuck with 8 pilots and 3 planes... Miraculously, nobody is getting KIA anymore, no planes are total loss anymore...Seems like a bug...
  4. Brief description : Bomber run within held territory Detailed description : Hurricane career, Moscow. Bomber escort missions are often within held territory. No "pockets of resistance " involved here... just plain f***??up. It happens regularly. Out of 10 or 11 missions so far in career mode, it happened 3 times. You will understand obviously that in such missions, nothing happens : you escort the Pe-2's to the target... They bomb the target... And you return home... There are no E/A to be encountered. Zzzzzzz...
  5. I'll probably make a Borat out of myself, because English is not my first language, but here are my first impressions about the good old Hurri, in career mode. I have started 2 different careers, BoM and BoS. Moscow is frustrating; the .303s don't pack much of a punch, but I did get one kill after a few missions. Now... When you fly BoS, you have the option to modify with 2 BS and 2 ShVAK; they deliver, believe me, it turns the Hurri into quite a beast. Ammunitions are few, you have to get close and personal, but you will shoot down those F4.
  6. Yes, that's what I thought... Tks...
  7. Since the Hurricane is about to be released and playable on the Eastern front, I have a question for those more knowledgeable than I am : How many Soviet pilots achieved ace status with the good old Hurri ? I only know of a few : Pavel Gavrilov (Пётр Миха́йлович Гаври́лов), 152 IAP, who was KIA on March 22, 1943. He was deployed on the Karelian front and only one of his kills (with the Hurrri MkIIB) can possibly be confirmed with a certain level of certainty, based on German / Finnish records http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/soviet_gavrilov.htm Petr Sgibnev, who fought on the northern front / Murmansk (78 IAP, KIA May 3 1943). 151reported kills with the Hurri , with 4, may be 5, that can possibly be confirmed. Of course, German / Finnish records are not necessarily all that reliable nor perfectly documented... Still.... http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/soviet_sgibnev.htm Boris Safonov (Борис Феоктистович Сафонов) also flew the Hurri on the Murmansk front From what I know, the Hurri was also deployed around Moscow and Stalingrad, but I never heard of any Hurri Soviet ace in those theaters of operation. Ultimately, may be most of the MkIIs were converted to a ground attack role, especially in and around Stalingrad ? Here is an interesting perspective on how the Soviets view the Hurri and how it was used https://vvsairwar.com/2018/06/20/the-soviet-unions-hawker-hurricanes/ Can't wait to fly this plane ! Tks devs for offering the MKII Modified Soviet Hurricane... With a rear gunner station !!
  8. This is an interesting campaign; in career mode, you can fly a "night fighter" Bf110 squadron (BOK), but actually you only fly... Day missions !!! And 3 times out of four you end up going after 8 A20s escorted by 3 Yaks. It becomes a bit boring after a while. That's why I ultimately stopped playing this career after 15 missions or so. Only did one mission of this campaign so far, but I'm curious to see what's next. Good work.
  9. I obtained the same results (reactivating all missions) using the "Convert mission to binary" option
  10. Please to hear that; where can we find your application ?
  11. It's probably related to the newest update. All 3rd party missions are not functioning anymore and get that message, unless you use the editor (go to the tool tab : convert to binaries for new campaigns or resave all missions for those already in progress). It works for most missions and campaigns, but not all of them.
  12. 3rd party missions and campaigns are not operational anymore... Of course the "old trick" of converting missions to binaries using the mission editor still works, so you can bring them back to life in most cases, but seriously, guys, do you think I wanna lose time doing this ?? ... As a member of the career mode/single player community, I feel a bit let down, despite the beautiful Tempest campaign. I understand that you can not offer any guarantee regarding 3rd party missions and campaigns, because.. well... they are not produced by you.. But you have to understand, no offense, that the SP community turns to them because of the poorly implemented career mode.
  13. @oc2209, I'm off topic a bit, but since you are completing a FW190A3 career, can you confirm something I have observed systematically ? (I tested it with five or six pretend careers) : Missions conducted by AI pilots (missions that you are not a part of) generate no kills at all. No ground kills... No air kills... But on those missions you fly, the pilots flying with you will get kills. This is the only plane that seems affected by this little bug in career mode. Btw, the A3 is my favorite plane. Fast, agile, with a lot of firepower. The extra 20mm in the outer wings will affect performance, but they deliver quite a punch against IL-2's.
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